Ana Kasparian Shares her Views on Cenk Uygur’s Denial of the Armenian Genocide


Ana’s support of Cenk Uygur isn’t any different from a Jewish person supporting a German using the name “nazi” who denies the Holocaust .  Who could defend a person’s reputation knowing the repulsive fact he/she denied the Holocaust?

3/31 2012 Ana wrote to me in response to an email I sent regarding Young Turk’s Cenk Uygur’s denial of the Armenian Genocide..

To Alana (none / 0)

I make a point to reply to as many rational, logical, and reasonable viewers as possible. You don’t fit that description, as you are an Armenian nationalist who has dedicated her life to demonizing Turks for what the Turkish government did literally a century ago. Many Armenians in this current generation are smart enough to distinguish the difference between the two. You don’t fall under that category.You clearly don’t watch the show, because if you did, you would have heard Cenk talk about the massacres that occurred, which lead to Armenian diaspora throughout the world. But this is not a discussion we have regularly because we are NOT AN ARMENIAN/TURKISH POLITICS SHOW. We are an American politics show.I don’t need to explain myself and my decisions to you, or anyone else. I’m a grown adult with my own morals and ethics. Cenk is quite honestly one of the best people I have ever met in my life, and he has constantly looked out for me and his employees. If he was a hateful Turk, he wouldn’t look out for me the way he has since I first graduated college.He has a good heart, and is always open-minded and as truthful as possible. I’m not a stranger to Armenians freaking out about the fact that I work with a Turk. But I’m honestly happy that me and my family are not quick to judge Turks just because of where they come from.Also, as an Armenian, you should be proud that a follow Armenian went out of her way to get a good education and establish a good career for herself. But instead you’re making these crazy conspiracies up in your head as a way to demonize me. That takes so much energy, and it amazes me that you waste your time on this.I have no interest in changing your mind, and even trying to reason with you. But you wanted a reply and you got it. by AnaKasparian on 03/31/2012 10:37:43 AM ESTReply to This ]
My reply:


You have judged me by solely a few posts is that it?
Get in line with all the rest of the genocide deniers and supporters.   Their judgement of me is often a failure as is their abilities to defend their denial.
I regretted most seeing how congruent your reply an one of a Genocide denier was.
I to am so readily attacked especially by people who think my disapproval of their denial of a Genocide is an attack personally on them…
I can not help you Ana because I can not condone your acceptance of another person’s inaccuracies.  You must deal with it  yourself and condone within yourself.

It seems to me you have spent your life demonizing folks like me whom simply suggested you reexamine some of the roles you are playing, then decide if they are ones others can look up to..

Diligently trying to impress Armenians like me with how dedicated, and loyal you are in preserving our culture, history, and heritage while simultaneously defending a genocide denier is quite an oxymoron don’t you think?

A lot of “nice” Turks are in denial but they are not getting famous by the fact they do not recognize, or are they taking advantage of that fact or undermining the Armenian genocide by claiming it was a massacre.  Gee, I could go on it seems.

Here it is in a nutshell Ana –  you will not hesitate to bash/condemn a Holocaust denier on your show.

I find that a massive double standard.

You will lose, and so will your show.  That is if you hope for an intelligent audience .

Oh and you are right you do not owe me any explanations, as I do not owe you any in return.  But if anything know I am by far a nationalist.  I am but a worker towards a better humanity.

My good friends who are Turkish would look to your callous remarks as unrefined and tactless.  Believe it or not they condemn Cenk’s denial.

As I explained my claim stems from reputable organizations like ANCA who say he is a denier, and have no record of his ever coming forward with any recognition.  If there is something even remotely close to one send me it, I will be most open to it.  Thank you for replying..

by AlanaKalanian

Ana has of yet responded with any proof Cenk has retracted his denial.



I am disappointed in Ana’s reply I won’t lie. 

I disagree strongly with her belief that her success is something Armenians are suppose to be proud of.  As if  she is in a position to make a difference, or her position is of some great importance.  She daily supports a genocide denialist.  Is Armenians not successful enough people and therefore she is an exception in her eyes…

I am an educator, who also went to college. I consider myself successful as well but with one slight difference to Ana’s success. I don’t work with any open Genocide deniers, and if I did I would not hesitate to tell them I disapprove it.  No matter how kind they are. Teachers can be very kind people too..  Also, it is  worth mentioning that not once did it ever occur to me my achievements are supposed to be automatically admired just because I am Armenian..  Sounds pretty darn self centered to me..

The hate in people often look for an escape goat – someone they can blame it on. For Ana I was such person. But she should know, it is her hate of me that makes me the bad guy here.

 Armenians like me who insist on legal terms being used to describe genocides would just simply be justified.  Not these bad people trying to hurt nice people like ‘Cenk”..

Although, hate will always exist, it is Ana’s hate for people like me who only hand them a mirror that will be our planet’s downfall. You know that expression, “don’t hate the messenger”..

 I suggest Ana take responsibility for her  own actions.  Stop hiding under hate.

I think “what a perfectly great, and honest relationship Ana could have with Cenk  if it was based on truth”  It would be admirable .  Now that would be something for the world to look up to.   Now as they are they can only disgust people..


14 thoughts on “Ana Kasparian Shares her Views on Cenk Uygur’s Denial of the Armenian Genocide

  1. Alana, please provide evidence for your claim that Cenk denies the Armenian genocide. Your assuming he does because hes Turkish. Hes made no such claim, in fact he has previously stated his very strong condemnation of Turkey’s refusal to recognize it.

    1. Dear Cameron, I provided evidence in my post, links to reputable organizations like the ANCA ( Armenian National Committee of America ) who claims he is a denier, and I believe them.
      For I strongly believe if he had ever publicly recognized the Armenian Genocide there would be record of it somewhere. But, if you can get me a link where he is condemning Turkey’s non-recognition of the Armenian Genocide, that is pretty darn close… I would greatly appreciate reading it. Thank you and thank you for for replying..

      1. He has stated in the post games (a short segment only for paying members of TYT) that he believes in the genocide. I cannot post a link because its not online.

        Again, provide your own evidence. You’ve made the claim that someone denies a genocide. Stop believing organizations who also provide zero evidence for their claims. Think for yourself. Provide evidence that he denies it or stop making outrageous claims.

    2. Here is your Proof

      Uygur expressed denial of the Armenian Genocide in letters published by The Daily Pennsylvanian in 1991 and Salon in 1999, in one of which titled “Historical Fact or Falsehood?” he stated, “The claims of an Armenian Genocide are not based on historical facts. If the history of the period is examined it becomes evident that in fact no such genocide took place.”[20][21] In 2012, Uygur’s letters later drew criticism from the west-coast affiliate of the Armenian National Committee of America and the California Armenian American Democrats who subsequently staged protests during his speech at the California Democratic Party 2012 State Convention with the support of Charles Calderon and Janice Hahn.[22][23][24]

  2. Alana, excellent reply to that dupe Ana. Reading her reply, I am more convinced now that she is a TRAITOR, and is in on this game of downplaying the term “Young Turk”. “He has a good heart” – typical workup to also be a genocide denier… her logic is, just because he “has a good heart” we are supposed to move on and not worry about the crimes of his government… this is the new tactic of the Turkish denial camp… and sorry to say, this Ana idiot is part of it. Notice how she said “he talked about the massacres” LOL – but he apparently did not talk about the GENOCIDE.

  3. Wow, good job getting Ana to reply! You are a great writer, and I enjoy reading your stuff.

    I don’t really like the name myself, they clarified and documented that the source of the name is totally irrelevant to “İttihat ve Terakki” (CUP as you know it), the actual political party who was responsible for the Armenian massacres. Young Turks was actually a movement (not just political, but in arts, literature etc) that started much before, whose ideals were adopted by CUP but none of those ideals were about massacring minorities or anything remotely close to that. It’s a common misconception that latest CUP and more importantly the “Three Pashas” regime are considered the same as “Young Turks” just because they were a somewhat successor to the political movement.
    Anyhow, kudos to ALana Kalanian..

  4. i think she is been briand washed in a way that no matter what we say she wont except the facts. I mean to her he is God, more likley she is worshipping him cause he supported her right after school. And he knew exactly to go after what kind of mentality. You know treating them the most kindest way to mold their brian in a way that he can control her.

  5. Alana your just jelous and feeling inadequate ,the facts are the same you may delet my posts but facts remian that armenians claims never occured the way you american imigrants have conviently been led and brainwashed to except and believe ,sadly!!

    your frustraition and biased points of veiw are clearly evident to the non biased and unassuming ,yet you belittle riddicle and reject any thoughts ,suggestion’s and facts that may be relevent .
    sadly anything that destabilises this negative ingrained opinion about the turkish race is quickly and conviently ignored ,denied and vehemently refuted.

    no amount of proper education into facts regarding your armenians pasts will intercfere with what actually happened!!

    what did armenians do to the turks for your ancestors to come from the chosen people in the turks eyes to the unwanted and for that matter why after 800 years of coexistance did the turks suddenly want nothing more to do with there own citisens .

    wake up alana turks arent bad its your thinking that paints them this way.

  6. Hey. My Turkish friend’s dad claims that his great-grandad’s neighbour during the WWI cut their Armenian maid into half with an axe. @micheal: forget all. What would you think if such thing happened to YOUR great-grandma?

  7. Dear Alana ,
    Throwing outrageous accusations to defame someone without material evidence wont help any cause. You said that you you believe the ANCA who show no evidence to their claims , so you seem to have based your judgment purely on the emotional level and not the rational. due to associating yourself with ANCA (shared ethnic background ) therefore you believe whatever they say without evidence. This is a common issue throughout the middle east as ethnic minorities only
    believe what their own organizations and leaders say without thinking. I am a Turk who acknowledges the genocide and is not proud about his current governments refusal to acknowledge it , nor the anti-human rights laws or mistreatment of the Kurds etc. However , these problems are not unique to turkey as western countries themselves are full of hypocrisy when it comes to these issues (arm’s sales , torture, wars , modern imperialism etc). Your cause of spreading knowledge about the genocide is an honorable one and there’s no denying it , I am however , tired of people aimlessly spreading hate and animosity towards people just because of their ethnic background. I’ve seen many Armenians who demonize the whole Turkish people to their children , Ultra-Nationalist Turks who teach their kids ethnic stereotype and hate , same thing with Palestinians and Jews , Christians and Muslims , Shia and Sunni’s etc , I think you get where am getting. History and politics are exactly what they are: history and politics , and no nation on earth is without its dark moments , be it the Turks , Greeks , Persians , Arabs , Italians , French , British , Germans etc. I hope you find peace with your inner self and learn to live with humanities ugly history. One last think I forgot to add is that I do believe Mr Cenk has made a great mistake by choosing “Young Turks” as a title for his show , i find it repulsive and way out of taste with little regard to the history associated with it. My own guess tells me that he knows he’s committed a mistake but its too late to correct it (Brand Recognition is extremely important in media and business) , so if he does correct it he’s risking to lose the whole show’s publicity.

  8. Cenk has flip flopped on the Armenian genocide. He at first claimed the Armenians made up this genocide to get land and money from Turkey etc. Somehow later on he did believe an Armenian genocide happened. He even mentioned on his show in 2007 how the Turkish PM denies the Armenian genocide (on his show and on Huff po). When Armenians were protesting him at a public event in 2012 he said he meant no offense by the name of his show and he didn’t acknowledge what he wrote. He said what happened caused a tremendous amount of pain and was a historical situation. He could not say genocide in public.In 2013 on Reddit the most asked question was about the Armenian genocide and the name of his show and he wouldn’t answer those questions. Sometime in 2014 he said what happened was a ‘slaughter-fest’ and would not say it was a genocide. On the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide The Young Turks show ignored it. Ana had to go out of her way on her own youtube channel to talk about it. Here’s a lengthy blog about the whole thing with as much evidence as I could get:

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