“Elmira Tariverdiyeva” from Hate to Incompetence..


Is it just a coincidence “Elmira” rhymes with liar? Keep this in mind before you answer Elmira…  The Azeri Incompetence Factor (AIF) is incompetence combined with an incredulous twisted hate for Armenians..

If you had not heard of this before today it is probably because I only recently discovered it..A perfect example of a person with “AIF” would be Elmira here.. Elmira do you know why Azeri’s media sources are on my top 5 list for being the most unreliable, racist, and defaming?  I think personally the answer is simple,  there is an epidemic of “AIF ” spreading like wildfire over there..

                                  Sea to sea Elmira, please do not discombobulate now …,

 Elmira isn’t it not bad enough you actually seem eager to see Armenians take life threatening risks by just coming to your country,  a terrorist country, well that is my opinion of it  but  must you fail to mention oh such important facts like say how it was only a few weeks ago when your president called  Armenia its #1 enemy, your  enemies visit  you in your home?  Come on now..  What about Ramil Safarov? Think before you speak.  And how could you forget just not long ago an Armenian boxer was severely injured by rocks thrown at him by the Azeri fans when he entered an arena????   If I recall correctly he was also guaranteed his safety by your government.  Seems you are not very good with reporting facts are you Elmira?

The Eurovision contest hosted by your country is being boycotted anyway, apparently not just Armenians have a little problem with going there as well...

“Azerbaijan is a society of fear and hatred,” said activist and musician Azer Mamedov

Not like I am saying I agree with boycotting a contest that I could care less about..

I am saying I can’t find one lousy sentence in your entire article that is not propaganda.  I am saying even your title is to say the least misleading, and slanderous.  I am saying you have “AIF” bad..

Well Elmira as much as the next guy might actually be fooled, duped, or just insane to think  you are  just that damned hospitable putting all Azeri’s and Armenian’s differences aside an all, I am just not that guy….

You still don’t see Americans going to countries like Pakistan Elmira,  do you?  Why should Armenia be any less cautious? No wonder  Elmira (?) has disabled her comments option.


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