Say “Tata” to Mean Jean, Ohio’s Wicked Witch…

Ironically enough congresswoman  Rep. Jean Schmidt was slammed in the last Ohio primary race, losing to a guy named Brad Wenstrup , while she sipped Turkish coffee with Turkish Ambassador Namik Tan up on the hill…  Chit-chatting away I suppose she was, on ways to keep the Armenian Genocide from being recognized here in the USA officially by congress for yet another year, something she was rather good at since she has had years of practice and plenty of cash from her peeps the Turkish Government to do it with..

      This video is an absolute classic..

Oh yes mean Jean was found unethical by the ethics committee  of taking cash bribes from Turkey to support, and line her campaign trail with which helped tremendously keep little guys with big hearts like David Krikorian from entering the ring, never mind getting a fair shot at the title..

Looks though now “mean Jean” won’t be riding side-saddle on her broom to Washington DC  or for that matter be on the AKP‘s payroll any longer either…Redrum, redrum..

2 thoughts on “Say “Tata” to Mean Jean, Ohio’s Wicked Witch…

  1. i wonder how much she got paid under table from Turkish lobbies t, one should require I.R.S. agents to Audit her.

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