Al – Assad a fox? Not likely…

SEMİH İDİZ – Al-Assad outfoxes Ankara.- “Ankara appears to have painted itself into a corner on Syria. Its expectation was that the uprising in that country would not drag on for long and that Bashar al-Assad would be toppled relatively quickly – the way it happened in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya – with Turkey emerging as a key mentor for the new Syria.”

Al – Assad a fox?  Not likely IMO.

Anyway it does not take a fox to outsmart a mismanaged to say the least, fascist most of the week, hypocrites all of the week,  in denial regime, an ape could easily do it, or a mosquito..

Letting Turkey handle Syria and Assad from the start is why Assad is even stronger today than he was a year ago, I think..

Only difference from then till now is the Syrians who were not killed during that time or severely injured from the fighting between rebels and Assad’s attacking forces of their villages,  have fled, and are now refugees most likely living in a Turkish tent set up on the borders which are accommodating the hundreds of refugees pouring in ..

PM Erdogan has been issuing ultimatums, demands,  all amounting to a bunch of empty threats.  Best put, Turkish PM is writing checks with his mouth that his azz just can’t cash..   While the mad as a hatter, Assad, president of Syria, and his just as crazy but  loyal to the core regime/army seem unconcerned ..  In the mean time Turkey is stuck with a bunch of Syrian refugees and no closer to removing Assad, but more farther from it. I would imagine guys like Assad are a lot harder on false faced friends like Turkey, than enemies who never hid that fact.

 Having  the different sects of “Islam” weighing deeply into this continuing saga/conflict makes Muslim against Muslim not exactly true here, as one would naturally have concluded..  Turkish PM supports most Syrians and Islamic rebels because they are Sunni,  Assad, being an  Alevi would be least likely to get Turkish PM’s support, even if he earnestly deserved it, for not like any other religion I know of, Islam sects only unite  as one against non-Muslim people,  Islam is funny like that..  Islam still carries a large role in these civil wars, medieval really, and at times barbaric considering the victims, the good guys, and the bad guys are judged and determined solely on their Islamic beliefs..

So bottom line is as awful as it was to live in Syria under such a psychopathic regime, keeping in mind Syrian government censors and monitors internet,and  television quite heavily, bans much freedom, and has little respect going on for civil rights,  Turkey sure is not much better, and is considerably worse if you just happen to be a “refugee” forced into being there….

Oh goodness what a tangled web Turkey weaves when they choose to deceive..

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