An Azeri journalist, Khadija Ismayilova, was defamed for having sex with her boyfriend..

Poor Khadija Ismayilova, defamed, for having sex with her boyfriend! Wait… There’s more. A sex video appeared on the internet about Azeri journalist,  Ismayilova, and her boyfriend in very compromising positions.   I should mention that this particular  journalist had been reporting  all about the corruption  in Azerbaijan’s government right before the video appeared anonymously on the internet. “I received a package with pictures suggesting I have a sexual life,” Ismayilova said, “and the note saying: ‘You whore, behave. Or you will be defamed.”  So terribly sexist.  What would they have done if she was a man? A sex video these days is defaming for who exactly? Maybe a nun..  

In America that video is hardly defaming to a woman – most would feel she was just a victim of her right to privacy. Ah, but for an Azeri woman it’s an entirely different case it seems..

I forgot to mention that this happening to an unmarried woman in the middle east could be enough grounds to kill her. 

Now she is not only a target for hard-core Azerbaijani nationalists but the religious nuts as well..

In Turkey 100 + journalists sit in high security prisons for years awaiting trials for exercising their right to free speech, maybe that would have been safer for this lady..

Transparency International, which tracks the perception of corruption in countries around the world, ranks Azerbaijan slightly worse than Pakistan, on a level with Belarus and Nigeria. It used to be lower. a fact that proves in favor of Khadjija’s efforts  to strike against her government’s corruption, and I like many can only begin to imagine what she was up against.

Apparently she was on a roll too and this time the crime boss, Azeri dictator, Aliyev may have just been close to going down. One thing is certain, her government had to be worried about be exposed for them to have become desperate enough  to have sunk so low.

In the immortal words of my beloved Nana, “shitnay”! Petition 

UPDATE: Khadija Ismayilova speaks out about her ordeal on “woman’s hour” BBC radio..

It also should be noted, Khadija a Libertarian, does not support the country of Karabagh remaining an independent, free country. She has made it known that she wants Armenians to withdraw from there so it can be again part of Azerbaijan and be ruled over by the same criminal government she is constantly condemning.

How can she support nationalistic goals that disallow people having the right to freedom and still be seen genuine in her fight for freedom of speech?   Views she formed on the issues involving Armenians she could not have based them upon on principles of liberalism – but is there nothing to be found that is discerning, or uncommitted ?

Why is she not held accountable every time she lacks the integrity to support freedom in favor of supporting blind goals set by ultra nationalists?  Is it because her attempts to expose corruption in her own government deem her so admirable the brightness of the light  beaming from her knighted armor shields any slight imperfection she has that may surface along the way?

Well I can only say that her being an Azeri does not change the fact I strongly support her right to free speech and find what was done to her absolutely deplorable  but I do find her weak, and discriminating for not having the same convictions towards all people.Land of the brave, bright and brilliant warriors.. RELATED ARTICLES Source

2 thoughts on “An Azeri journalist, Khadija Ismayilova, was defamed for having sex with her boyfriend..

  1. Alana, the world remains a very frightening place. Truth has fallen in the streets. Even those who fight for good things, and are slandered because they do, can be totally inconsistent in their principles. Thank you for informing us about a part of the world that isn’t in mainstream news! Mainstream news is ultra selective about what they show and tell.

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