Welcome to “AlanaKalanian”

Welcome AlanaKalanian Warrior…

We have been expecting you for quite sometime…

Your journey has only just begun..

So, do not just be brave, be AlanaKalanian brave..

All illustrations were created by AlanaKalanian…

Any content you may find objectionable trust every effort was made to obtain the most accurate and reliable sources, articles and comments.  

AlanaKalanian posts, commentaries, and articles are not meant to target or insult anyone or any country exclusively or personally. 

AlanaKalanian assumes no responsibility for any suffering, grief, or hurt feelings that may occur from reading any of this blog’s contents. Nor is the AlanaKalanian responsible for your sanity, or lack of it.

The AlanaKalanian is also not responsible for any physical pain, or misfortune that happens during the reading of this blog, such as but not limited to, headaches but-aches, tummy aches, hyperventilation, choking, brain damage, electrocution, being struck by lightning, or lighting yourself on fire accidentally, purposely, ect;

The AlanaKalanian is not libel if you should fall out of your chair, or fall asleep and drown in a bowl of captain crunch..

And most importantly, the AlanaKalanian is not libel for any “rude awakening”  you may have acknowledging this blog’s content..  

A no frills, no spills look at the issues through the eyes of an Armenian, American commentator. If ya really want to know what the hell is going on in this world just ask me… Alana Kalanian

Thank you brave warrior for followingAlanaKalanian

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