Getting banned from Huffington Post


Huffington Post a USA media source wouldn’t allow my comments criticizing Uygur’s post..
Whats wrong with this picture?  Getting banned from an opinion online site? It is pretty outrageous! I mean sure if you are in violation of the guidelines and still then it would take more than one offence, but what if you are not and it was on your first comment?
huffingtonpost_1302013983.jpg (400×281)
In a Cenk Uygur comment response: Sorry, but you have been banned from commenting..
Apparently Huffington post has an hypocritical policy the one I was not aware of, which allows people like Uygur free speech but disallow people like me from having mine
And it seems such policies allow Uygur a platform to voice his Rush Limbaugh criticisms more like rants but shuts down mine for having Cenk Uygur criticisms..
Btw – there was nothing abusive, or was there any foul language in my content in my comments just some cold hard facts.. Mr.  Uygur only succeeds here at validating the fact he can dish it out but dish it back and he’ll ban you.. No different than countries like Turkey that news sources like Huffington post makes a buck off exploiting their massive free speech violations.
And lets not overlook the issue of how idiotic it looks to have a known liar like Cenk criticize an attack someone he in many ways is no better than..  Get a good guy to take down a bad guy “Huffington post” or else what ya got is jerk vs jerk..
Anyway it is clear to me Huffington post supports the denial of genocide by the action to let Cenk post there, that makes them a rag as far as I am concerned..


It seems my complaints to the editor at Huffington were effective –


5 thoughts on “Getting banned from Huffington Post

  1. no surprise there, we rarely see or here anything about the truth, and when some one tries to talk about it she/he gets banned.

  2. one should think she having Greek blood line (Arianna Huffington) must be well aware of the situation between Greek, Armenia,and Turkey.
    apparently she is in their pocket as well just like the rest of them

  3. and lets not forget those who will withdraw their advertisement from her Huffington Post Media Group. You know those who really love to hide the truth.

  4. Good catch here Alana, this Cenk clown is a phony as is Huffington post and any other media outlet who gives this guy any air time. Armenians should protest any station and label them as supporters of neo Turkish fascism.

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