Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran, Summing it all up for the moment..

A treacherous soap opera..

The friend of a friend’s enemies are like the best of friends. For what’s happening in one of these countries is in some way affecting  at least one of the other countries as well.


Azerbaijan’s supposedly arch-enemy Iran has a strong nuclear relation with Turkey even thoughAzerbaijan is Turkey’s closet ally.   Now Armenia happens to be Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s arch enemy but Iran has maintain good relations with Armenia for hundreds of years.  It’s worth mentioning that Muslim Iran is the  home to very large Armenian (Armenians are Christians) community.

Turkey and Azerbaijan have the same ancestral tribal lineage – way back in the 13th century they invaded the Anatolia, which explains why they support each other unconditionally against little Christian countries like Armenia.  

But for big Muslim ones like Iran who have something to offer Turkey, Azerbaijan’s conflicts often get  kicked to the curb, naturally..

An example,  Turkey and Azerbaijan both closed  their borders to Armenia 20 years ago, land locking her but remember Armenia then was a poor struggling country who could offer Turkey nothing at the time. ..

When you sum it up it’s all too pathetic to try and understand.  Neighbors for hundreds of years that still can’t get it together.

But Turkey continues to deal with Iran, why brother bear Azerbaijan is grumbling arming its military heavily for the delusional battle they have been planning for years to take back land that was never theirs. 

Azerbaijan just arrested 22 people suspected of being an Iranian spy,..  Love to know what the hell is so darn brilliant going on over there in Baku Iranians need to know about..

Armenia has no relations at all with AZ, and just recently Armenia has declined going to Baku for a Euro vision competition, in turn AZ has boycotted  Eastern Partnership youth forum held in Yerevan   making “spite” their obvious grounds.

Armenia’s military support posts protecting  Nagorno-Karabakh Republic where every other day they are hit with enemy fire from Azeri forces..  Some may argue my being Armenian  qualifies me  less fair,  or tolerant of Azerbaijan’s  escapades, and antics, but being able to see the obvious villain here has nothing to do with being Armenian.

Same goes for Turkey who can’t keep their nose out of it.

One thing for sure, between all this love and hate going on it sure is keeping everyone in check….  For the moment .. 

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