That is that bigot, Ana Kasparian, right?

Anahid Warrior

“Ana doesn’t care if Cenk attacks Armenians or if he’s a genocide denier. In fact Ana defamed Armenians on the show. In 2010, in a video now removed by Young Turks, she said, in reference to an Armenian medicare scam..”

Kasparian: “Dozens of Armenians throughout the United States have recently got arrested for Medicare fraud. Now this is an age-old trick of Armenians. This is what Armenians do. O.K. And that’s a gross generalization. And a large majority of these offenders lived in Glendale, California. I am not kidding. That’s a fact.

Uygur: That’s literally true! [Chuckling]. By the way, I am amused by the Armenian community Medicare fraud in Glendale. [Imitating an Armenian accent]: “You do Medical fraud? Of course. Who doesn’t do Medicare fraud? Come now!” Is that close to an Armenian accent?

Uygur: Let me give you a little detail how it works. It’s kind of interesting. So, they steal a list of doctors’ names….

Kasparian: …There is shame on two different sides here. Shame on the Armenians and shame on the government for not realizing it until now—until these Armenians stole $163 million from Medicare [the correct figure is $35 million].

Uygur: You know what? That is a pretty good scam. You gotta give it up to them. They are working up in Glendale. [Chuckling].

Kasparian: And it wasn’t just in Glendale. These are Armenians throughout the country. Like, we got Armenians in New York City, we got Armenians in California, a couple in Ohio, some in New Mexico, some in Florida, all over the place. It’s a massive operation. They’re all connected. They all know what they’re doing. It’s insanity. In fact, officials equated this to the mafia. This is like the Armenian mafia operating in the United States. Part of me felt like I should be a little proud of that, because I am kind of a bad ass, but another part of me of course was humiliated. I feel so bad for the people that are victims of this. Because not only the government gets millions of dollars stolen from them, there are people who have their identity stolen. So these Armenians can sit at home, drive their Rolls Royces, and not do anything.

Uygur: I’m gonna take a little controversial view on this. Obviously, they couldn’t be more wrong—busted, go to jail, etc. We are not having any of that conversation. On the other hand, it is a little ingenious… You know what happens! People get greedy. Once you got that scam going, and you haven’t got caught in a long time, you think let’s churn this thing out. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Next thing you know, everybody in Glendale knows, and they all want their cut in it. Of course, there is an ugly side to this. One of the guys I believe you saw in the picture was “vor.”

Kasparian: By the way, “vor” means “ass.” I’m wondering why all of the news articles refer to him as “vor.”

Uygur: The news articles claim that “vor” means “thief-in-law” which is a bizarre thing….

http://www.armenianweekly.c om/2010/10/19/sassounian-me dia-unfairly-bashes-all-arm enians-because-of-alleged-c rimes-of-a-few/ 

2 thoughts on “That is that bigot, Ana Kasparian, right?

  1. Ana Kasparian is a clueless clown working for the Turkish lobby. She should not be welcomed in any Armenian functions, she is an agent for Turkey. In that medicare incident there were just as many Jews and Russians, yet they pinpoint everything on Armenians, including this Ana Kasparian character. What a b_tch she is.

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