A blind following always equals a blind leader..

The following was posted earlier here:

How far will people go – how low will they sink, and how ignorant will they sound to defend their incredulous leaders?  

Lets take the case of Cenk Uygur and examine it, shall we?  On the issue of his denial, which does in fact make him incredulous among a few other things BTW, the few who did come to his defense and blindly defend him of something they had no proof he was innocent of, is what I would describe to be more like cult members who everyday have succeeded more at making him appear more like David Koresh or a Reverend Jim Jones sort of guy –  which made me feel more like I was in Waco.  
No not Kansas anymore Toto,..
Nothing I would say was even remotely constructive on his behalf, more like disturbing if I had to put a sticky note on it…
For instance some members I thought practically denounced a well proved historical fact like the Armenian Genocide just in case the dreaded duhhhhhhh got them instead…
Hey, it has always been my take that when followers are unwilling to accept the truth in order to continue defending an unrighteous one not worthy of that particular defense, then, hypothetically speaking, maybe they got themselves a mini anti – Christ on their hands.. 
Any thoughts?

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