Atheistic Cenk Uygur defends Islamists..

After watching this video it’s obvious Rick Perry isn’t the brightest cowboy on the horizon but that doesn’t excuse  Uygur’s attack on Perry for being  unaware US Aid is no longer going to Turkey.

Obviously,  Uygur took Perry’s remarks as a  personal attack on his country so from a purely unprofessional standpoint Uygur felt it was his duty to defend his country at all costs.

But other than Perry’s gesture with his hand to like cut Turkey off who is getting nothing as it is, there was nothing amusing at all as Uygur try to imply…

Uygur wasted most of his time making it appear as if he was totally shocked by Rick Perry’s accusation directed at the Turkish government, like as if it had been the first time he ever heard such a thing.

I must say it was incredible though the energy Uygur had put forward to defend Turkey’s government while knowing first hand how in the meantime the world would have had to been blindfolded to not have seen Turkey’s government slowly but surely turning more Islamist and more terrorist friendly since the AKP party took over there.

BTW- no matter how many times he says Turkish civilians were on that ship it won’t change the fact  they were protesters who supported hamas.   So, idiot denialists like Cenk Uygur who defend their supporters action so adamantly are actually supporting  hamas as well.

The Turkish government  has been operating under a false pretense of secularism for almost a hundred years and although there may be some  principles of secularism found in their constitution, but since when have they followed that?  IMO there is not enough evidence to support the Turkish  government is a working,  functioning, and successful entity …

“Islamist” leader Erdogan,  has two alternate endings, in the first one he continues to follow his own Islamic path, support and defend terrorist groups, be the same totally biased bigot he has always been.  Keep taking the side always with Sunni’s , keep arresting all those all perceived enemies and then some.  Erdogan will just continue to be the worst leader he can possible be, and Uygur will continue to defend him every chance he gets.

Best hing that could happen is their government is overthrown and the PM goes to jail andl share a cell with someone he had falsely arrested.,

This is a keeper,  he  defends other Islamic terrorist fractions by claiming they are not terrorists but  political parties,.”The government who plays with terrorists  not only gets up with fleas” but “tell us who your friends are Turkey and we will tell you exactly who you are” works well too..

“Same rules just a different equation

So when a guy like Rick Perry called horse chit, horse chit,  and  the genc Turk immediately shifted into a caveman, it looked to me if Uigur actually supported horse chit..


Uygur’s spectacle over the ” question”  calling it biased, was not.  For this guy calling things that he can’t explain, or have an answer for biased is just a diversion from the real facts. .

Also check out where Uygur  implies that non-Muslims see all Muslims as terrorists, that’s because in his mind this would be a fair and unbiased generalization explaining Perry’s motive but it was as bigoted as he could get.  And his babble about an average American simply can’t differentiate between an Islamic extremist and a sane person, wow, I like to see him prove that..

What Uygur is trying to say is that he wants to avoid having to admit groups like taliban, hamas, hezbollah that non-Muslim countries have tagged “terrorist organizations” and who Americans in general condemn for terrorism are making it quite difficult to defend Turkey for supporting them without having to look pretty dubious himself ..

Summing it all up for Uygur would be having the realization he isn’t all that atheist, as a matter of fact  defending an Islamist government that favors Islam over democracy is enough to prove that. It also explains his reluctance to recognize a well documented, historical fact like the Armenian Genocide..  It is what he fails to say as well as say that makes him stinky.

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