PM: Turkey now picks and chooses the terrorists he will negotiate with –

Turkey PM Erdogan getting smooched by Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh

PM: Turkey will not negotiate with terrorists – Trend.  – Oh come on really?  He best check through those past sticky notes and find the ones that say “today negotiating with the terrorist group  hamas” …  What a  hypocrite…  He only has favorites..  Favorite terrorist groups that is.. Shame, shame..

Speaking of shame, this “Trend” is a rag,  as I have said many times before, only they would post such a lousy story, depicting Turkey’s furor, as a notorious hypocrite..  Seriously sad part is they most likely couldn’t see hypocrisy or ignorance for that matter if it dropped like pianos on their heads right smack in the middle of Baku..  

“Trend’s advertising slogan IMO should be a“rag”with no conscience, no truth, and no integrity reporting, all day all night..”

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