Real Bullets Fired At an Actor playing an “Armenian Soldier” in Van..


ANN/Groong — Real Bullets Fired At “Armenian Soldier” During Anti-Armenian Staging in Turkey-

nws_en_20120404_99848.jpg (150×103)

staging an anti-Armenian presentation at the heart of the city, and along the lines of the 94th anniversary of “liberating” Arces “from the Armenians,” during which the “hero” Turkish soldiers “liberated” the lands from the Armenians. But during the event a person by the name of Murat Alpsalaz, who was playing the part of an Armenian soldier, fell on the ground, and he was drenched in blood. He was seriously injured and after taken to hospital.”

Come on now, that has to be up there for the most ludicrous thing I ever heard..  Ya not even safe playing an Armenian in Turkey, what the hell is going on over there anyway??  I must further investigate this, really.. First question that comes to mind – Are hateful people just this stupid?  Just imagine if what this article implies was true…  No, most likely people got sick  from the  anti – Armenian demonstrations.

I’ll just consider it the best wake up call the world is ever gonna get to how ignorant humanity really is..

Now this ranks in at  one of the most senseless, and stupidest tragedies that has ever occurred..  If he died, that would have made the entire episode downright obscene..


3 thoughts on “Real Bullets Fired At an Actor playing an “Armenian Soldier” in Van..

  1. It’s bad enough these murdering criminals did a genocide against 2 million innocent Christians, now they mock them too. Really, these Turks are so full of themselves.

    Make a genocide then make a play about it… what lowly savages do this? Oh yeah, Turks…

  2. alana your whole website sit comforatbly on the anti and rascist shelf ,your comments are all but anti turk and how you belittle this nation
    your website will never gain the credance you aspire because of your one sided biased opinions

    armenians are guilty and an embarresment in thee own right ,dont get me wrong there are some great ones out there but

    the turks are justified for example armenians want action taken against the turks for this genocide claim yet your diaspora and governement never participates and rejects every proposal or inquiry into actual fact !!

    recently the criminalisation of denial of armenians genocide resulted in imprisonment and fines etc by the french and was made the law!!
    yet when the french made a well meaning proposal to the armenians diaspora and governemet if anything to quelm any furthur doubt by skeptics !!armenians rejected the idea completely !!why!!

    surly one with nothing to hide wouldnt care either way yet the very nation that embraced your claims against the turks and included it in there society and fact you vehemently reject!!!

    why do armenians always reject all proposals or inquiries into armenians claims !!!

    1. To Micheal
      I suggest you educate yourself before forging opinions.
      Attempt was made The Turkish Armenian Reconciliation Commission (“TARC”) was formed in Geneva in July 2001
      as the centrepiece of the Clinton administration’s Track Two Program on Turkey and the Caucasus. “Track Two” diplomacy, which brings together civil society representatives and former officials to address issues and crises that have proven intractable at the governmental level, was expected to help improve relations between Turks and Armenians – and, as a result, between Turkey and Armenia. TARC’s ten members included (from the Turkish side) Gunduz Aktan, Ustun Erguder, Ozdem Sanberk, Ilter Turkmen, Vamik D. Volkan, Sadi Erguvenc and (from the Armenian side) Alexander Arzoumanian, David Hovhannissian, Van Z. Krikorian and Andranik Migranian. The Commission was chaired by David Phillips, an American scholar and adviser to the US State Department.
      After the commission’s report
      “The ICTJ report arrived in February 2003. It offered a very balanced view. Armenians could welcome the report’s conclusion that the events of 1915, “viewed collectively, can be said to include all of the elements of the crime of genocide as defined in the Convention”.
      Turks refused to continue and quit unable to face the historical facts.

      Reason Armenians refuse debating this issue is because Turks are not interested sincere inquire but rather advocate genocide denial.
      If bunch of Nazis wanted to debate factuality of Holocaust I am sure Jewish scholars would not provide podium to racists on equal grounds.
      Turkish denial is state sponsored policy since the very foundation of modern turkey is based upon this crime against humanity.
      Former genocide participants became high ranking Turkish officials in newly formed republic after confiscating Armenian property and wealth thus Turks view genocide denial as patriotic duty since its admission opens doors to question the very foundation of modern Turkish State.
      Armenians have often said that we will co-operate independent Turk scholars who can exercise scholarly freedom from this Turkish State denial.
      I am not going to educate you about the Armenian Genocide.Its your conscious to find out.Plenty of material on the web.

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