Israel selling loads of arms to Azerbaijan, but they say not to go to war with..

How exactly can that be, when they have not just one but two major conflicts going on at the same time??

Something out of the jungle perhaps???

Что Израиль поставил Азербайджану? – Translation -> Who ya think ya fooling Azerbaijan?  Not me..  With all Azerbaijan’s massive amounts of starving people, houses, roads, buildings, cities that are beyond decrepitude and they go and spend millions of bucks on weapons that they “say” they have no urgent need for..  Come on…

So why is Israel selling arms to the Azerbaijan? They certainly don’t need the cash that badly to be so desperate that they would sell arms to a country who has made no secrets of wanting war with their neighbors…

So my take is it is more fact than rumor that it has something to do with the fact that Israel is getting access to Azerbaijani airbases,….

The entire deal reeks with crookedness..

I foresee some strikes against Azerbaijan/Turkey relations over this that I’ll be watching to see if it is strong enough to withstand.. ..

Azerbaijan apparently thinks they only need to say to the International community ” I promise they are not meant for war”  similar to the school yard bully who lines up his rocks, or spit balls on the slide and then throwing his hands up in their air when caught, exclaiming “really, I was not going to do anything with them” to be believed..

Azerbaijan has two major conflicts at the moment, one with Armenia the other with Iran..  And even if AZ possessed a nuclear bomb they still would be reluctant to take on big, bad Iran, over the very small Christian country with very limited military power , Armenia..  How very noble of them, aye?

Every time the Azeri forces break the ceasefire with Artsakh (NKR), who is celebrating their 21 year independence from an ethnic cleansing government they successfully broke free from, , or the not so much diplomatic AZ  president, Aliyev, calls out to the world Armenia is their #1 enemy – I can’t help to think their acquiring more arms as a can’t get any bigger than that, gigantic bright red flag on the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh’s  right to remain free..

Only question left is do they have the “ping pongs” to start something…  The past has proved” NO”…

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