Turkish PM says Syrian President has till April 10th to step down..

What if he does not comply, then what?  Transmission ends….    

“President Bashar al-Assad has been trying to crush an uprising against his rule which erupted a year ago. The United Nations says his forces have killed 9,000 people while Syrian authorities, who blame foreign-backed militants for the violence, say 2,500 soldiers and police have been killed.The Syrian government said on Sunday it wanted written guarantees that insurgents would stop fighting before it pulls back its troops under the terms of a U.N. peace plan which called for all sides in Syria to cease fire by Thursday.”

So what is the truth regarding the Turkey/ Syria conflict?

Some things lately I am  finding a little to hard to digest..

Like how could Syrian forces actually penetrate the borders of Turkey and shoot refugees, without meeting any resistance from Turkish forces?

When Turkey reported that two Syrian refugees were killed and one Turkish translator was wounded Monday in an incident at Kilis border refugee camp in Gaziantep province when it came under fire from the Syrian side of the border, I wondered how did they ever get that close, and if  they actually had why did they not bomb it?
Shooting just at a handful of refuges seems a bit to civilized, for what the Turkish government’s describes a ruthless, barbaric, genocidal Syrian regime.

Also  floods of reports daily from Turkey on the barrels of Syrian refugees rolling in are starting to get well  like “gee whats the count now up to, 24 million” questionable.

Tell you the truth, I do not think Turkey is smart enough to not go completely overboard with the number especially when they are trying to be perceived as  the world’s greatest humanitarians,  just as they deliberately slight the death toll of the Armenian Genocide thinking a smaller amount will make murdering innocent people less inhumane..

And how come no one speaks of the non Muslim Syrians?   Who incidentally have not had to flee as much,  perhaps that reason is  Turkey apparently only take Sunni’s, like the  Turkish PM,  who has proved to be a great supporter of the Sunni people all over the world, unlike the Syrian president who is Alawite ..

Some though who have left Syria since the fight began say they had no choice,  although government was not attacking them they say but were attacking Turkish insurgents(?), and the Syrian militants in their villages, that unfairly puts them  right smack in the middle of a Islamic war zone..

Not a good place to be , not only is it extremely life threatening,  but  a few Armenian Syrians in particular say due to the bombing they have lost their propriety, and the rest are starting to fear they will as well.

And with good reason..

What percentage of provocation of the Syrian government is the Turkish government responsible for? How much of the massive loss of life can they take credit for?

These are questions I want answered first..

Turkey never ever to my knowledge has been noted for being trustworthy..  Maybe that has something to with the Turkish government’s back stabbing, and traitorous policies they have upheld since they were adopted from the ottoman era..

All I know is that ya can’t trust the Turkish government, they are too eager to support terrorists like “hamas” who claim Israel has no right to exist.

Unfortunately, that’s the only news source we have to go on, for Assad is not giving interviews especially to America, who he hates with a passion, maybe even worse than he does Turkey. The meaning: no one knows for sure what the hell is going on there. I just hope soon the deaths of the innocent people in Syria will seize and hopefully Syria won’t have to be blown to smithereens to achieve it.

Turkey just may be  preparing to do just that, and now having a couple of dead refugees, that still have not been confirmed, UN just may give them the ok to air strike the place to rubble. Yea we get it, Turkey going in on the ground is something Turkey fears most, obviously, but IMO it is the  appropriate action.

That could be very well why a guy like Erdogan who is most likely responsible for the deaths of more Kurds in one day than Assad is for Syrian’s deaths in one month is making such ado over the deaths of 2 refugees,that international sources still can’t get confirmed..

Only difference is the Turkish Government gets away with killing their Kurdish uprising..

Just as they try to get away with not acknowledging their government carrying out a genocide against the Christian population in 1915, killing 2.5 million people..

Both Assad and Erdogan, are notoriously incredulous.  that is why it is pitiful to see Turkish PM trying to play a Clinton, gearing up to do a Kosovo in Syria..

Americans simply can not be serious if they think Tayyip Erdogan is a world  hero or something, and at some point will save the day..

His hope, a dragged out monstrous plan that will  finally give him a greater legacy than Ataturk, the beloved father of all Turks, something he has been trying desperately to achieve for years..

It is quite obvious on a political stage, Assad has no respect for the Turkish PM whatsoever, and maybe we could contribute  that  fact to the Turkish PM having the morals and standards equivalent to a common prostitute’s..

But no different from Turkish PM, almost every leader, NATO, and UN  has shown to have ulterior motives, for I have yet to see one who genuinely cares about doing what is in the best interest of Syria..

  • For again the world sits idly by and just watches while innocent people get killed waiting for another country to do something..
  • Turkey just better be ready to take the “appropriate action,” if Assad does not comply with Turkey’s demand..
  • For I won’t be supporting any USA military intervention in Syria ever, but I will gladly support a Turkish one..
  • Reason being,  I think Turkey made this mess, specifically, Erdogan, I think it only fair he clean it up..


As of 4-11-12, the president of Syria, Bashar Assad has failed to comply..

Syria has promised to observe a U.N.-backed ceasefire starting on Thursday, but its forces kept up fierce attacks on opposition neighbourhoods in the hours before the deadline. – Reuters

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