In memory of the Armenian Genocide

As April 24th approaches some grueling factors come to mind, one, as an Armenian I feel my duty is to write at least something on the subject, something I always find difficult.  I fear I will never be able to describe thoroughly the magnitude of pain and suffering the Armenian Genocide has caused for so many people. Writing on a subject as important as this one it is my responsibility it insure that the degree of ruthlessness of the ottoman Turks, who were the organizers and perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide, is properly pointed out. 

              The first genocide of the 20th century like any other Genocide determined legally by Raphael Lemkin’sdefinition coined back in the 1940’s which the UN unanimously agreed on..  Lamkin specifically based his determination of what is Genocide bythe ottoman Turk’ s  failed attempt to totally exterminate the Armenian population.. Lemkin at the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 1948 and came into effect in January 1955 For when the bloody Sultan Abdul Hamid I decided by the late 1800’s that the Armenians who had sought reforms with European intervention would be easier to dispose of and not negotiate with, he initiated, and carried out a series of massacres on only the very Armenian populated areas, brutally murdering thousands upon thousands of Armenians, which many consider the beginning of the Armenian genocide.  Only ceasing briefly when the sultan was finally overthrown in 1908 by the young Turk party,  a bunch of nationalistic maniacs, whose Pan-Turkic movement to remove all non-Turkic people from the ottoman empire only doomed what was left of the Armenians after the savagery of the brutal massacres had already claimed so many lives.  

For they could have never foreseen what was coming next.

ARF  (Armenian RevolutionaryFederation ) then, back in 1915, were called the “Dashnakts”,  broke into to resistance groups to hoping to protect some of the villages that were under attack by the Turkish army, but it was not nearly enough to save them.  As they mostly were an still are a political party, who formed specifically hoping to end the religious persecution, oppression, and massacres Armenians were enduring in the later part of the 19 century but they were not an army equipped to fight

On April 24th, 1915 the Turkish government issued orders to have all intellectuals, leaders, priests, basically all people with great influence, be arrested, and hung by the neck in the town square for all to gawk at.    Then, on May 29th 1915 after the ottoman leaders declared the Tehcir (deportation) law, and death marched the remainder of  Armenians to Der zor,  a desert in Syria. With no food and water not many survived it.  It had been mostly Armenian women, children, and the elderly.  The casualties either starved, or were shot for trying to escape.  Less than 20% of the thousands of innocent people survived those death marches.,  someo This was most certainly organized, to kill an entire people under a disguise of deportation, that takes planning.  

I think of the mothers looking at their children who were wailing from pains of starvation, and dehydration and how they felt not being able to sooth their child’s  hunger or quench their thirst, and I feel a deep sense of sadness,  I ask, how could this happen to innocent people under any circumstance?

Armenians commemorate the 94th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide at the Desert of Der Zor (Syria). Der Zor was the “final destination” prepared for the extermination of the Armenians.

Without a doubt this was Genocide, and yet the cruelty of denial exists as if hate was tangible .. I hope in memory of all the pain, and suffering the Armenian Genocide has caused, my post has not in any way failed to give it the justice it rightfully deserves..

One thought on “In memory of the Armenian Genocide

  1. It is a real disgrace how governments use the Armenian Genocide to play their dirty games with, all while the Armenians are kept in limbo. Turkey should be ashamed of itself the most, it has proven to be a violator of Human rights time and again, and the west swweps it under the rug.

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