By 2015 Turkey aims to have armed up its diaspora to declare war against the “truth”…

Since 2015 will also mark a 100 years that Turkey will have been in denial exile, maybe Turkey should pay tribute to it by burning their nose hairs…  ..

 I still have not seen team “truth” defeated,  A.Taghiyev . just posts yet another piece of slander and libel.. 

Do you think common sense is prevailing when it has almost been 100 years Turkey yet has had any success with trying to twist, revise, and distort a well documented and proved historical fact like the Armenian genocide..

It won’t take a rocket scientist to figure that the only significant difference in a 100 years will be that it is a 100 years with no success rather than almost a 100..

At least  I can say that Trend has successfully lived up to its reputation of being the biggest, trash bag online, media source  out there…

That being said, I often wonder if Trend even cares how stupid they make Turkey appear, or is it they wouldn’t  know stupid even if it put on a neon vest and bit them several times in their butt.

 “One person’s idea of stupid is another person’s idea of politically correct..”

~The chances  Tahivev’s post is just a bunch of BS –The chances are so likely, it is almost a sure thing.~

Even the bribes of the Turkish lobbyists paid for by Turkish government have all in essence failed.  Out of all bribes ever accepted by a congress member throughout history,  it almost a sure bet,  the Turkish bribes were the easiest to detect.   Just look for the one congress member who is standing out for opposing the passage  of the Armenian Genocide resolution..

Still though Turkey has her “importance”  factor – Congress sees Turkey as a grand piano playing lovely classical music for them.. 

But for Turkey, being important in the eyes Of the USA is not a slam dunk for them like it once was,  for now Turkey is faced with tasks that are just too incredibly, difficult for Turkish government to complete, as well as  given situations that Turkish government has failed miserably so far in handling.

Turkey although has done an exceptional job lacking the ping pongs needed to do battle with Syrian forces.. Cleverly they have managed to keep them self from being in a position that finds war being the only solution left.  Not that there is any certainty UN or NATO would back a war between Turkey and Syria, but at least there isn’t any lingering doubt Turkey hadn’t ever the gumption to grow some ping pongs.

I wonder though if the average American would see the same importance in Turkey that US congress sees if news sources like CNN, and MSNBC exposed Erdogan’s evil doings, like his single handedly alienating Israel, or defending groups the USA has listed as terrorist organisations  or his dubious deals made behind closed doors with Iran that has officially branded him  Iran’s lap dog..

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