Genocide denialist Cenk Uygur proves again he is nothing more than what bottom-feeders feed on..

 Wow, talk about atrocious, take a look at this video where  Cenk Uygur Blasts Wolf Blitzer for Forcing Hilary Rosen to Apologize to Ann Romney… Again.  Looks more like a bash /and crash party.

Here I go  again,  unfairly picking on him by signalling him out for either being Turkish or for being  an Armenian Genocide denier. How obvious, considering I am an active crusader for recognition of all Genocides. Well you can keep ya shorts from getting all boggled up in knots all you Cenk die hard fans – rest assured that is not the case here.

Firstly, you can wipe all  those “couldn’t be farther from than the truth” notions right out of your little heads,  I assure you. this guy just stinks.

You really have to watch the video to see for yourself, especially Cenk Uygur , and Ana Kaspiano fans, who BTW  did not get much camera time during this show but come to think of it it is like that in every show I watched that he is in.  No worries,  the little she did get she was outstanding,  she stood out like a bright orange lizard,  ya know, doing her thing, throwing her 2 cents out there, following up with some ever so irrelevant points, and  no different from any other day as I see it, at the end of the day  still I find Ana’s 2 cents, overall, lacks clarity, and feet to stand on its own with.

Another thing worth mentioning is note how only in a  few sentences I managed quite well to support my opening statement, unlike Cenk and Ana who had an entire show and couldn’t.

I think it stands to reason, if one lacks the skill  and  intelligence  to make convincing arguments then they end up like  Cenk, who has to resort to bashing issues creating some freakish thing of nature like Frankenstein did his monster, or just simply twist the issues so he can make  dart boards out of the Hillay Rosens of this world.

I never saw a gun to Rosen’s head or any blunt object in Blitzer’s hands, but he totally got away with making it look that way.  Unbelievable..

Clearly that is not all he gets away with..

 “Rosen should not have apologized  an”eye for an eye” brrrrrrr,…

And who is in charge of letting him get away with not having to be clever ?  Best give them a raise…

Cenk and the word hypocrisy can’t be apart for very long,  unlike his co-host Ana Kaspariano who can always be found trailing not far behind, hair all muck, and  struggling to catch up…

I guess inserting her foot in her mouth can slow her up quite a bit..

Like when she was trying to point out how republicans have been making fools out of the Democrats, and have done it for years, I  don’t think she could have made the republicans look anymore clever, and the Democrats look anymore stupid at that point even if you tried.. Anna’s foot was inserted so deep down her throat that time I even choked but in my case it was from laughter.

Ana I think is also or could be a stand up comic, she can be very funny, like  saying,  if it was her she would “double down”, “double down”  can be  very funny when that becomes something you would do without having known that to double down you’d have to have something more that just an “eye for an eye” defense to bargain with..

Now wait a thought just occurred to me,  did Ana confuse the definition of “double standards”  with the one of  “double down”?

Below another video, all Cenk, all day, what else is new, this one though doesn’t have as much as distasteful quality as the original one has..

It is the one he can label  “I look absolutely idiotic.”..

Metaphorically he makes a reference on Blitzer’s treatment of Rosen, saying  “he threw her under the bus”  that more applied to him and his treatment of Rosen, actually it looked to me like he had to throw her under that bus more than once too, seriously though he knew making  such issue over CNN forcing Rosen to apologize he had to make her look deceitful, insincere, and lacking a spine, and not the poor little victim he wanted his viewers to believe he saw her.


His refusing accept well documented, historical facts as factual evidence that prove events like the Armenian Genocide did occur for reasons that would make him so far from being thought commendable,  makes him the least likely to be any better than those he bashes.

Cenk may even be least likely to be better than scum one scrapes off the bottom of their fish tank.

Now just think if I said somewhere publicity Cenk Uyger’s  wife was a heartless human being for marrying a Genocide denier, as true as it may well be, it is still unkind and so uncalled for..  Ethically speaking…

What Cenk an Ana failed to say, that if Hillary had not apologize or retract her statements, no doubt Americans would have associated her for the rest of her days with the woman who called a fellow mom, who not only is  battling MS, but is a cancer survivor, a bad mom -now if I knew that, good chance she knew it  too..

Same for Cenk who made it painfully clear IMO, that he did not care about Ann Romney’s health issues – if I saw that good chance everyone who saw that video thought it too.

Cenk, the “ambulance chaser” of journalism must have said to himself,  exploiting Hillary Rosen for her lack of  integrity, and making a mockery out of her civility would make for very good show – opposed to a show applauding her courage that is..

Would conservative favored journalists in general have been so apt to have thrown one of their colleagues so quickly under a bus? Good question..

UPDATE –  Cenk a few weeks back had the audacity to call Bill O’Reilly a “nazi”  of all things, give me a break, a well-known Genocide denier calling a Genocide, and holocaust recognizer a nazi.  Ok big problem with this picture.


3 thoughts on “Genocide denialist Cenk Uygur proves again he is nothing more than what bottom-feeders feed on..

  1. This guy has some followers apparently who will stop at nothing to “defend his honor”. If he is any kind of man at all, he will first of all change the name of his program, and secondly publicly acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. Until then he remains a phony.

  2. cenk uygar has always been a scumbag. He abandoned his faith then supported the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq (where women and young girls were forced to give oral sex to US contractors for one dollar a piece, where children have been murdered and young girls raped. All in the name of the war on terror. who is terrorizing who?). Now this scumbag publicly denies the Armenian genocide? Cenk Uygar has been begging to be the house pet of white people and he is succeeding. The guy is pathetic much like Fareed Zakaria. One day I will ask these two morons how they feel knowing that they supported the rape and murder of women, children and old people in their war of terror?

  3. In fact, I never knew that Mister Uygur was a Genocide Denier . . . Oh well, live and learn. Personally, I quite like Cenk Bey although I have to confess that his mannerisms do become cumbersome after a while . . .

    I was always under the impression that, by choosing the name Young Turks for his show and by hiring Kasper (as he affectionaly calls her), he had a more nuanced understanding of the Unionist persiod in Ottoman history. Has he ever publicly announced that he does not believe that the g-word is applicable to the outcome of the Tehcir Kanunu????

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