Princess Fergie’s documentary exposing Turkey’s orphanages may get her more than just an Emmy…

When Sarah Ferguson in 2008 went undercover  into a Turkish orphanage and filmed a documentary depicting the abuses she found there, like mentally and physically disabled children tied to their bed, and severely neglected, the last thing I am sure she expected to hear the following day was that she was being charged by Turkish authorities for violating the privacy of five children, and if she is found guilty will face up to 22 years in prison.

“Canan Yildiz, a lawyer representing the five children and Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry, said her clients have been “harmed” and would like to join the public prosecution against Ferguson and the two British journalists who have been also indicted in the case and could be tried separately.

The court agreed to hear testimony from the five children who were filmed, but Yildiz said some of them are mentally retarded and others are handicapped, and that it would have been better if their testimony was taken at the orphanage.

Anadolu did not say when the trial would resume, and the lawyers in the case could not be reached for comment on Saturday.”

Mentally retarded?  That atrocious label was banned over 20 years ago , and ever since mentally disabled children  have been  referred to as mentally challenged.  Interesting though how the courts have appointed a lawyer who obviously lacks medical expertise in this field  to represent  5 mentally challenged  children who she claims were harmed.

I believe  those children who were restrained  all day and neglected were very much harmed.

Obviously it will be a lot harder for her to disprove  the people in charge of the children’s care were negligent than proving  Fergie’s  filming that they were unlikely even aware of caused them harm.  If anything the awareness it sparked may have been detrimental in saving their lives..

Ferguson has refused to appear in person at her trial, apparently she finds it not in her best interest to show up,  and who could blame her, when knowing Turkey is more hell bent on jailing  all the ones  exposing injustices,  like the 100 or more  journalists charged with  alleging  “insulting turkishness”  just rotting away in a Turkish jails.

The bright side being she can’t be extradited due to Turkey not having any jurisdiction in Britain,   so it would be safe to say Ferguson won’t be anytime soon personally experiencing the deplorable conditions that the Turkish prison’s are known for as well.

Even though it seems the Duchess  has tried to assure Turkey she had no political aims whatsoever, and her only objective was to uncover the appalling conditions of the state run orphanages in Turkey,  still the Turkish authorities have accused her of deliberately trying to hurt Turkey’s image to lessen her chances of the EU accepting her membership. Wow, do ex princesses do that kind of stuff?


Ironically,  everything I have read thus far regarding this issue mentions not one bit of evidence other than Ferguson being British supporting Turkey’s accusations against her.

So how does Turkey get away with making baseless accusations and arresting people on trumped up charges?  Some might argue Turks in high places suffer from massive fits of paranoid delusion but I would say it is all a calculated plan to create a diversion from the real issue, condemning Turkey. Has Turkish authorities even bothered to look into the abuses exposed in Ferguson’s documentary?   That is the real sad part..

Ferguson has already earned herself an Emmy even without having spent one minute  inside  a Turkish jail cell. It  is such a sure bet that it might as well be Erdogan himself on the stage that hands her the award…


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