Whats next for Khadija Ismayilova? How long will she be able to hold the public’s interest?

What has been happening for Khadija Ismayilova  since she exposed her story to the world?

Well, I just read she won a female international award, and some Azeri writer’s award given to her in her country. I wish I could tell you what criteria she met to win ..    Did she need to be a talented journalist, or just another poor soul in that region whose right to free speech was unjustly violated?

As some may argue she is courageousness for writing the truth exposing corruption in her government, while others will argue that journalists who are not doing the same are cowards and  Khadija well is considered  nothing out of  what the norm should be.

As I see it, a journalist exposing government corruption on a government that  for years before been ranked among the highest for corruption takes not much genius, but in a country like Azerbaijan where nationalistic views weigh heavily on a an Azeri’s  good sense to be able to see right from wrong, this would take something not commonly found in Azerbaijan’s media sources, like integrity.

There has only been one exception to that rule to my knowledge and that is a journalist named Eynulla Fatullayev who spent years in jail, was beaten up, harassed, constantly threatened and only God knows what else, for exposing massive injustice in his government.    He also supported Armenian claims of atrocities Azeri forces committed in Khojaly, which had to have taken a far greater responsibility he had  to exposing injustice then he did to preserving his own life.   He has suffered so greatly already for his dedication to write the truth, that the numerous journalistic awards he has received for it seem the very least the international community can do to recognize his achievements.

This statement recently made by Khadija about Eynulla “Not something unexpected, but still sad to see Eynulla Fatullayev becoming a mouthpiece of Azerbaijani government”  is a disappointment on her part.  Her along with her fans on face book seem to take pleasure in trying defaming him, and for what certainly appeared to be from having some petty resentment  toward him for his article on Khojaly.

In comparison to journalists like Eynulla who have risked their lives to insure the truth is told,  Khadija’s  falls short with her defamation of character journalism.  She should be so lucky one day to have earned herself a reputation founded on a great courage to have views that clearly go against the grain.

Khadiji’s  5 minutes of stardom on her facebook page attacking him should earn her another award, the “throwing a fellow colleague right down the throat of a starving lion without batting an eye” one –

Journalists like Khadija don’t exactly merit world-wide notoriety, and overnight popularity they are prone to get from the internationally community after they expose being threatened and blackmailed by their government to shut up.  The hundreds of journalists rotting away in Turkish and Azerbaijan  prisons whose only crime was exercising their right to free speech get less notice.  Khadiji, IMO,  has shown very little sympathy publicly or brought nearly the amount of awareness to the international community expected of her.  IMO, she can do a lot better at advocating in their behalf.

Take a writer like Orhan Pamuk whose arrest was made famous worldwide for stating how Turks should be able to speak freely about the Armenian Genocide, but only after his arrest and public humiliation  did he win  a  Nobel Prize for his literature.   That made  him the first Turk to ever receive one. Did people wonder if he had not been a victim of injustice and noted  for his courage  in speaking out in a country where just having very little courage is greatly admired,  if he would be considered noble prize material.

The irony is every case where a publisher, writer, and journalist speaks in favor of the Armenian Genocide, or writes about its authenticity Turkish courts arrest them, insuring they are depicted by the international media as victims of human right violations and to the rest of the world admirable beings that are seen separate from the rest of the cowardly population who are too afraid to speak up.

Obviously writers like Khadija from countries existing  under a pretense of a democracy like Turkey get more attention than those  in countries who take free speech for granted...



Amazingly, Khadija not long after I posted this stepped up to the plate for her fellow imprisoned colleagues much more than she had been..  Could it be she read my article?

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