Turkey’s Sunni Islamic is harboring Iraqi’s most wanted, Sunni ex VP, Tareq al-Hashemi.

Tareq al-Hashemi was vice president of the Iraq government formed after the 05/05 elections for 5 years.  On December 19, 2011,  Iraq’s Judicial Council issued an arrest warrant for Hashimi for acts of terrorism.

Turkish leaders have taken it upon them self to decide Hashemi is innocent, and based solely on that belief apparently without  “evidence” Turkey built a fortress for Hashemi protecting him from facing trial in Iraq for plotting to kill several people.

Fugitive al-Hashemi and Turkish PM Erdogan

I find the hypocrisy all to ironic.  Turkey apparently has chosen to  not remember what it was like when Ocalan, Kurdish PKK (USA listed Terrorist organization) leader was being protected by other countries who also claimed he had done nothing wrong.  Finally when Ocalan was handed over to Turkey the PKK leader faced a Turkish prosecution, that ultimately found him guilty.  He  sits in the Turkish prison where he will probably die in.   

Turkish leaders will be the first to argue Ocalan was given a fair trial, and his being turned over to Turkey was indeed justice.  But why when Iraq wants to in act the same justice, Turkey won’t oblige them the same courtesy?

Me thinks religion plays a strong role in Turkish government’s protection of their fellow Sunni from the Iraqi, shiites   government.  If he were anything but a Sunni, nor were Syrian refugees anything but Sunni, Turkey would have been anything but interested.

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