Assad’s Syria is still very much in the game..


Looks like the opposition has left the future of Syria in the hands of the guy dressed like an al qaeda terrorist..

In a country where only the Muslims not killed by the president are the ones not holding guns, and the ones not supporting the ones holding guns, which in all reality is not such a hard sell, it is just not a promising reality for the Syrian people.

The Syrian government/Sunni Syrian conflict  should no longer be an uprising  that one would find common in backward, terrorists hiding,  crap -hole,  desert countries where the governments are easily weakened from not having  any international or internal backing.  IMO, this crisis is very similar to a tornado that wipes out anything that gets in its way,  and just like a tornado it can turn sharply and head in a totally  different direction.

Unlike the last couple of revolutions whose deplorable, inhumane dictators were alienated and not difficult to overthrow.Team Assad is NOT WEAK.,  and Team Obama  who would rather be golfing than go to dodge,  is just not that interested in contributing to any more loss of life or  air striking Syria into rumble. He has been there done that..    A stand I can’t say  I don’t  support.

Obama’s continued calmness on the subject, and  “I’d rather be golfing”  disposition that he gives off  when he calls on Russia to keep the peace in Syria, by far is more commendable than  Romney’s eagerness to  invade Syria, and bash Obama’s reluctance to arm the rebels, and his coward action to condemn Russia’s stand smear campaign that is in favor of war.

A  stance some hardened republicans might be also be convinced to adopt in support of Romney but general consensus dictates Americans are not in favor of intervening in Syria. So i would imagine that  Obama’s getting reelected is  dictated by  his not screwing up now..

The obvious empty slot  on the right that directly follows the Israel president only as of yesterday became vacant.

Turkey‘s PM Tiyyip Erdogan, only up to very recently was a strong and one of the key backers of Syrian Free army.

That is up until a spokesperson for the rebel army, unaware(I’m guessing)  of any harm in  publicly praising Turkey for being the largest contributor in the Syrian rebel  aggression.

Judging by Iran’s explosive reaction Turkey’s decision to keep fueling the rebel’s army a secret was  made  knowing that by not keeping it a secret it was a  billboard  promoting Turkey’s armed forces readiness, and courage to join the fight if needed that just did not exist.

In having angered the turbanator Turkey had to have expected at least a call from some mollahs’  blackberry, threatening in a”Khomeini  extreme Islamic” kind of way that causes Turkish PM to pee his pants in fear..

Actually that just may not be that far from the truth.








It is clear,  Iran slammed Turkey for having the stupidity to send arms to the  side Iran is not on, and Israel is.

Turkey not long after being blasted out  released a statement to the media that they were  “ditching the rebels” .   Tiyyip even went a little further – wet pants and all he  jumped into a ditch where he’ll hide just in case Iran comes looking for him.


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