19 year old French exchange student and 51 year old Kurdish/MP activist jailed in Turkey

Sevil Sevimli a 19-year-old French, exchange student from France arrested in Turkey on article 316 of the Turkish penal code.
  •  Both face up to 10 years in a Turkish prison..
  • Both suspected of having links with groups the USA has listed as terrorist organizations. 
  • Both these women stripped of their right “innocent till proven guilty.”
  • Sevil is allegedly linked with the  group called Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C).

“She is accused of having attended the May Day parade, and having gone to a concert of a music band called Yorum,” a group known to have a socialist ideology, said the lawyer.”

Out of the tens of thousands of Turks who attended that  parade, what made her the terrorist supporter for having gone to seen the  Turkish band known for writing political songs  and not any one else?

And not surprisingly,  a  lack of  evidence linking Leyla Zana to any crime is also clearly evident.  It seems based on her speeches in favor of reforms for the Kurdish population, and release of Kurdish political prisoners link her to the PKK, also a terrorist organization listed in the  USA.

Leyla  claims she has been unjustly sent to jail  by being falsely accused with the same charges..

The fact it’s Turkey I am more apt to believe the unbelievable.

Turkish people in my experiences never seem to get beyond feeling a vengeance for the people who hurt Turkey or Turkish people most to ever see an injustice on people other than those who are Turkish.  

Turkish laws banning freedom of speech enable the Turkish police to rid the streets quickly of human rights advocates, and protesters   Without having such laws it would be next to impossible to have filled up all the Turkish prisons with these “free speech” criminals, if they had to really prove free speech is only illegal when one insults, Turks, Turkey, or Islam.

It is unbelievable to me that if I was actually in Turkey I’d be charged with a crime for what I believe simply defending whom the Turkish legal system has already judged  “terrorist supporters”.  As if their rights to free speech is less worthy of defending when  it gives the Turkish illegal system a cause to target and signal you out for it.

Though Sevil has been in jail for almost a month without a fair trial, Leyla, has already been sentenced to 10 years but is exempt from serving time due to her being  a MP .  She will serve another 10 years though when her term as MP is up.

I think it is a travesty that Turkey will have gotten away with  taking  20 years from this woman’s life.

Seeing such injustice is appalling to me, but that does not mean I support their convictions, or back their views to have felt that way..

Fact is I do not have any idea what they even are and unlike the Turkish government/court who does and has outlawed  free speech when they disagree with it, and views that favor Kurdish independence for instance  is automatically charged with the crime of supporting  terrorism.  Extremely unjust to say the least.

Especially when Turkish denialists can speak freely when it’s about being against recognizing the 1,5 million Armenians murdered in 1915 by a Turkish government as genocide, Turks can protest in the street their hate openly for Israel, and can support hamas, also a terrorist organization listed in the USA .

The travesty of justice would be  all the Turks who get away with defending the Turkish leaders who murdered millions of non-Turkish Muslims, and massacred thousands of Kurds, but Leyla, and Sevil will go to jail for far less than what meets the eye..

Leyla Zana, being a Turkish parliament member, keeps her out of jail for now.

Now tell me what possibly could a 51-year-old Kurdish woman MP have  in common with a 58-year-old  Turkish male PM?

  •  Both hold high political offices in Turkey.
  • Both support terror organizations they have tried to down play as ‘terrorists” by referring to them with different labels,  such as “political movements”,and ” freedom fighters.”
  • Both failed  at doing so.
    December 1994,she was charged with treason and membership in the PKK. At her sentencing, she asserted:
    “This is a conspiracy. What I am defending is perfectly clear. I don’t accept any of these accusations. And, if they were true I’d assume responsibility for them, even if it cost me my life. I have defended democracy, human rights, and brotherhood between people. And I’ll keep doing so for as long as I live.”
    In 2008 Leyla was charged with “making propaganda” for the terrorist organization PKK., and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
     Apparently, in her view the PKK  is not a terrorist group, they are freedom  fighters.
      IMO because they have committed several acts of terror, then  she would be dreadfully mistaken.
    Erdogan has remained free, and above the law.
    ” I believe that steps need to be taken by the state’s largest. Because the Kurds suffered injustice, inequity, working with the state. The status of the Kurds will be allowed, without ensuring a legal safeguard, the Kurds must lay down arms tartışmamak. But I believe in silenced weapons. Because now akmamalı young blood.Tomorrow, when we came back and actually began the process of dialogue for young people all the time and yaralanacağız üzüleceğiz. ” – Leyla
    I think that if I have interpret her words correctly her very large public pro/peace disposition  is a genuine, and reliable enough reason, Leyla is not a supporter of terrorism or  terror acts.
    Although it can not totally liberate  her from having an unsavory reputation , nor do I think it can absolve her completely from being thought of as doing any wrong doing.   IMO, even slightly supporting an organization that many countries have listed a terrorist group  and  misusing the right of free speech to manipulate, mislead, or corrupt the community immoral, and    corrupt .
    Zana,  noted for exerting most of her efforts throughout her political career in resolving the issues most threatening to the well-being  of the Kurdish community in Turkey, IMO, pretty much  assures that the large following Zana has to her merit today was  not made to feel they had no choice  fearing more  PKK  retaliation.     Clearly obvious to me her following could easily love her for nothing more than her resilience.
    I am not saying there never was or is an underlining threat the kind where nothing has to be in black and   white, or right out in the open for a community to be in fear of what could happen to them if they were anti/PKK .
     I am just saying that if there was/is such a threat to Kurdish people I really do not think it is a  reasonable assumption Zana helped in creating such a fear. Taking part in anything that would harm, or not in the best interest of her people just would  not add up.
    With that being said along with the fact  that she has not a barrage of armed guards around her where ever she goes and at all the  entrances/exits of the buildings when she is publicly speaking in them which would at least give the Turkish legal system an actual  legit cause (forcing/ restricting people from  their right of “free will”)  to arrest her, and finally be accredited for serving justice instead of being condemned for being the cause of the injustice.
    What good will Turkey’s legal system do by taking excessive actions to keep arresting Zana for having”alleged” ties to PKK    if only no good can come from not holding all people,  even more so the Turkish leaders like PM Erodogan, whose open support for hamas (US listed terrorist organization) clearly violates Turkish anti/terrorist laws, accountable to the laws and standards .
    It is not often the idiocy has more relevance to how many times the same person can actually go to jail in Turkey serving 10 year or more sentences in separate intervals  a multitude of times in one lifetime  on the same charge of supporting the PKK they arrested her the first time for and every time afterwards.   Recyclable  support?  Never heard of it..
    A society that does not hold all people accountable to the same laws and standards would insure failure… No government should ever be above law.

     You should read about Leyla Zana’s words before frantically defending anyone who tries to harm Turkey/Turks.”  posted by a Turk  on my  face book page.
    ” I understand, but haven’t you got it backwards? Isn’t Turkey harming her, and all Turks? If I were to read her words and have them influence me than is it fair I even read them at all. Even though I deplore Armenian genocide denial, is it fair I or anyone take from you your right to speak freely about  your views on the Armenian genocide  Do you understand, it is much less dangerous for you just to block your ears or close your eyes to all the things you find unpleasant, than make it a crime for her to speak.”  -Alanakalanian
    Zana has never to my knowledge condoned the murders of the Turkish people who were killed by PKK, nor to my knowledge have I heard her say they deserved it.  Unlike Turkish Armenian Genocide denialists who say both.  They are the ones guilty of hate crimes for they incite hatred, and should go to jail..

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