Cenk Uygur why are you still here, and who are you to speak on who should be teaching about Genocide..

I am totally baffled how this guy can take on topics that he not only appears to have the highest rate of literacy in, but they are so out of his character..  Religion Cenk?  You know how there is an uncensored version of some movies you can watch, well with Cenk’s and Ana’s show I have without success have been looking for the unbiased version for theirs…   

Ok, thank you there Mr. Atheist, and trusted side kick Yogi, for that bit of enlightenment..     I like to know how teaching Genocide to children  is a bad thing?  Imagine being that desperate to bash something.  Humanity is funny that way, they can commit Genocides, they can even deny them, but telling children they occurred is wrong????  Ana please, at least those same kids during that same hour are not on the street drinking a forty, and smoking pot..    And “God”  I’ll stake my house on,  won’t come to any of those children in a revelation, dream, or helicopter and command them to kill their donkey, your’s, or Cenk’s so  if that is what you were worried about, you can just relax.. Pff.

As a teacher myself  I do not find anything about, nor obviously does the school where it takes place or their administration.

An important factor that these two neglected to point out – after school programs are not hiding out in the basement and grabbing kids and forcing them to come to them.

Maybe a  comment or two  from the principal or just any staff member on their opinion of the program would have been to much to ask of “reporters” (cough,cough) I guess..  But if they did some research  they would have found out that it is not easy to get an after school programs in a public school.  They are thoroughly checked out first, and they have to meet state guidance.

The after school programs  they are condemning are harmless, if well supervised.

People against religion need to chill, it is just deplorable when you see people trying to rise up a hysteria over  religion. I am always reminded of the “Salem witch trials,” but in this case, it is in reverse…

Usually when the town or city, state where there are not any religious private schools, or that community does not have a facility where religion education classes could be given the schools may add an after program so the children have an option to learn about it if they want, opposed to not having any option at all..

But students can not attend without written parent permission..

Photo: Young pilgrims taking part in the Divine Liturgy at the Church of the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem. (check our blog for more updates from the pilgrimage)

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