Just when we thought Turkish PM Tayyip Erdoğan had no freedoms left to take away from the Turkish people…

 He went and found one..

Facebook’s ‘like” function may put 3 Turkish officials behind bars.

There are 13 people plus the Van Mayor Bekir Kaya, s Van provincial head, Cüneyt Caniş,  and the former mayor of the province’s Başkale district, İhsan Güler in Turkey who found out quick after they liked something on “Facebook” the Turkish government did not like..


So if one is a terrorist in the eyes of the Turkish law for a slip of a mouse clicking the “like” option, what would one be for a “like” on my articles ?  I shudder at the thought..  Really.

I, being one of Turkey’s government largest dissenters would have been most outraged over Tayyip’s latest fascist like tactic that not only targets alleged terrorists, but  anyone government unfriendly, that is if I lived in Turkey.

It is the Turks living in Turkey that are the ones doomed..  Why? Generally, Turkish people only see dirty terrorists going to jail, they don’t see the lack of evidence, nor do they care how many of their constitutional rights were violated  –  They are cheering their arrests in the streets not protesting them.  

Facebook “likes” insulting Turknishness is the newest, and quickest way now for Turkish people to go to prison – I once saw over 22,000 likes on a Turkish Facebook page that condemned their government’s denial of the Armenian Genocide,..

I asked a human rights expert,” Charlton Hesturkgolu,” what he thought of this new way to arrest people , here is what he had said..

 Love that guy! 

My concern now is when the  people who cheer today are arrested tomorrow who will be left to cheer for them?

Tayyip I believe is now one up on Bashar ..

Remember, they are watching..


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