Khadija Ismayilova – freedom fighter? If so free Nagorno-Karabakh..

Absurdly enough,  Khadija Ismayilova has not ..

Ms. Isnayilova has not even called for her government to end the ongoing violence along Azerbaijan’s border with Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh that has already killed 9 people.  What is she waiting for?

Ms. Isnayilova, For some courage just fellow the yellow brick road..

Although Ismayilova would probably argue that she deserves “courage” awards being she is no different from all  Azerbaijan’s news who instead of condemning their corrupt government for the violence they just blame everything all on the Armenian forces, and Armenia.

Unfortunately,  not even a mountain of evidence that clears the Armenian forces of any wrong doing can stop an Azeri from  insisting more it was Armenians who “done it”- the side with the least amount of reason to attack.

I am waiting to hear of just one Azerbaijan  journalist/blogger with the courage to condemn pro/ war President, Ilham Aliyev for his open threats to restart war against Artsakh (NKR), or other threats of violence he has made, like  shooting down their civilian planes out of the air.

Oh I have read Ms. Ismayilova’s views on this issue enough times to know they are nothing more than a bunch of nationalistic goals no different from ones of her president –  the disturbing revelation for anyone who knows how she is all about democracy when advocating for freedom for herself, or her friend I call on Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch the very folks who honor her courage with awards  to encourage Azerbaijan’s journalists like Ms. Ismayilova to support peace for Karabakh.Clearly one has no courage if they have no regard for human life.

More than 30,000 people died when Azerbaijan and Armenians fought a war over  Karabakh in the 1990s

Warmonger – The president’s frequent threats that favor war only unfairly instills fear, and horror in the lives of the people those threats were meant for. Each day  their right to live in peace is denied,  they live in total fear of bombs that will fall from the sky and kill them.

Who could ever forget the bloodshed in

Who could ever forget the bloodshed in the last war or the massive loss of life suffered on both sides?

A kind of war no healthy-minded rational human being would ever want to see repeated.  Nor should supporting peace be shunned by supposed “human rights” journalists who blatantly refuse to recognize the human right to live in peace.

The international media, and human rights organizations only fail when they honor the people who other people are being unfairly treated by.

Azerbaijan’s “freedom defenders”  act more like

“freedom deniers”

Emin Milli a Azerbaijani blogger, activist and gagged on the NKR issue

Emin Milli an Azeri  blogger, targeted unjustly by his government and  jailed but not for having views  supporting the Independence of Nagorno-Karabakh.Emin Milli a Azerbaijani blogger,

The greater danger in Azerbaijan for any reporter is going against the people.”  -AlanaKalanian

Mehman Huseynov

Mehman photographer and blogger, an all day in the rain defender of human rights, who may go to jail for 5 years but it not for courageously defending freedom for NKR.. –

How much defending can they possibly be doing if  they become blind, mute, and deaf to every case or issue like the Nagorno Karabagh one?

Azeri blogger and youth activist Adnan Hajizade’

Azerbaijani journalists won’t report the truth when it is known the people want it to stay hidden.” -AlanaKalanian

I like to know how Azerbaijanis like Hajizade ,Milli, Huseynov, and Ismayilova,  dubbed “freedom defenders” by news sources like “Radio Free Europe “can bring attention to them self by accrediting them self as activists, and defenders on such issues as human rights, democracy, justice, and freedom, and not feel a responsibility to support NKR’s right of self-determination, a personal freedom, or least not openly speak against it?

IMO, they sure are not at all convicted to die-hard”pro -democracy” values, and principles they claim they are, in fact they proved how expandable they are and how easy they would surrender for self-centered nationalistic ones .

Gee, I did not know you could do that without being thought to have clearly missed the boat called genuine.

If anything they should take at least some of the responsibility for the strong backing the people have for the violent actions taken against NKR by Azerbaijani forces.

IMO their lack of conviction to their beliefs is a good reason to believe why today the Azeri people are not taking a universal, humanitarian stand, that inspire people to protest against the their government’s violence, instead of for it.

Ismayilova’s kind of  role model journalism – Pretty sure would not include affirmations that a people’s right to self-determination be respected,  or would ever be anything that would jeopardize her Facebook or Twitter popularity by angering her fellow countrymen.

Ismayilova courage journalism? I’ll take a guess it ain’t writing positive, insightful articles about Armenians..

What she finds courageous I am sure I don’t, like for instance when she writes opinions clearly criticizing journalists like Eynulla Fatullayev, I on the contrary think it  more should be described “cowardly journalism” –

Knowing when aggression is not justified is half the battle..

The other half is knowing where there is one Azerbaijani filled with animosity/hate or contempt be sure there are thousands more just like that one close by.”

IMO, Fatullayev writes on issues that others don’t even have the courage to speak about.  He, being more apt to have a bumper sticker on his car that reads ” the truth will set you free”  and actually believe it.

Fatullayev also proved once that a journalist’s integrity could not be sacrificed or compromised by threats and acts of violence.  Beaten by his peers, thrown in jail, and tortured by his government for publishing an article entailing eye-witness accounts of the atrocities committed during Karabagh war that supported the Armenian’s allegations that Azeri forces framed them just so they could blame them.

Fatullayev after giving 5 years up of his life to the Azeri penal system is still harshly criticized and lots of time even by his own colleagues.  Denounced as a traitor to Azerbaijan,  for the horrid, blasphemous, and fiendish act of loving Armenians.

As punishment the guy must naturally be dragged through the streets and nailed to a cross –  Why should he be any different from Jesus Christ another Christian.

And for the record, I (an Armenian) never got the impression that what he wanted was to write an article to help the Armenians and bag the Azeri forces.  That could not have been more further from what I I thought the truth, and  if  others had worn their thinking cap and not their stinking cap instead they would of  concluded the same. Since he was exposing his corrupt government – no different than Khadija all they proved by stomping on his intentions is their intentions ar/were by far genuine.  

Bottom line – it was his own  instincts that gave him a “there is defiantly something wrong here” inkling , and his own free will that he wrote it with.    (instincts I believe totally as extinct as the dinosaurs in Azerbaijan,).

It is just incredulous to me, how I as a “human” can involuntarily be  a mangled and horribly disfigured  false perception, misconception,  or generalization  the Azerbaijani’s collective mentality automatically singles out and targets for being “one” out of the “entire”Armenian race.   And from what I have seen very few Azeris if any just are not subscribing to this unjustly form of collectivism.

Based on the above, no one logically should assume Azerbaijani news sources are telling the truth on the issues about Armenians, or journalists like Fatullayev be first thought to help Armenians, or the journalists like Ismayilova have not been so corrupted by collectivism they wouldn’t be irrational and unreasonable in their views on any situation involving Armenia or Armenians, cause there is no way Ms. Ismayilova sounds rational or fair-minded when she only sees 2 sides to the NKR issue when she is trying to brush off criticism as being one-sided, otherwise she is tweeting only about the infractions committed by the Armenian side.  

@AlanaKalanian Wars have two sides. Always. And someone who starts it. I have courage to say the truth. Do you have courage to accept it?

Her tweets go  this way – Armenian soldiers must stop shooting the Azerbaijan citizens from their border

My brain goes this way  – What she really means to say is the shots fired by the Azeri soldiers at the Armenian citizens can continue.

She does well at it there is no mistaking she only sees one side, hers..

Propagandist  activist is more like it..

Even all the comments posted by her friends on her Facebook page that only maybe one and I am being generous did not come across as hostile in, were clearly one-sided.  I copied and pasted a bunch below –

“If Armenia wants its soldiers to stop dying, it should withdraw from Azerbaijani territories,” Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov.

Check out Max Tucker

Transparent, poorly written and absurd article. Khadija there is no need to waste your precious time on this – time better spent on your journalism, which is at a level the author of this nonsense can never hope to achieve.  Max Tucker
Max Tucker’s facebook  “about me”  says”Amnesty International.”  His comment says – Max wouldn’t know a  human right from a french fry. . -AlanaKalanian
Unlike many countries around the globe it’s not actually illegal to be gay in Azerbaijan but in this culturally conservative country it’s nevertheless “dangerous” to be openly gay…Max Tucker
“culturally conservative country” – You mean racist?”    Clearly you can not prove or defend homophobia, or hate crime ..  Max though sure tried now didn’t he?

As I am leaving the country of Azerbaijan now I am  going  with a strong 6th sense my words have not made the slightest diffidence to any Azerbaijani who read them or who will, most of all, Isnayilova  whose opinions of dish rags rank higher than the ones she has for the people living in NKR..

 “Armenians and Azerbaijanis are human beings first of all and have a basic desire for peace.”  Georgi Vanyan

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