The things that they tell you won’t kill you but only can make you stronger..

My, my, wasn’t it like only yesterday he was addressing Armenians who were calling out for peace by saying he had a  right to resort to violence, and would not remove his snake snipers if Armenians continued to exist in a region that he no longer rules ?

The moral ramifications of a “lie”  and the  “eagerness” to lie, are exactly the same  kind of wrong if you ask me. It is the “eagerness” to lie that no matter how many times you become aware of it, it never gets any less disturbing to know about.

Now, if  noses did grow when a person told a lie noses especially the ones in politics are no doubt the ones that have the largest potential for long-term growth.  But it is the Turkish PM when given more time to speak  could find that his nose grew as far as Armenia before he is even had a clue.

And Genocide denial would finally be “humiliating”  for the denialist making it exactly what is.  When a person is lacking morals, conscience, and plenty of times a brain, feeling humiliation from and doing what others think a humiliating thing is  never going to happen  for the morally bankrupt, zombie, but having a nose that “arrived” before you where you went easily could.  Ironic as this sounds, it is a fact I learned of not long ago, that many Turks who deny the Armenian Genocide believe  if they were Pinocchio their nose would never grow, for they are under this impression they never lie, and if I take it down one notch I’ll find some not as bright as the dim ones arguing that all they have to do is deny in English, their nose won’t understand, it is Turkish.  OK…

Eventually though,  people would have to either wise up, shut  up or have their nose removed.  That is if we lived in a perfect world, where lies are outlawed and noses wore badges.

But in this world, I call “far from perfect” contrarily,  lies and their creators not only just rhyme with flies they are all one species..  

Now that may get me a few outraged  emails from some fly advocates, “friends of frogs” groups, and those who just love the “fly” 1 and 2 movie,  (hehehe)   basically saying ” unlike lies,  a fly can’t even hurt a fly..   But I am willing to risk it..

Many of  the issues/conflicts  in the world owe their entire existence to lies, for many started on one..  

And the wicked, wicked  Turkish and Azerbaijani leaders,who are the leaders alright, but  in  pumping out more lies than oil in that region, and are about 99.9% of the reason the 20 or so conflicts  their own countries are involved in will never be resolved.

Their issues/conflicts reach levels of obscenely ridiculous with a potential to resolve so low the abyss is their sky, and simply because both governments suffer from the same psychosis, the one where a fair and amicable compromise would only be whatever is entirely in their best interest.

And that being said, being Armenian doesn’t automatically put me to the back of the bus with bias . I like to cover all my tracks so that way I can’t be followed wrongly, or appear misleading.  

Sometimes people from those countries will leave  me a nasty comment or email after reading my opinions similar to the one above and basically accuse me of being prejudice. The thing is though my being prejudice or not really can not make anything I write untrue.  So what is exactly the point? I think sometimes people like to throw around the word “prejudice” every time they want to “pass the buck”. 

My posts may not all be gum drops  in Istanbul, and Baku babbling brooks, but it is just what it is, not what it seems. Besides look what I am working with here, Erdogan,  and Aliyev , 2 bums,  who could have 50 cows and still would steal your last  glass of milk, who needs a bias not to  like them? 

There is such a very tiny window for bias and a  gigantic skyscraper of windows for solid facts that you can’t miss, but yet I have seen people from both these countries blame prejudice for making their country look bad   – I am starting to believe people must really live in bubbles

Some people have built-in pools, teachers have built-in objectivity.  And as a commentator you learn that it isn’t everything we know about other countries that determines how much we know, it is  knowing  what we don’t know that does. Having a load of facts learned from books I still did not know anything really about the countries I was writing about until I knew its people.  It was as simple as that..   Who would have thunk it..

In Turkey collectivism is very prevalent, and is way more popular, than individualism – Now that is really something  I’d call unbelievable. I’d have to wonder if  they even listen to each other speak. It is hard to believe they would prefer to live in a society of misinformed parrots.   Nothing is a good thing if you can’t even see the drawbacks or dangers when they are clearly right in front of you.  Out of 100 opinions maybe one will stand out for the differences, and all others will either be calling facts lies, or making claims things are facts that a lack of proof will claim is not. How do you not see  like a 40 foot high neon sign flashing that says the Turkish school system is to blame.

You would not be a real collectivist if you resisted.

But  you would be lucky if you lived in Turkey and  spoke, thought, and wrote freely against the government and did not go to jail.

Though it is a sad tale for the  “individualistic view” .

I am still rooting for personal thought.   Thumbs down, and boo – boo  to nationalistic implants, and an artificial  insemination history. This is what happens when you turn your back for one second,  there are thousands of people from both these countries  mocking a genocide disrespecting the memories of 1.5 million victims of genocide, in massive protests they are condemning all Armenians for killing 600  Azeri’s  like if they killed 60000. Now that, they label a genocide. Without one  piece of evidence not to mention 600 deaths weren’t even 1/3 of the their population  (but Armenian Genocide supported by an overwhelming amount they refuse to call a genocide).

How is it that so many people can’t know they are wrong?

Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivismAyn Rand

Unmitigated gall is what the people have when they think and speak like hypocrites and racists but see and describe them self  as a race of humble, humanitarian like Mother Teresa’s..

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