Nicolas Sarkozy – hands off his torch to light the way on his anti/denial crime law.

Nicolas Sarkozy

This image shows Nicolas Sarkozy who is presid...

It was clear Nicolas Sarkozy’s, French President (05 /16/07 until 05/15/12)  pursuits while in office to get an anti/denial crime law passed were as noteworthy as they were  inspiring when his successor Francois Hollande has again expressed his willingness to propose a bill designed to curb the denial of the Armenian genocide, as he had said during his campaign and even before,” the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organisations of France (CCAF) told the AFP news agency.

Like any true Olympian he handed off his torch to his successor Hollande (France’s president), who seems committed to getting the genocide anti/ denial law passed.

The law when passed, my understanding is, it would make it illegal for anyone in France who claims the events of a genocide (I believe besides the Armenian, Rwanda, Darfur are also listed)  are untrue, to “act” on those claims openly.  So, actually this law should only target the extremists who exploit human suffering (genocide denial) to express hate. 

France’s Senate claims anti/denial laws are an infringement on ones right of free speech, but it is not “free speech” but “hate speech”  that clearly defines it.

The free part of speech used when Genocide denial crime law is about to pass and  human beings turn into mad dogs, and angry mobs take to the streets to  in frightful, shilling screams  use  their right,  to freely say”it is their “right”  to deny the Armenian Genocide” without caring if it is true, it is the hateful speech used to continue cruel, and hateful denial that with no law to end it,   is a failed humanity with genocide denial.. 

Denial of Armenian genocide is as legally a right as racism is.. 

The chances though of getting  an anti/denial law considering there are only 3 countries in the world that have an anti/denial law, I am betting the percentages of needing such a law are a lot higher than the chances of getting one.  

President Barack Obama and France's President ...
President Barack Obama and France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy stand together on Friday, April 3, 2009, during the review of an honor guard at the Palais Rohan in Strasbourg, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is hope when the people fighting now to end Genocide denial inspires others whom carry on that fight.  In the US, I don’t get to see much of that, because unlike the denial crime law backed strongly by the president of in France, The Armenian Genocide recognition resolution  would technically put Obama on the side not to pass, now that he might hand off to his successor.

Unless we are talking someone more like Adam Schiff  the senator from California, who created the Armenian Genocide resolution, who appears genuinely passionate to seeing the bill pass which is plenty inspiring for others to see ..

Geepers, if only the people we vote into office had some guts  to keep fighting instead of the  putzes who stand up for nothing that we normally see . 

A  diplomatic policy that  is “appease, appease and then appease more, is a  putzes policy.   It is unfortunate, that only in the aftermath of clarity when it is always to late, “they get it”.

Genocide, and holocaust denial spawn from hate,  exist as  hate speech, die a crime…The life cycle of Genocide denial 

François HOLLANDE_9236
François HOLLANDE_9236 (Photo credit: idf-fotos)

Guys like Hollande, and Sarkozy stand out, and not for taking on respectable causes like ending genocide denial but for the guts  to stand up to bullying governments like Turkey when they try to shut them down. .    If  Turkey told  a guy like Sarkozy not  say the word  “Genocide”  I’d bet he would have found 500 ways to say the “Armenian genocide” just to say the word “genocide”in one speech .  All people will remember in 20 years  is Sarkozy stepping  over  Turkish PM  on his way to French Senate to get his law passed not that he didn’t get it past..

Anyhow, he did about 20 zillion other great things  while he was president, and not only that..  

But me, I’ll remember that in spite of PM Erodgan’s list of threats,  Nicolas Sakozy’s stayed true to his conviction, and defeated  Erdogan  long before the anti/denial crime law was.

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