What is that scary little man from Turkey up to now?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan - Caricature

Surely he is extremely irritating or agitating someone, somewhere, about something not at all his business, or totally on behalf of his own best interests.. .

“So, no shocker here knowing Erdogan is meeting today with Russian President Vladimir Putin in hopes I would imagine to bribe, beg, annoy, and aggravate the Russian president into doing something about  Syria.”

Russia and Turkey also share a fairly decent economic relationship which undoubtedly will work to the unsubtle Tayyip’s advantage.  Nothing interfering in Turkey’s dollars continuing to flow into Russian economy is of the most importance will be the angle in which he will most likely work .  My hope is Putin does as the US has done, ignore him..

It is incredulous to me how the obviousness of how little difference there is between Assad and Erdogan has merited so little of the world’s attention.  In fact, any news article posted on this topic that does mention Turkey and does not oust Turkey’s leaders as hypocritical, deceiving, with untrustworthy intentions is for me an automatic incompetence signal in that news source.

Bottom line, IMO  Erdogan is either senile, or mentally disturbed if he can’t see a hypocrite in his own mirror when he is condemning others for doing things he has done without having any remorse.  So slithering around motives that someone admirable, and honorable would have, is about as close as he can get to one in issues/conflicts such as these.  As it is a lovely, and humanitarian cause for anyone to want help the Syrians, it is just not so lovely or sincere coming from someone who is a “cause” of suffering for the minorities in his own country.  Turkey’s  injustice and oppressive rule qualify Turkey’s minorities for help too.

Instead of driving his extremist Islamic views to work everyday he should have driven his Cadillac.

His defenders -hamas/Palestinians Sunnis, and the Turkish, and Syrian Sunnis whose  support he gained unethically from taking the side in conflicts influenced by religion are not Islamic -ally or any other kind of rewarding for him when the only thing they can support effectively is the fact he is a racist..

It is that profuse, vomiting  kind of pathetic that he ends up a National leader when a Taliban leader is all he is good for.


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