“The Sandcastle Girls” By Chris Bohjalian

Time to go Home

Sandcastle Girls”Hits NY Times Best-Seller List

In 1933, Austrian writer, Franz Werfel wrote “40 Days at Musa Dagh“. The book received great reviews from all over. A movie was to be made until the State Department stepped in at the urging of the turkish government and put an end to it. Sadly, had the movie been shown perhaps Steve Spielberg never would have needed to direct “Schindler’s List” about the Holocaust.

History has a way of revealing herself no matter how much effort is made to suppress or even re-write it. I’ve heard from people who have already read the book that it’s a must read. It will make you cry and add fuel to the fires that burn within you regarding doing your part to get the Armenian Genocide it’s proper place in history. What those that came before had to endure so we could enjoy what life offers today can’t even be measured. Armenian Genocide SURVIVORS are down to just a handful here and there now. But they are looking down on all of us. Who knows maybe a movie will be made of this story assuming the US Government gives it the OK this time around. Fingers crossed…

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