Grand Sheikh Salim al-Bishri of Egypt, condemning Turkish Muslims

“This rarely seen document is a Fatwa or religious decree issued in May 1909 by Grand Sheikh Salim al-Bishri of Egypt, condemning Turkish Muslims for massacring 30,000 Armenians Adana, a major city in the Ottoman Empire. “This document makes it amply clear that the Armenian massacres of 1909 and the subsequent Genocide of 1915 were not the result of religious conflict between Muslim Turks and Christian Armenians.”

The document makes it amply clear that the Grand Sheikh was defending his “religion.”   What he makes “amply clear” is the Turks who discriminated, oppressed, and forced high religious taxes on the non – Muslims  were Muslims until they began slaughtering non-Muslim viciously and without remorse for hundreds of witnesses to judge all Muslims, and Islam by..  Although I do find the Grand Sheikh of Salim’s intention to defend what he truly believes is the true reflection of Islam noteworthy.   But actions that go against the teachings of Islam may denounce them as Muslim, but it doesn’t  make the fact Armenians being Christians any less the reason they were killed.

“The Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar rightly condemned the Turks for the mass murder of Armenians, which was committed for racist Pan-Turkic — not Pan-Islamic — reasons, along with the intent of capturing Armenian lands and properties.”

Pan – Turkic – Turkic Sunni unification. Mostly all Turkic Muslims then were Sunni too.  

Anyhow, his clarifying the distinction between the pashas (masterminds of the Armenian Genocide) being the devil’s advocates and Islam’s makes very little to no difference when a large army, and the majority of Turkish citizens believed they were killing the Armenians because they were Christians..  Logically, not the Sheikh, nor anyone could really say that religion played no part in the killing without saying they believe that if Turks were Christians they would have still killed the Armenians.   Only the fact all the other Muslims who were not Turkish living in the Ottoman empire at the time like the Arabs, Kurds, and the Armenians who had converted (Hamshen) were not targeted makes saying that sound quite ridiculous.

Another thing is he excessively makes references to point out that Islam had nothing to do with the mass killing of Armenians when condemning the Turks would have been more than enough – quite noble in fact.  I think the overkill on defense of Islam proved his first and only concern was keeping Islam’s virtue in tact.

“Islam forbids aggression, oppression, bloodshed, and harming human beings “

When a statement begins with “Islam forbids” it usually means they can’t say or accept a Muslim(s) did a bad thing.  So ironically, Islam forbids “bad things” therefore a Muslim never does bad things. Theory is, if it is forbidden by Islam it is either meant to say it is not a bad thing when a Muslim does it because a Muslim never goes against Islam , or like in this case, meant to say – Islam forbids the bad thing, therefore the person(s) doing it were not considered Muslim, because a Muslim never goes against Islam.. 

 In any case I really wish I could be there every time  a statement like the one of the Shiekh is made in defense of the killers of the Armenians,  because I really need to ask  how the bloodshed spilled by “jihad”  would not be the same kind of “bloodshed” Islam forbids.

On that note, I’d like to know how jihad slipped past the “bad thing” mark in his statement – Some would consider that a perfect example of “taqiyya“ when lying is not sin if made to protect Islam (Qur’an (16:106) – “Establishes that there are circumstances that can compel a Muslim to tell a lie”) but I think this is a case where all the  dots didn’t get connected….  

“In 2009, when Turkish Prime Minister Rejeb Erdogan stated that “Muslims don’t commit genocide,” he was only partly right. He should have said: “Good Muslims don’t commit genocide.” The leaders of the Young Turk Party who masterminded the Armenian Genocide in 1915 were not faithful Muslims”

What I think he should have said is ” I am a hypocrite and a moron”

Moving on – I have yet seen a legit religion refer to crimes against humanity like Genocides a sin a normal human being is capable of committing  or a church is capable of forgiving , and not a sin only a devil is capable of.     . 

Turkish Muslims by the thousands were so blinded with hatred and racism they would have followed their leaders willingly right through the gates of hell.   – It is almost impossible to believe that all these Turkish Muslims knowingly defied Islam.

No different from the thousands of Muslims today who follow and support a notorious hypocrite, denialist like Erdogan, who  justifies the murders of thousands of Armenian children by misusing religion to defend killers, which BTW severely contradicts the Shiekh who actually saw the mass killing of the Armenians.

A good question would be, if the Turks were aware denying the Armenian Genocide was against Islam would they still deny?. The Sheikh’s logic pertains to his Islamic beliefs  – Which brings me to  here – Muslims have killed each other as well as others for hundreds of years.  Clearly, Islamic beliefs differ from group to group.

The Sheikh IMO would have been much more useful  if he denounced the entire Sunni clan.  Otherwise, what exactly did he accomplish?  The genocide still happened.. 

It to me seems obvious he sees the Muslims who follow the teachings and principles founded on or similar to Sufism as true Muslims. Sufi, and Sufi like Muslims are in comparison to Sunni’s and Shiites  IMO untainted or darkened by misinterpretations. Not saying the fundamentals/principles of Sufism are not also based on misinterpretations just saying in any case they are the kind of Muslim others need to conform to, or at least aspire to be like that is if I was in charge of that department..  

As I see it,  Sunnis are just an amok pile of contradictions and hypocrisy in human bodies. 

But what I find the most disqualifying  is not one Muslim country has officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. 


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