Innocents betrayed and killed by governments who had all the weapons…

How absolutely mortifying to learn that out of sheer desperation to live Armenians actually ran out to buy guns just to not be killed for they actually believed having a gun would save their lives.  I never actually knew that particular detail and the irony it possesses until it had been introduced to me in this video.

How unfortunate we are no longer able to view it..

In the case of the Armenians in 1915 the video exposes the fact they were told by their criminal government if they did not turn in their guns they were to be killed – this we all knew but what we did not know is that this put Armenians in more fear – for if they had no gun to turn over they would be suspected of having one and were being defiantly non compliant.

Not having a gun or having a gun made no difference anyway for it was apparent the outcome was the same either way.  For those Armenians like in Van who defended their city for several days only having to surrender it when they ran out of bullets.

Armenians were betrayed in so many ways.  Being lied to about not being killed if they turned in their gun was only one way…

As I am fully aware this video clearly was filmed to promote the negative side of gun control although as I see it didn’t matter if Armenians were armed or not – an armed minority still has no chance really against a lunatic government who wants to kill them – for in the last scene they are always the one with the bigger weapons.  If only what happen to the victims of genocides who were made defenseless by the very governments who murdered them would not have happened if they were allowed to have guns then I sure would understand the importance of ones right to bear arms, but lets be real unless citizens are allowed to have nuclear weapons they have no shot against governments with bombs.  A gun vs a bomb… You tell me..

Anyhow I posted this video for reference purposes only.

The issue of gun control is an issue far too important, and much too difficult to claim to have the right answer for, well that is what I believe anyway…

bebop 2

This video was filmed by: LibertyNewsNetwork1LibertyNewsNetwork1

Like everything worth learning about we never stop learning about it if our minds are open…

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