Cenk Uygur preaches gun control obviously not with noble intentions..

Sorry bub, but this is the last guy who should be preaching about this issue. Here we go…

Cenk Uygur – the same guy who refuses to see the Turkish government’s actions to kill all the Armenians if they did not turn in their guns in 1915 and leave themselves defenseless right before the government did in fact attempt to slaughter every single Armenian living in the Ottoman empire as a genocide?  Really?

What in the world led him to believe he could take a side on this issue and be taken seriously?

Not being able to separate his foolish idealistic nationalism  he has drastically lost sight of when to draw the line when it comes to human suffering.  Now it is pretty darn pathetic if you ask me how he overlooks government manslaughter of innocence as a down side to gun control laws without a second thought.

It is more than obvious people with any sort of conscience will flock to the side he opposes.

The Sword and Shield

Actually though on this particular issue I know I have said in the past I was not taking any side – I only recently have understood why I could not reach a verdict of my own on this.   It is clear I just do not favor any side of this issue.  I am against anyone having a gun – government, people, etc; for with a gun one needs no courage, no reason only a lust to kill.

I believe strongly in the sword and the shield – let ones courage determines one’s fate not an unidentifiable entity entering your body aiming to kill you that you unwilling must surrender to.  For every terrorist or lunatic with only a sword to carry out their kill missions there is at least a thousand parents, teachers, and communities who will feel their children are safe.

If I could just have one wish granted it would be to banish all weapons from the earth – and the world would make their stands behind the sword and the shield once more..


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