Turkey and Azerbaijan – the two top countries where a revolution should be eminent not unlikely….

How unfortunate don’t you think?

While these two countries lead in that region and possibly the entire world with the most civil and human rights violations committed by their government and free speech continues to be a criminal offense especially for their journalists their people cower cowardly in silence.

While only next door countries like Armenia where citizens have taken to the streets in protest against their current government over the results of the recent presidential election.   Corruption is believed to be the culprit of why their democratic voting process seems to be a failure.  Many Armenians think this is enough reason they must go.

Whether the current government is in fact a threat to the people it IMO is less the point than the fact the people believe it to be. As I am quite aware I am in no place to know the impact of the injustice in a country I do not live in I still very much support their right to vote and have it count just as I applaud their courage  to stand up against injustices.

In countries where there is a democracy I mean a real democracy the people are more likely not cowards and not afraid to stand up to injustice I think.

Unlike the “Khadija Ismaylovas”  of this world. The ones who allude under the premise of being activists for democracy, freedom, etc; but it is hypocrisy they pledge their alliance to.

Their popularity and influence is easily gained in countries like Azerbaijan or Turkey where a change in government is so severely needed and the people are often so desperate to see it happen but when changing things for the better means ultimately having to lose the support of the people “change” is unlikely to occur.  Everyone becomes the villains by either doing evil or exploiting it for their own personal claim to fame.

If you are wondering where the good guys are don’t there are none.

All one will find is idle noise well that is what I call it.  Although in some cases that “idle noise” is sometimes mistaken for courage and even awarded  but don’t let it confuse you it still just noise.

As these so-called literary leaders are fully aware of the crimes committed by their government against minorities they deliberately refuse to bring attention to them.  Countries like Turkey and Khadija’s country are filled to the gills with an overkill, of irrational nationalistic views like hers.

These crimes that if exposed surely would jail the Azeri president for many, many years but the shame it would bring to the people for their role in turning a blind eye apparently takes some sort of precedent.

An injustice is no less of one according to the people they inflict.

The tragic difference is when the majority consists of cowards and followers of the injustices they will simply do nothing to remove the criminals from power as Turkey and Azerbaijan are perfect examples of this.

Don’t forget these are the same kind of mentalities  that are attempting a take over in Syria.

And even though the apple falls it’s core is the same no matter how far it rolls.  Take for instance the Cenk Kadir Uygurs in this world who go to other countries and build careers falsely pretending they left behind their irrational nationalistic thinking and are dedicated freedom fighters  only to have their public denial of Genocide committed by an unjust government unmask their true stench.

My take on it is that good people stand against bad governments but bad people support bad governments and I think it is as simple as that.


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