Believing in AlanaKalanian..

flying Ara

Transporting oneself into the stories of AlanaKalanian will take one back three thousand years.  Perhaps to a cave in the mountainous regions of the Asia Minor where on the cave’s walls  drawings of winged horses and  inscriptions like  ”female guardians possessing  enormous power and wisdom” await to be embraced

 ”A warrior of Kalanian begins where only great warriors can all say they have not been.”

At the time civilization, plagued by persecution, oppression, and barbarians – courage was a scarcity. A time when fear of whom to fear more ran rampant – and somewhere not of the earth a great warrior was born…

In ancient times, she was told to be the first-born female of two Armenian Gods, the God of Justice and the God of courage, possessing great strength, and vast wisdom.

Kalanian warrior, that is the highest honor a warrior can be bestowed.  For with the name came enormous strength, and intelligence, but best of all, gifts of magic from the Gods were given to each one as their birthright. But of course, such an honor had to meet certain criteria. For instance, a Kalanian warrior had to be the first-born female who is a direct descendant of the people Indigenous to their land.

AlanaKalanian on her gallant horse with wings of pure silk (who she fondly named Ara for his beauty and grace) drove straight into the blinding gases and billowing obstruction of the clouds to a mountain she had never even met.  Saying, it called out to her “come home…”  That is how Alana found her beloved Kingdom of Kalanian and they became one. Thus, AlanaKalanian.

Her Kingdom, well over 16,854 feet up, so high, in fact, it was uniquely camouflaged by the clouds. There is where she said was the only place on earth she felt at peace.

Although, AlanaKalanian was saddened most of her life, and often fell deep into depression.

Her great gift for a strong sense of conviction was what conflicted her most in life.  She believed in only two things, justice, and humanity which just happened to be the very things that disappointed her most.

AlanaKalanian knew her purpose on earth was to save humanity by the fact she knew she was failing.  As was she swift she was as mighty as her sword but she still could not cast out all the evil that plagued the innocent. Haunted by their cries of suffering everywhere she went, the west, the east, north, south. Pulling her in each direction until she could not bear it any longer.

In a state of absolute frenzy, she flew up into the stars, extended her sword to the heavens and cursed the sky with the tears of the innocents until the sky was so full and could not bear no more than she shouted “let them come crashing down on to the earth and wash away all that was evil”

It then rained very hard for a very long time.  As she waited for the last tear to drop from high above her mountain, humanity had slipped away..

AlanaKalanian, sunk deep into depression from the nonstop of the rain. She called out into the sky hoping someone would hear her…

Why did thy send me here”?

“Is this thy destiny?”

A deep and seemingly unfriendly voice replied:

“This mountain will be the home to the greatest warriors the world will ever see.  The Kingdom of Kalanian and in the valleys and villages down below will come female warriors with great strength and wisdom. Kalanian will one day be known around the world for the bravest and most courageous warriors. And you, AlanaKalanian, will lead them.  Protect this land and your people well. AlanaKalanian for that is your destiny.”

Just as the voice foretold great warriors were born. The Kingdom of Kalanian prospered for two thousand more years but when the magic of Kalanian was all gone, warriors had to look within themselves to find their own magic.

The spirit of Kalanian warriors lived within the women who fought for equality, independence, and finally their own individuality.

Only a true warrior can look within themselves and find AlanaKalanian there…

AlanaKalanian is somebody unbelievable to believe in when you lose your faith in humanity…

Like when a young female child…

On August 1915 in a makeshift death camp somewhere in a Syrian desert a little girl in much need for water and food to sustain her had been left with only one thing they could not take from her, AlanaKalanian stories to believe in ..  AlanaKalanian and her warriors had come full circle…

Nana was one of the very few children who survived.

An estimated  1.5 million Armenians were killed during the Armenian genocide.

warrior journalists - Copy

Nana once said referring to her survival “being able to believe in something when no one else will is a gift” Believing in AlanaKalanianaaaaaaak.jpg

10 thoughts on “Believing in AlanaKalanian..

  1. Hello Alana my friend. It has been many moons since I graced the warm soil of your blog. A great tale of fine deeds delights the ear in this fine domain. How are you ?? Ralph xox 😀

    1. Oh my goodness! I missed you, my friend. So glad to see you roaming around these parts.. Hope everything is better, and you will stay awhile.. oxoxo;)

  2. I am fine. The apartment is finished and my guests have returned home, so I now have blogging time to go out and meet some friends, including you Alana. And how are you.? 😀 xox

    1. I am good! Yes, I have seen you have been blogging – great job! That beautiful mountain scenery to gaze out of your window at that you have there to get your inspiration is really wonderful :))))

      1. I am so pleased to hear that you are good Alana. The views here are great. The sort of country winged horses love.xox

  3. Hi Raplh! I hope the weather is just gorgious there as it is here today! And oh how wonderful for you, you just may see one with a Kalanian warrior. if you do tell them you know me…;))))) oxoxo

    1. Hi Alana. I have been on the lookout for a winged horse with a Kalanian rider. It’s getting dark now after a lovely day with blue skies, so I expect they will be settling down for the night. I am listening out for the beat of the wings just in case 😀 xox

      1. That is a lovely thing to say. I need all the good thoughts you have. Thank you my friend. And may you have a lovely week too. 😀 xoxo

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