It was weeks before Alanakalanian and her warriors finished killing off all the remaining sea monsters. She and her warriors were absolutely exhausted when they were done, Finally, they were able to return to their kingdom.  Where as usual they were met at the gates by a mob of their fellow warriors, and othe Kalanian citizens cheering their safe return .  “Another victory, another day!!!!!” one Kalanian citizen shouted out from the crowd.

All of Kalanian rejoiced that day, oh except one, you know the one I mean by now, yes, AlanaKalanian, who was off on her own again perched high up on her peak just thinking.

She was quoted once for saying  that her thoughts became lighter the higher she went”

Feeling very much like not rejoicing about her keen sense for danger failing while hundreds of innocence were suffering horribly.

AlanaKalanian declared to her warriors that their 6th sense was “unreliable”  and under no circumstance should they ever rely on it again.

Back on top of her peak she went pondering for days till one day a Kalanian Kaaci bird ( a highly intelligent flying creature that can only speak to Kalanian warriors also the Kaaci bird is indigenous only to the kingdom of Kalanian)  plopped down on her head and said “what are you doing up here all the time, trying to do a bird’s job?”  Now, AlanaKalanian up to this point had not known of any purpose a Kaaci bird served.  For as far as she knew all thy did was gossip.

“What  prevents a bird from being a good scout?” she asked the bird still sitting on top of her head, He replied” they can not talk”   Nodding her head in agreement “well time to do your job”she said…

Kaaci birds  were strategically placed, high in mountains  throughout the Armenian highland straight into the Mongol regions where rumors were circulating among the village’s rumor makers about tribes of faceless beings with no identities seen roaming aimlessly.

The kaaci birds turned out to be such good scouts for Kalanian warriors over the years that the Kaaci bird wasn’t remembered any longer for having no other purpose but to gossip .

So now, if someone tells you that you have Kaaci on your head your first thought won’t be “poop” anymore..

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