The legend of the Blackness Monsters..

Ever since the great rains had come and gone AlanaKalanian worried what pure evil had planned now that it no longer had the weak and the meek to prey on .

AlanaKalanian, often found perched like an eagle on one of the 2 mountain peaks in her kingdom just watching was occasionally, like on  a clear day, seen by a child from down below  but as time passed less and less sightings of her were claimed.  People just stopped believing that female warriors with super human powers existed, simply writing them off as myths or legends.

AlanaKalanian watched the world for 123 days but on the 124th day news came of flesh-eating sea monsters,  rising up from out of the blackness sea,   Three entire villages had been devoured already and more will be by the end of the day if AlanaKalanian and her Kalanian warriors didn’t act fast, AlanaKalanian used her gift of 6th sense to track their location – ” 239km west in the Dagh region” she belted out..  She called for her 8 best, and  brightest warriors” Lea, Araxi, Siroon, Anahid,Tamar, Hemine, Alaina, and Maro “We ride” she said.  With the Kalanian flag in one hand and her mighty sword in the other she mounted her horse, Ara, then flies with the others not far behind..

It is a rule that AlanaKalanian is always the lead rider and the first to descend.  Interesting, because in almost every other military like  chain of command that comes to mind it is done totally opposite.

AlanaKalanian circles an area not far from where she has tracked their location to before landing.  The closer AlanaKalanian and her warriors  get the louder the screams became.  Kalanian warriors relied on their 6th sense to guide them in the dark..

Alanakalanian and her warriors stormed the village head on cutting down every monster in their path,  But the more they struck down 10 times more would replace them.  AlanaKalanian with one swing of her mighty sword detached 5 of their heads.  As one of those heads whisks by her with bits of body parts drooling out from its mouth she scalps it with her sword.  Still. she knows she is getting no where. So, she swiftly circles back to her warriors and informs them she will go where they began.  ” To end evil you first must find the source of it” she shouts and like a flash from a falling star she is gone.

It is  only moments later Alanakalanian is there staring into the sea of lifeless black sludge.  Now she knew what the evil in people looks like inside them,  She figured since it was the black nothing that was manifesting into these creatures  she’d make the nothing, a something else.  Taking her sword and extending out toward the nothing she called out to the sky “If this is all the evil that lingers from a weak, and lost people who no longer exist then I say let only the people still here and the ones to come be the true reflection of the evil in the world”

The black sea turned back to the way it was and stayed that way for many years but today if you go there be wary of blackness, it wants your soul..

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