AlanaKalanian “Syria’s destruction is non-negotiable….”

If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you I was finished writing about this issue.  You remember when I ranted and raved in like 8 paragraphs  about  how Turkey needed to stay out of Syria because what was happening in Syria was simply not their business.  Turkey’s reasoning for involvement, um, well if you ask me it is little too transparent, for their own good. Besides the fact they pretty darn  hypocritical from where I am standing (sitting).   Erdogan’s  defense of Egypt’s president and his disapproval over the Egyptian rebels really says it all.  Hey but listen, it is a Muslim thing..  If one expected logic, sorry for your loss..  

Now, what has really irked my shirt is  the  American public being asked ” should the US bomb Syria”?  Well, isn’t that a trick question?  Hey, first off I want to know how, and when  it became America”s duty to resolve Syria’s conflict?

The fact of the matter is we all know the American republic is rarely ever listened to.  And I think not only moi but a lot of Americans also are quite aware of this as well.

So, the chances an American knows what the heck is really going on over in Syria at the moment other than the bits that are especially imported, and pumped in personally for them, I think, very small.  Why, does anyone have the nerve to blame them?   Well, I think they have just gotten used to being ignored, at least more than half the times they speak out to their elected officials, I know I can relate.

Why bother, is a pretty common reaction to this I’d say.   I just see Americans in general doing their own thing. As far as their major global worries, well, I don’t think they go much beyond our own borders.

Now, for the people asking the question, our lovely elected officials. Hmm.. How intelligent are people who always are so desperate to blow up things?  Problem is it is always the “minority” in congress who will advocate against wars under and will do so under any circumstance – their stand is an admirable one, but unfortunately, it does so seem they never get their way. It is always the most irrational people in the U.S Congress whom somehow get their way   You know the ones I mean – they vote in something like for instance airstrikes in Syria while knowing 60% of the American public opted NO to them, then say  ” the American people decided.”

Unfortunately, sadly, and all adjectives similar in meaning – Americans don’t really decide anything here in my country. The politicians like Kerry who falsely claim through their actions that Americans are either too stupid, or too violent to oppose airstrikes, especially in the Middle East.

What AlanaKalanian would do.

Don’t you wonder all you AlanaKalanian warriors  what AlanaKalaniian would do?  Well if you are true in your heart to her stories as I am, you just already know..

She would swoop down swiftly from high up in  Syria’s clouds followed by dozens of her warriors.  Effortlessly, she and her warriors would wipe out all the security forces that surround “fort Assad”  (his hide out)  because her mission is to take him far, far away never heard of again.  Appointing herself, his judge and his jury. she removes his tie, labels it the “evidence” and literally throws him in the Kalanian jail, which of course is a magic one. Those trying to escape will find them self in another dimension, a very cruel one at that.

AlanaKalanian also appoints herself as acting president till an appropriate one is either Islamic-ally or democratically decided.  Won’t matter to the warriors which is picked as long as it is fair.  AlanaKalanian believe in religions that advocate peace, with that being said, a bad government is not one that does not separate religion from state, nor is a good government because it does.  Only the acts of government can determine their worth.

The Sunni’s  up-rise would suddenly be described a down rise..  And as for their notorious leader, the current PM of Turkey, Mr. Tyipp Erdogan, would be taken away as well.  He has consistently supported not only the militants, but the the terrorist fractions that have infiltrated the country in the past months..  Removing his tie as evidence, AlanaKalanian can clearly see all the blood of innocents on it.. It is at least 10 times more blood on his hands than Assad’s which only means Erdogan is the closest thing there is to the devil on earth.

AlanaKalanian condemns him to life in jail with a roommate named  Bubba Assad.    Bubba will either kill Tyipp or make him his wife. He has a lot of time to decide that one.

In dealing with the rebels/militants/ terrorist groups, etc:  they would be  forced to surrender their weapons. Instead, of using weapons to get what they want they will use a presidential candidate to their bidding.

AlanaKalanian and her warriors would make a vow to stand by all the people of Syria for as long as it takes.

A law of land would be enacted “any groups who fire weapons other than in self-defense will be considered a terrorist group and kicked out by means of a choke hold by AlanaKalanian warriors and carried on winged horses.”

Their release you ask?  Some where over the North pole or South.  “Incoming” the warriors would shout down to all the hungry polar bears eagerly awaiting their landing ..Now if one believes these are not terrorists, me thinks one is not participating actively in this reality,  AlanaKalanian and her warriors think and so do I refer to this as denial.  Denial branches from extremism.  Terrorism branches from extremism..  .

What the leaders in the Middle East fail to see is their denial of the suffering  they cause is not nearly enough to cleanse themselves of all the blood of those innocents that remain clearly visible .

As vowed, AlanaKalanian stood by closing to ensure a fair election would occur, .  As well as she would oversee with frequent visits that peace remained in Syria.

So, what is so impossible here, other than the magic jail, and flying horses.

I mean if we changed the hero’s names in my story to President Obama and America it work,  wouldn’t it?

U.S senators, and reps, and even presidents just can’t hold the mustard when compared to AlanaKalanian warriors.  What they lack in intelligence they lack as well in courage,  But it is never too late to believe in AlanaKalanian.

In that belief comes courage and wisdom.

Once one believes, really believes in their heart they will never rely on stupidity to find a solution..

Asking a person if it was ok to bomb a neighborhood 3000 miles away if they promise not to hit the houses with it is a great example of one relying on stupidly for a solution.   Now, wouldn’t that irk your shirt?

According to what I have read most Americans are saying “NO” to airstrikes.   That is all great and wonderful  but for the guys like  John Kerry who have the final say seem to care less.

In the end all these airstrikes will amount to is the U.S exploiting Syria’s suffering to justify taking the wrong action…

Sparing a little of the US troops to oversee and protect Syrian refugees who legitimately deserve  protection especially when Turkish troops have proved incompetent in this task is one thing, but sending them over a fragile and unstable country to drop bombs on it is another.   First off, and most importantly the US is incapable of conducting an airstrike correctly..

Obama’s justification for the bombing – an humanitarian act.  That is more nauseating to hear than Bush’s “mass weapons” justification.

Kerry just reminds me the Wizard of Oz’s scarecrow, of course before he got a brain, and the scarecrow without having a brain was smarter..  Now,throw the cowardly lion in there as well and you have the perfect John Kerry..   It takes a coward  and an idiot to think advocating bombs on somewhere other than your country will make one a  hero.  Like who can believe it is the duty of a brainless, cowardly scarecrow to decide who gets bombed and who doesn’t?  it is own sleazy agenda he needs to by when deciding who is the bad people from the good people.

Obviously, Kerry and those like him who want you to believe this is the only way to handle Syria are really trying to convey to the world they have no respect for the lives of Syrians.

Iran’s Islamic regime hears a clear message of prejudice coming from Kerry and uses it to fuel the fire of hate he has for America inside his belly.  Putin hears a good reason to laugh, just loving guys like Kerry, I’m sure,. After all, how can he not like when the land of the free and  “ACLU”  is looking so not liberators but more like wrecking crews that claims it to be is proved otherwise by the U.S’s moron of state?

Ok, what is my choices again?  Oh yea, violence and non-violence, hmm.   I’ll take non-violence for a 100 please. .Come on, as if Americans hunger for violence they are  offered such a possibility and could unanimously favor such an action..

Airstrikes is “violence” Mr. Obama, not an act of humanitarianism.  Please do not be confused Mr. (desperately seeking a legacy) president, I assure you this is not the legacy you long for.  Being responsible for more blood shed in the Middle East is what they will they will remember Mr. president. . Here is something Obama should be thinking, if Assad and his killer army had already murdered thousands even millions of innocent people by say  a firing squad which is exactly what he did minus the firing squad and wall to line them up in front of why isn’t that worthy of a humanitarian act as well. Is chemical warfare all of a sudden more impressive or is it the fear of chemical warfare being used on America being the incentive here..  How?  I mean, the determination to “ignore”innocence being massacred by the weapon used seems more inhumane than anything else here.  So, if all goes well, Syria will be in ruins and the chemical warfare factories will be as well..   Oh but what if it was Iran who has chemical warfare and sent it over?  Which is very likely since they are always blocking inspectors from seeing their nuclear/chemical warfare plants, well that is what it comes down,that is if one chooses to read between the lines.

I am not heartless by no means.  But IMO the U.S is far too late to think about saving anyone in Syria.  Besides, America is hated by Syrian government which means Obama’s airstrikes can only be seen as an act of a bitter, and controlling government, nothing more.  U.S Presidents are advocates of peace not war, so would someone kindly mention that to the current president..  Thanks..

Assad, I agree is a horrid leader but Turkey’s personal involvement I think only helped in making Assad more horrible and more difficult to deal with..    Erdogan only having an opportunist’s interest in Syria .  Turkey’s interference has only spiral miserably downward resulting in thousands more dying or having to flee their homes. Thanks really to Turkey’s bombing  villages that were Sunni free.   Syria’s forces are sympathized by countries like Russia, and Iran.  I mean a lack of weaponry won’t be in the near future, a result of Assad’s surrender.  Not even close..

Obama still claims he wants to save somebody, whom?  Does he really know,

An interesting tidbit of knowledge – Turkey’s government back in the 1993 massacred their own Alevi citizens.  Turkish government was no stranger in 1993 in committing massacres, even genocides.. Turkish governments over the years have murdered millions, upon millions of innocence. Today, Turkey’s role in Syria is an absolute disgrace.

My motto for Turkey  – too much hypocrisy, so little integrity.

If the non-Muslim parts of the world decided to bomb the Muslim parts using the  “humane card” the Middle East would today be a vast desert.

Even Syrians say “no”to airstrikes.

So I read not even Syrians want an US airstrike..  Can one blame them when all they have is Iraq to compare it to.  What happen in Iraq at least like I said was not a humanitarian mission and not played off as it was.  The world new the US was there under the false pretense of weapons of mass destruction. Does not make it any less wrong it,just makes it less pathetic.  Americans were the least clear why the US was in Iraq, just as they will be if they go to Syria.

Egypt is a strong example of how democracy can win the people defeating Islam, but Islamic practices prevailing there today is a reminder of how well it works…

The failure is in believing Islam can be defeated in a land filled with Islamic people.

As in Egypt, the mind-set is Islamic it is the heart that longs for democracy..,   Islam is the most solid, non-tangible thing out there, that I know of.  Even though one can’t see Islam, it is very prevalent. If  Islam was lobbed it would be as deadly as any bomb.  Muslims them self, have proved this for thousands of years.  If the USA could airstrike Islam then maybe  Islamic leaders  partaking in a bloody civil war/revolution would not exist.  Since Islam hides well it is obviously out of the question to bomb it.

Ending violence with violence appears Kerry’s way of defining the humane thing to do in Syria, yea, well I want to know who would appoint a guy who lost an election to a man who was a proved liar?

Suffer the American..

A failed humanity is often grossly mistaken as justified one thanks to the Kerrys calling the shots, Americans get to live everyday with a “being  a failed humanity” stigma.

As in all battles, that directly or indirectly concern the USA , the choice is not should she intervene militarily, or not, but rather how can other countries end the bloodshed of innocence without adding more to it?.    America as no other country IMO can bring democracy to a ruthless, heartless, or any other kind of Islamic leadership, or dictatorship.   Not even when  oil, oil, and more oil  is the strong motivator..   The U.S can force a country by threat of an airstrikes, sanctions, even invasion. but it still at the end of the day no concern of the U.S what kind of government the people there conform to.   As an American it is so not my duty or my country’s duty to think it is.  I care only for innocence suffering – clearly crying out to be saved.

AlanaKalanian warrior on horseback..

All AlanaKalanian warriors want to know is if Kerry should be also imprisoned somewhere in the world of Kalanian with Assad an Erdogan or just dumped smack in the middle of Aleppo where his ” support America’s airstrike in Syria” protest can be continued?


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