Gokiturkis – the original identity thieves.

So you thought identity theft originated on the computer, aye?

Well, would you believe it started thousands of years ago?

Back when the Kaaci birds were scouts all over the Armenian Highland.  One day, the Kaaci scouts were all hysterical over seeing the scarfed heads of faceless beings moving east towards the villages that bordered the Armenian highland.

“They were sucking people up” one Kaaci exclaimed..

The Kaaci bird only would speak to certain AlanaKalanian warrior.  Sensitive type creatures that knew instinctively which warrior they were most compatible with.

AlanaKalanian’s own special  Kaaci, told her that many tribes in mostly the central regions of the world were nameless, and unidentifiable beings that manifested in origins either too arid or too cold for any type creatures to exist.

They were soon reported  everywhere and moving at great speeds.

“What to do, what to do” AlanaKalanian asked herself over an over again.

Sitting alone high up on her peak, a common practice of her’s when she needed to resolve a problem.

AlanaKalanian could only take guesses at why these creatures were so desperately seeking identities that killing innocents came so easily for them. .   Literally consuming human beings was the method they used to carry this out.  Some, they let live but her Kaaci had not known why,

AlanaKalanian having exceptionally, keen intuition felt those human beings were the least lucky of all…

AlanaKalanian projected herself in a hologram throughout  Kalanian alerting the citizens of these faceless tribes terrorizing villages mercilessly and stealing all their essence in the process.  a ritual common after learning something of importance.

In the Mogul region where AlanaKalanian had place a few of her scouts came home with reports the ghoulish, and bullish khan who was infamously known for raping and pillaging his way through that region made a delightful dinner for one of them.

it had been quite obvious to AlanaKalanian the creatures inhuman beings that had a dark power.

And to Hagop, AlanaKalanan’s trusted Kaaci scout.    He had wrote somewhere he found his greatest moments were sitting on top of AlanaKalanian’s head thinking.  He like AlanaKalanian believed he could think better the higher he went.   Like for AlanaKalanian  on top of Mt.Ararat her cherished mountain, her head for him was the top of his cherished mountain.

“Hmm….  ”

AlanaKalanain thought. and thought…      And only came up with the knowing how these creatures erased one’s existence she would then know how to stop it.

That night her and Ara rode out to find the answer.    Looking after the Armenian highland, a populated region with many villages mostly of Armenian descent during ancient times, wasn’t a cake walk for AlanaKalanian and her warriors . It was mountainous, rugged Terrain  with lots of thick brush and forests covering the villages.  This made it  quite difficult to see the villages when in the air, or get to by foot.   She thought it best she begin looking the villages on the outskirts of the region, the border villages.  They were the villages the monsters already attacked.  Hovering  over the village hidden by the darkness of a moonless sky she and Ara waited .

Only light she could see was coming from their fires below.  She saw the creatures were almost all over 7 ft tall and just as wide, more than enough room to swallow an entire human being in.

The few humans that she was able to see, she was not able to see their faces.

Throwing a gemstone she plucked from her saddle in the direction she hoped it would attract the attention of one of the newly faced creatures or humans .  One looked up in the direction of the noise it made when it hit a nearby tree.  She saw what the dim light of their fire permitted her to, which was a face with the very vague features of a human.

She needed to get in closer –  she managed to sneak up behind a human with a scarf tied around his head. . She covered his mouth and pulled him behind a nearby dwelling. – She first warned him not to speak loudly. .   Then allowing the villager to turn to face her she imminently pulled off his head only to find very little of his face left.   ” thank the Gods they left you a mouth, a nose, and one eye or else you would really be in trouble” she said to him, smilingly. “What happen to you,friend?” she asked most concernedly.   He said all he remembered is one of the creatures held his  head implanting  their long and clawish like nails  into his head,  The wounds caused left by the creatures nails were clearly noted on  both sides of his head.

Opening from the middle of its blank face was what seemed a passage way.  But unfortunately, its fanged teeth  extended  from its edges as it pulled his face closer and closer till his entire head and face were between its teeth being sucked in more and more till he was trapped completely inside the monster. He was scared he past out – not long after he says he thinks  he was spat out before the creature sucked away his entire face.   As the  other’s faces and brains were sucked dry. She asked him what  else he remembered.  He told her he couldn’t remember anything because he was unconscious the entire time he was inside the creature.  All he can remember is coming to in that field over there (pointing to the field) alone.

So, the creature had nothing it could absorb  – not even his name which he revealed only to AlanaKalanian.

My name is “Sahak”. he said  “ Glad to meet you Sahak” she replied. She then asked him if any other of the villagers still had their own faces, and identities. Yes,, but just their faces, no minds –  they are zombies”. he replied. The creatures he referred to as  “Gokiturkis” which meant in his language “ soul sucking vampires”.  took all the contents in their minds and replaced it with   enormous fears of endless torture if they disobeyed the Gokiturkis.

She also asked him why they just did not kill him when they found he was worthless to them.   He said “it seemed they were keeping me around to figure out why they were unable to suck out anything from my brain.

The “nothing” was like an abyss to the monster  who was falling through it and in the process. dying. As the creature was spitting Sahak out it was choking and gasping for air at the same time.

What about a family she asked..  He told her they fled to a neighboring village not yet attacked by these monsters.  Most all of the men stayed  and tried to fight the Gokiturkis  as the women and children fled when a warning came from a frantic villager from only a few regions away that” the “Gotiturks” were coming!!!!

AlanaKalnain gave the brave, and helpful man a ride on her horse to the neighboring village,  where his family await with hope for his safe return. She vowed to be back soon with many more warriors to protect them from the monsters.  As Ara lifted up on only legs AlanaKalanian shouted “off with our backs to the wind  – swiftly and gallantly we shall go  straight back to Kalanian our beloved home”

As promised AlanaKalanian returned with 50 of her great warriors following..  Their plan was to mingle in with the villages so when their zombies  came they would have nothing unusual to report back to the Gokiturkis.

After  several  days of mingling in,  AlanaKalanian and warriors became very close to the villagers.  AlanaKalanian in particular. She befriended a young girl around eight or nine named “Aruseag” whom she greatly believed had come to believe during her stay was a true AlanaKalanian warrior.

AlanaKalanian being quite impressed with the child’s vocabulary and intellect would listen intently to the child’s endless stream of knowledge that just flowed from her lips.  Also, the child had already developed unusual strength for her age and was able to run quicker than anyone who would dare race her.  Aruseag told her she from when she was very little just knew she was different.  “Well, I was also different” AlanaKalanian confided.  “I grew up among people who were Gods, who had powers that made them capable of doing anything –  I was the different one for not being special like Gods were” she said  AlanaKalanian convinced Aruseag she knew just how she felt which drew them closer.  AlanaKalanian told many stories of her people’s history and told her that when she was old enough she would come and take her back to Kalanian.  Although, Arseag wished more than anything she could go with AlanaKalanian when she left she knew great warriors are largely gifted with the act of patience.

Greatly admiring, and looking up to AlanaKalanian the little girl followed AlanaKalanian everywhere the rest of the days up until her village was attacked.  Very late one night, well after midnight when the entire village accept AlanaKalanian and 20 of her warriors or so were fast asleep.

The monsters were like mousses the quiet way they crept in.  Able to push through doors with their apparent physical strength they in the homes and attaching themselves to the villagers faces before they could even scream.  It was the special 6th sense of the warriors that alerted them to where they were. All of them remembering the plan AlanaKalanian thought up only days before.  If the warriors could not slay them with their swords they were to willingly let them suck their brains. When then while inside keep their mind completely blank, and while doing so use every bit of resource they had to keep the monster from spatting them out. Killing the monster from within there were no guarantees they would survive. But all of them unanimously agreed that would not deter them from the plan one bit.

Every warrior that night followed AlanaKalnian’s plan perfectly. Once they became aware their swords cutting sharply and swiftly through their gorilla like bodies had no effect on them they surrendered themselves to the monster’s built in vacuum attached to the opening of their faceless head. Once inside, AlanaKalanian and the rest of her warriors had no difficulty going into a mindless trance. They were all quite practiced in the art of many different kinds of mind defenses that AlanaKalanian and the rest of her warriors studied in the times traveling to the orient.


AlanaKalanian was the first to feel the Gokiturki was inside of fall hard to the ground.  She could feel no movement – she was trapped inside a lifeless shell of nothing.  Feeling through the blackness she was able to feel the tightly sealed opening of its head – unable to open it she then used her bracelet which  which contained magic in the sharp gemstones and a larger amulet given to her by her mother, Alyna, the Armenian Goddess of humanity some believed in.

No other warrior had one for it was said to be the only one of its kind.

The magic of this special amulet was its power to retrieve information stored in it for safe keeping, or knowledge of things unknown to mankind.

One may describe it as vast library, or the archives of  Kalanian’s history.   It also not only generates holograms that project all of this it allows AlanaKalanian to appear to others at any distance from her.

Each warrior’s bracelet are linked with an unknown kind of medal that can not be weakened.Each one is handcrafted

and fitted especially to each individual wrist. It is  impossible  to remove the bracelet unless of course the warrior resorts to a form of magic that can in which case would be considered a black magic that Warriors are all not permitted to ever use.  In such a case an AlanaKalanian warrior would literally deflate along with her title, and destiny.

AlanaKalanian used her bracelet’s stones against  the seal,  It was not long before she cut through created an opening where she was able to tear through the remaining part of the head = escaping the body shaped  coffin where air was practically scarce.

Instinctively by informing her warriors of how she was able to escape she was able to rescue the remaining of her warriors  who were still trapped inside their dead a monster’s stomach.

Their magical bracelets had saved their lives but ironically not with magic.

Celebrated as hero’s by the villagers, AlanaKalanian and her warriors modestly made their farewells short but sweet.

Knowing to well this was not the last they would see of the Gkiturkis tribes..

AlanaKalanian and her warriors mounted their horses and in a flash sped off up, up into the sky.  Flying with their backs to the villagers, only one warrior looked back, AlanaKalanian, who she just winked at little Aruseag..

the farewell

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