Persha, found northwest of Kalanian centered smack in the middle of a huge empire that grew even larger during the AlanaKalanian era, was depicted in one of AlanaKalanian’s writings, as unfortunate, for she claimed the larger it grew the bigger the nuisance it became.


The problem, well, in her words she described all  Persha’s rulers as the most difficult to get along with. Criticized constantly for their horrid disposition that from the very first ruler of Persha all the way up to King Humusa all were guilty of having.

Each ruler she documented in Kalanian’s historical archives she linked as having the same collective interest in taking the Armenian land from right under their feet, that in her opinion, she concluded was very much what contributed to the fact they were all individually disliked, and heavily criticized.

Nothing personal between them she clearly noted -, it was just the Armenian Highland’s geographical location had extreme significance to the Pershan Empire.   The highland was the only thing that stood between Persha and all the parts of the world they intended to conquer.   The longer the Armenian Kingdom was not part of their empire the longer the world was safe from their invasion.

Although, the Pershan rulers were all quite diligent, and dedicated to getting the Armenian land not one of them could ever say they were successful.  What each ruler failed to take into consideration was what the Armenians lacked in size and in resources they made up for in spirit, and courage.  The pride they felt by their unique identity unlike no other gave them the a powerful motivation to exist.   So, to their armies their weaknesses were succumbed by they will to survive.

The Armenian armies also known for having the fastest and the strongest horses in the world, were told to be very much admired for the skill, and dedication it took to breed such magnificent creatures.

Instead of surrendering for having so many disadvantages they compensated for them in ways that made them superior.

Also, a likely possibility it was the people’s undying will to live that AlanaKalanian and her warriors were created by. A will so great it even inspired the Gods..

The Red Castle..

King Humusa, the ruler of the Pershan empire, lived in a huge, red castle behind 100 foot fences, and a humongous gate that two towers were stood over. The castle at all times was heavily guarded.  AlanaKalanian referred to his castle as a monstrosity that was painted with the blood of the thousands of slaves butchered by his armies”

The King was often took to bruiting in some nook or cranny of his bloodied castle as a way of dealing with the anger. He would accuse his top Generals their losses on the battle field then have them each hung for their incompetence..

Advancing in rank in the Pershan empire’s army was certainly not considered a expatiation while Humsa was King.

His ignorance often is what blinded him from the magnitude of his misconception.

A proclamation for an army of AlanaKalanian warriors….

King Humusa sitting in his “hooka” room all day smoking it with General jafe, his chief military adviser.  Who often was  just there to keep the King amused.

Reminded one particular day of a traveler’s story told to him about a battle fought somewhere on the Armenian Highland’s borders.  A large, powerful, army of freakishly tall, no faced creatures had been literally crushed by female warriors,that the traveler saw fly away on winged horses. Pointing how the warriors had been greatly outnumbered by the its opponent, it didn’t appear to be considered a disadvantage by them.  Finding a good shred of relevance in the traveler’s story he retold it to King Humusa with the hope he too would find its relevance.

The King’s first response after hearing the General’s story….  “Flying horse!s…!!!.””Mikush!!!!” (nonsense)

But ironically, King Humusa was inspired by the story, he even appeared to be excited about we had heard.

Determined more than ever, his vision had now included the women warriors defending his empire, The King thought of more as a skeptic than anything else had been intrigued by the thought of such warriors told him in the story.  Still not accepting of flying horses, he was very much open to an army that could conquer the entire world for him.

His assumption the Armenian Kingdom had been desperate to form an alliance with his empire he would give them one providing their turn over their army of  female warriors to him.

Ordering General Jafe to travel to Ani, the Kingdom’s capital city where the Queen resided. In sending him to Queen Araxi’s Palace on his behalf to request Queen Araxi’s presence to discuss a matter he considered would be of the up most importance to her he felt confident she would return with General Jafe.  it was just to bad the King, unaware, was barking up the wrong tree.  As matter of fact there is no possible way he could be any farther away from getting hat he wanted.

Being he and his Generals were probably the only dupes who had not known Queen Araxi, the ruler of the Armenian Kingdom, had no jurisdiction over Kalanian where the warriors resided, nor did she have the authority to speak on their behalf.

General Jafe total unawareness of the Queen having no useful connection to the warriors, had traveled to Ani with hopes he’d live long enough to tell about it made him the top dupe in the relationship,.

What Jafe feared most on his journey through the Armenian Highlands is that his intentions would be misconstrued so by attaching a white flag to the front part of his saddle to symbolize the fact he came in peace he somewhat alleviated his fear.

The hiding Palace..

Upon his arrival into the city of Ani, he first thing inquired about the Queen’s palace. Told it was a modest, very tiny palace that if he did not know of it he’d surely miss it.

“Follow the scent of the most beautiful, sweet smelling garden that ever was” he was told by one local.

When he approached the gardens, all he noticed was how the gardens completely enveloped the Queen’s Palace,  Oblivious to its beauty and sweet smells, he was truly lost..

queen araxi's garden

Going beyond the gardens he could find no fence, no moat, not even one miserly guard.

He thought how odd this was to see.

Even if he knew Queen Araxi had no desire for high fences, towers, and guards, saying they only blocked her from her from seeing her beloved people wouldn’t  of made it less odd for him to see…

Finding the front door of the little palace he knocked as loud as he could hoping someone would come to let him in..

queen Araxi

The door opened, and there stood a grouchy looking old man, “can I help you” he asked with a crotchety like voice.  The General asked to see the queen, so the old man showed him into a waiting area in the front hall. ” I will let the Queen know you are here.

The Queen was not at all sure she even wanted to see General Jafe  when she was informed he was waiting to see her. She  sent her commander of her armies, and chief adviser, Tigeres, to meet with him instead.

General Jafe,told Tigers the purpose for his visit.  Urging him to persuade the Queen to return with him to meet with his King.  They would discuss forming an alliance and in return,the Queen would assure him her “warrior army” would be at his and his Empire’s complete disposal.

Tigers, asked him to wait while he spoke to the Queen on this matter..

Tigris’s reluctance to tell Jafe the Queen had no jurisdiction over Kalanian made it appear as if he was toying with Jafe..

Even the fact Queen Araxi decided to meet with Jafe would have appeared a bit overly pretentious.  Nether, the Queen nor Tigris had  any cards to play,  One would naturally wonder what they were up to.

Queen Araxi without any further ado informed General Jafe he had been mistaken, the females he spoke of on flying horses were just ancient myths.  She claimed she had no idea king Humusa believed in such childish fables.  “Maybe his mother still reads him bedtime stories as well” she chuckled.  But the Persian general did not appear very amused by her assumptions but before he could let out another word the queen then with skit, skat, skedaddle, gesturing kind of motions she sent him on his way..

AlanaKalanian takes down the Pershan Empire single – handedly.

Back in Kalanian, AlanaKalanian was busy training her new warriors, Two very promising arrivals from one of the villages in the Highland were far down in her mountain’s caverns with AlanaKalanian entranced deeply in meditation. Drawing on the energy from the mountain it is transformed into a warrior’s  inner strength.   A powerful bond with the mountain  is created, and the mountain and the warrior will become one, hopefully before they return to the surface.

General Tigers visit interrupted the training with an important message from Queen Araxi.  Queen Araxi wrote  that fearing King Humusa’s  anger over his offer being turned down – her Kingdom would suffer more attacks from the Persian armies in the days to come..tigris

AlanaKalanian found this to be a totally unacceptable reaction for King Humusa to have.  AlanaKalanian would no longer stand by and let a bully terrorize innocent people.  She decided that at sunrise she would leave for the Pershan Empire.

Tigeres, AlanaKalanian’s most trusted friend insisted he was to go with her when he learned of her plans.  She only agreed if he would agree to stay hidden outside the gates of King Humusa’s castle. It was to her advantage if the King was convinced she was alone.  She and  20 warriors prepared for the journey to Persha.   Tigris planned to meet up with AlanaKalanian and her warriors with a small portion of his own army in the city of Vahn .  Tigris preferring they all stick together the warriors were grounded for the entire duration of the journey…

AlanaKalanian, led the pack, while every so often Tigris in a playing around kind of way  cut in front her taking the lead but AlanaKalanian  quite used to his horsing around was not irked by it,  In fact she was on to him and his little innuendos implying she had no sense of humor.  She was sure he found more humor from her lack of humor that he would intentional poke fun at her just for it.  .  The more she tried not a crack a smile the more Tigris horsed around to get her to.

Tigris, AlanaKalanian often said was the only person that had never ceased at amazing her, and Tigris often said AlanaKalanian was the one person he believed was his only true soul mate.

 The gates of King Humusa’s castle..

Arriving at the castle iIt was only AlanaKalanian that was visible to the guards who stood in the towers high above the gates.  “Who goes there” she heard one of them shout.

“AlanaKalanian, general of the Armenian Highland’s warrior army” she shouted up.

While the rest of her party just stayed quietly in the shadows hoping to remain invisible when the gates opened as they watched AlanaKalanian escorted in by the end of  a sword pressing slightly against her back.

Taken directly into the castle where a overly zealous guard stripped her of her sword, and dagger, she kept both attached to her waist.  “I best get them back when I leave” she informed him.

The guards took her into a large room where on the walls and ceilings,  were murals of mostly of naked women    There were also an array of women dancing while a variety of men sitting on the floor smoked water pipes.   After seeing the poverty in the villages she passed through on her way there, she was said to have found it all so terribly distasteful.

AlanaKalanian meets King Humusa..

He seemed pleased, or more so relieved by her appearance who was nothing like what he had expected which was an amazon or something close to one.

“But how is it a my armies fear you?”  he asked glaring at her as if she was a defenseless sheep he was about to slaughter.   “Looks are deceiving”  she replied

Thinking to herself how with just one body kick to his chest he would drop dead.

“Let me be quite clear, I want all the land in the Armenian Highland.” he told her.

Hearing this displeased AlanaKalanian very much..

Quickly putting her highly intelligent brain matter into gear she had a plan.  She challenged the King to a hand wrestle, winner take all..  She said with accepting the challenge he would be the one in control of winning the Armenian’s land not his victory-less army.  He agreed to accept the challenge if she agreed if she lost she would be added to the menagerie of wives he already had.  She thought of how freakish that all sounded, but knowing he had absolutely no chance of winning she agreed to his terms.

His servant set up a table in the middle of the room the enormous room putting a large pillow on both sides to sit on.  The Kings gave orders that all his friends and family whom lived in the castle were to attend.

Sitting down across the table from the king she extended her arm out with only her elbow touching the table a as he did the same.  They clapped hands as a servant began to count down.   AlanaKalanian for a moment toyed with the idea of allowing him to think he had a chance of actually winning but the fact she could not bare to be in his bloody castle a minute longer then she had to took prescience..  So, as soon as the servant gave the go signal no sooner did the back of his hand go splat against the table.  The spectators were in complete amazement.  While the King, wallowed in his humiliation.

AlanaKalanian lunged swiftly to her feet and proceeded to  back up toward the door coming across in her travels the guard who took her sword and dagger.  Looking rather content with his new sword and dagger he had already attached to his belt  changed drastically when the slammed her elbow directly under under his chin, pressing it hard against his neck while she removed her sword, and dagger from his belt.

Looking behind her frequently she knew it wouldn’t be long before the King’s guards were sent after her Climbing out of a window stepping out on the ledge about 75 feet from the ground felt way better off than if she were back inside where there were about 200 guards trashing, and bumbling their way toward her.

Oh can’t forget the one daring soul who attempted to step out on the ledge after her – using her sword as leverage she drop kicked him into back from where he came from.  Calling on her beloved horse Ara to save her – he appeared from behind the largely lit moon to save her.

The get away

The warriors relieved when AlanaKalanian and Ara returned safely to the outside of the castle gates.. But probably not as relieved as Tigirs had been.

As the King back in the castle went stock, raving mad, mubling things like foiled again by that menacing, menagerie of do gooders!

King Humusa was never able to seek out his revenge against AlanaKalanian andher warrior, for the little time he left in power was shortened by his severely, agitated  mental state. And his armies for the next 1000 years had their hands full defending their empire from tribes of Goktukis, and Azikturkis, plowing in from everywhere.

Therulers followed pretty much kept King Humusa’s promise to the Armenian Kingdom.

The moral is quite easy to comprehend,  “Wars are avoided so easily when diplomacy and extending ones hand out to ones enemies are the steps taken instead..” AlanaKalanian who pointed it out to her decedents, as her descendants pointed out their descendants till my Nana pointed it out to me… ,

For as long as the people believed in her is as long as they were free to believe in anything…

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