The Kingdom of Tigris the Great is born..

AlanaK and some of her warriors, Anahid, Lea, Tamar, stayed behind to oversee the kingdom of the Egyptian princess while the rest of her warriors went back to Kalanian.

Although thoughts of Tigris being hurt, or tortured, or even dead were flooding inside Alana’s head she carried out her duties like any true Kalanian warrior would.

As time passed things calmed in the palace and the people of the Kingdom had for the most part got back into their normal, everyday routines.  Hey, it wasn’t perfect but it was as close as it could be to how it was when Tigris was here, is how Alana put it. .

Every morning for the 2 weeks  AlanaK., her warriors, Princess Daliya, and Tigris’s 1st lieutenant of his army, Selious, would meet in the palace chambers and discuss the matters most urgently needing their attention.

Each of those days Alana would purposely sit in Tigris’s chair, she said it was her way of staying focused and on top of her game.  The matter most urgent and first on the agenda was finding Tigris and bringing him home.

Alanak on each of those meetings opened the meeting by asking “any new developments on Tigris’s capture?”

One morning, LeaKalanian’s Kaaci brought news Queen Araxi offered all her gold and emeralds for his release.  AlanaKalanian wrote down her offer and sent the Kaaci to the Emperor’s palace in Napolizi.   But anyone knowing AlanaKalanian, knows that she would probably die before she let his captives have one smidgen of the Queen’s gold.   To all who believed in AlanaKalanian, her plan was obvious…

Ask yourself, do you know the plan?  Well if you answered “yes” to yourself, then you may move on..   If no, then maybe you better wait here.

Princess Daliya says farewell to her kingdom “of”?

“Meeting is adjourned”  someone said.  And up AlanaKalanian, her warriors, and Selious and out of the chambers they went.  Alanak seemed to be the only one who noted the Princess had not followed.  “Hmm” Alana thought. Recalling how lately the princess hadn’t been looking so good, she thought it be best to check on her. Seeing the princess sitting there all kind of slumped over, her first thought, Daliya had a wee to much apricot wine. But as Alana moved in closer she could see the princess’s face, and it was a sad face. Now, Alana would be the first to tell you that she is the last person’s shoulder you’d want to cry on, Alana did not know what to say, except to tell her she couldn’t comfort her, because she had no idea how to.  Alana often just couldn’t relate to people. The princess told her that no one could help her and that she should not worry about her.  Alana didn’t know what that meant, really,  So, she asked, “what is it, a matter of the heart, head, or soul that is making you so sad?”  “I just miss my home” the Princess replied in a weepy voice.  Alana found it amazing that she could relate. Alana told her that she often feels the same way so she understands what she feels.  The princess wanted to go home, she made that quite clear to Alana. Alana asked why she just doesn’t go, and have a good time.  “Stay there as long you like” she added  “No, I do not wish to come back.  I am tired of this place”  the princess replied.  “Oh, I see” Alana said ”

The princess told Alana that she has thought long and hard about this and she has decided to return home for good.  She asks Alana to take over the kingdom’s key( official documents, and deeds ).  Alana agreed.

Princess Daliya made the announcement that day to the people of the Kingdom.  She told them after many days of feeling sadness from missing her home, which was in Egypt, she has decided to return there..

Princess Daliya, along with all her entourage (her personal staff, maids, and servants) said farewell to the lovely kingdom.

For their safety, AlanaK and TamarK rode behind their caravan on horseback till they got to the sea. Both waited and watched from shore as they got on board their boat.. The Princess had be so delighted Alana came to see them off, she embraced Alana warmly, then kissed her gently on her forehead.  Alana thinking to herself “my, my, this one surely is not able to conceal her emotions”.

On the princess, Alana wrote that princess Daliya was weak, and irresponsible, but her other strengths compensated for those weaknesses. at the sea

AlanaKalanian’s final words to the Princess were simply “stay strong, be wise.”

The princess once remarked that the only time she ever felt she was adored for what people couldn’t see when they were looking at her, was that day, when she looked back and saw the two proud, and honorable warriors, mounted high on their horses,  like statues that people come for miles to pay tribute to, looking at her as she sailed away.

The Kingdom of Tigris is born…

AlanaKalanian looked over the documents the Princess gave her.  At the top it read, I hereby give my Kingdom ? to AlanaKalanian and her warriors, and on the very bottom was the Princess signature, and official stamp.  She thought everything was in order except one thing, the kingdom hadn’t a name.

Talking it over firstly with the members of her chamber, (the other warriors, and the 1st lieutenant Selious) they agreed the Kingdom should be named after Tigris, and the official documents should have his name.  AlanaKalanian had one more official act as the ruler of the Kingdom of Tigris, declaring Selious acting ruler till Tigris “is found,” emphasizing strongly that Tigris return is non-negotiable.  Anyhow, there was a new law in affect, no one in the Kingdom could speak about “Tigris the great” in the past tense. Alana wrote the law, and then defined its purpose, a safety net.

AlanaKalanian believed that the more hearts Tigris lived in the more difficult it would be for anyone to kill him..

Selious the acting ruler declared an official holiday, calling it “Tigris the Great” day.  The Kingdom of Tigris celebrated with food and lots of apricot wine.  It was pretty merry, well merry enough for Alana to say she thought it far too merry around her.  It was evident to the people around her that Tigris’s capture weighed so heavily on her heart.

Alana just quietly slips away from the festivities and finds herself a large hill to sit on top of.

AlanaK did find one thing to be grateful for that day – having quite a bit of confidence in Selious she did not fear leaving him on his own.

AlanaKalanian says farewell to the Kingdom of Tigris the Great..

Returning to Kalanian had been just a dream for Alana to dream.  But now, feeling her work had been done there it was time for her to go. Her and her warriors made their goodbyes to the kingdom’s townspeople, and Selious,.

Selious later when he return to his chambers he found a letter from Alanakanian to him.  She wrote,

Dearest Selious,

Only take from the world what little you need but give back to the world everything you have to give because you will make the world so much better.

Your true friend always,


Selious kept that letter all of his life, and often referred to it for inspiration, and light on some of his darker days.

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