A Kalanian homecoming..

A huge banner was hung from tree to tree on the highest peak of Mt. Ararat that said “Welcome home AlanaKalanian, TamarKalanian, LeaKalanian, and AlainaKalanian.  It was huge even the people in the villages below could see it.


All the warriors on the way home caught sight of it from miles away.  They had truly been missed by their Kingdom and they had truly missed their kingdom. Folks in that kingdom were so happy to have their beloved leader, and their warriors home that the kingdom’s best bakers made them all their favorite sweet, yummy kind of treats. Oh, and the warriors’ horses were given ripe apples to feast on.

Now, back in the Kingdom of Tigris, the folks turned a bit grumpy.  The magical enchantment that filled the kingdom while the Kalanian warriors were there also departed with them when they left.  Now, wouldn’t you be a little grumpy too?

The emperor of Napolizi denies any responsibility in Tigris’s kidnapping.

The Napolizi emperor, Salvatore the II, sends a reply to AlanaKalanian via Kaaci.  It said, “not I have your precious Tigris” Alana could sense he had not lied to her.  She never felt sure he had been taken by the Napolizi army anyway, so his message was of no surprise to her.

Now, all she wondered was where he could be.

“Think Alana,  think,” she said to herself, shutting her eyes really tightly, clenching her fists, and pacing back and forth in her private chambers.

“Aah” her magic will find him, she thought.

Alana always used her magic powers very sparingly  – mostly just in emergencies.  But this certainly qualified as an emergency. Alana’s parents only allotted so much magic to the Kalanian warrior to possess.  It was sort of a safeguard against misuse of the magic or using it frivolously. They put the magic inside a bank in  Kalanian’s kingdom where it will be safe.. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t in an interest, savings account. So, once it ran out there would be no more.

Alana laid out her special crystals on a table.  Each different color represented a different region in the world.  She said looking down at her crystal map “one must stand out if Tigris was held captive there.”

The table then became to shake causing all the crystals to jump around then it just stopped..  ‘Hmm” she thought to herself about her magic failing.  She sensed very strongly someone has illegally hacked into her magical realm.  To do this they must be very evil   The only one she knew of that evil was Talat the Terrible, a ruthless, and bloodthirsty warlord who was so despicable, and dastardly he was damned by the Gods to live in the crust of the earth for eternity.

Getting there will be very difficult she thought, but she knew she had to try anyway.

“Tigris wherever you are, just hold on a bit more, I will be there very soon to get you,” Alana said looking out, up toward the sky from her window.  Almost as if she thought he could hear her.


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