Hello and Happy New Year from AlanaKalanian.  Miss her?  Planning to post soon it’s just been a bit hectic around here.  So please stay tuned for more exciting AlanaKalanian articles and drawings of these fierce, intelligent women righting wrongs and drop kicking injustice right in the eye of the storm.. Till then fellow AlanaKalanian warriors stay strong, stay true and stay tuned..

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  1. Hi Alana 😀 I missed you !! I have been watching the news, so I understand why you have been busy. I hope you have a wonderful victorious 2014. Hugs. Ralph xox 😀

      1. The world is okay with me over here in Spain Alana. I am so worried about you all in the Middle East as everything seems to be crazy over there. My thoughts are with you my friend. Take care ❤

      2. Aww you are my favorite Spanish bull fighter! You my friend are so kind and thoughtful, thank you for your concern but I am no longer in the Middle East. I am now in the USA.

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