Amal Clooney Defends Khadija Ismayilova, but is She Deserving?

Is Khadija Ismayilova deserving of such honorable defense? 

Probably not, but since she has wiggled her self into the limelight and made herself into a high-profile case, her case became very appealing for any international lawyer that serves on the EHRC. (European Human Rights court)

Ismayolova, in the eyes of any decent human rights lawyer has without a doubt been seen as a victim. 

Having been accused of being Armenian, for simply exposing her government’s corruption, and being jailed for it is surely a travesty of justice. 

Problem is does Ismayilova truly understand how truly tragic it is for government to arrest people on the grounds of simply being Armenian, or does she just feel victimized by the fact being called an Armenian is the lowest her government can ever go in defaming her?  I’d have to say knowing Ismayilova like I do, she is crying her eyes out over being called an Armenian. 

After all, for her, these are the very people she has on several occasions insisted withdraw from the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, a country where the population is mostly Armenians.  After Armenians, won back their country in the early nineties, Ms. Ismayilova continues to believe Armenians should give up their freedom and hand over their country to that same criminal president she has vigilantly tried exposing for corruption and crimes for years.    Gee, thanks, freedom fighter, but some how after knowing this I somehow no longer feel this title suits her. 

Oh, and if I remember correctly, I was the one who exposed her for rejoicing all over her social media accounts about the release of axe murderer, Ramil Seferova , you know, he was the one who murdered the Armenian soldier in his sleep.  Now, mind you they were brought together by a peace keeping mission.  

This supposed activist for justice, does not feel the Armenian Genocide is factual, or at least has not admitted so when I approached her on the subject a few years back. Not surprising..

Although, I did hope after she was accused of being an Armenian, and then being told her mother should die for being one, she would find some link between her plight and the Armenian’s as a whole.  Yes, I did feel a shimmer of hope, for anyone with even a speck of compassion would find a connection, and indeed see how she an Armenians have so much in common thus if she wasn’t deserving of such defamation, surely Armenians were not as well.  Unfortunately, nothing in her recent comments suggest such a link, nor does she suggest any wrongness in being jailed for being Armenian.  Instead, she has only convinced me that her time in jail thus far has not been used for reflection but instead finding ways to embrace the spotlight, promoting herself as true victim of injustice. 

It also appears her time in jail has not changed her followers’ mentality either, as one clearly proved when he replied to a post I wrote recently.  He said “my  beloved  Fatullayev is pro-government journalist. And fiercely anti-Armenian person. Perhaps it’s your stone age nationalism does not allow you to analyze normally” blah, blah, blah…   Accusing and never accepting any responsibility for what is or what was, is a too familiar practice that best describes their morals..    That response BTW was posted when I compared Fatullayev, another Azeri journalist, to her, explaining the differences in his and Ismayilova’s  journalistic integrity, and courage in their writing.  As he was jailed for defending the Armenians in Karabagh, even though he disliked Armenians, and she was jailed for simply being one.  He chose to tell the truth instead of telling the unauthorized, non-factual version paid for and sponsored by her nationalistic identity.   This took an enormous amount of courage to accomplish living in a country where knowing being killed for it would be justified.

After presenting all this  irrefutable evidence, do I still feel Ismayilova is undeserving of Ms. Clooney’s help?

I think if we are decent, and honorable people we find injustice where there is victims of abuse.  If we stop seeing the injustice for reasons that defame the victim, then I believe we become abusers our self.

In fact, Ismayilova, behind that racist mentality, that she will argue is justified, is a victim of her government’s prohibiting her right to freedom of speech. Unfortunately, she simply can’t fathom or grasp how wrong justifying her prejudice truly is.  Being that prejudice is in bedded deep inside her soul,  and short of a lobotomy can fix, I believe truly lies a victim in her own right.

By all that is right, she should be defended by someone who does not hold the same prejudices or ignorance’s as she does. Amal Clooney surely fits that bill.  She has represented many different cultures, and nations, and has won some noteworthy battles along the way.

Just maybe, Ms.Clooney’s ideals regarding true justice will rub off on a journalist, who thinks ousting an already infamous corrupt president for corruption is enough to be successful in a country where it is a crime to be “Armenian.”

Sort of sounds like the “Riko act” in the US.  When they can’t find proof one is guilty of some mobster like crime they pin this on them.   Accept in Azerbaijan, when one is not a criminal, and committed no apparent crime, but have become a problem to the government,  they can easily accuse one of being Armenian.  Being Armenian is considered treason in Azerbaijan.  I have yet heard of a journalist, blogger, or author stand up against such discrimination, and that is putting it lightly.

She may have become a thorn in her government’s side but she certainty did not do so by defending the rights of freedom of the citizens living in the Republic of NK,  or protesting for open borders with their neighbors, or better relations with Azerbaijan’s neighbors in general.

As I have said in past articles I have written about Azeri journalists, they simply lack humanity.  Ismayilova’s liberal morals, and principles do not exceed much past her own boarders.  So, she lacks humanity, but does that make her any different from any other journalist in her country?  It certainly doesn’t appear that way.

Unlike, the hundreds of journalists in Turkey stuck in prison for their acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide, or shedding light on their country’s bloody history.  .

It is not the recognition of the  “Armenian Genocide” itself because that is a historical fact, it is the fact they are willing to tell the truth about an another people’s pain and suffering that will bring them no personal gain in a place where telling it is not permitted.

That reminds me of Turkey’s many human rights violations that are piled so high there isn’t any room left in Europe to put them all..  Many of which are freedom of speech violations.

Now, there is always a slight chance Ismayilova may try an out smart me, and out of the blue start retracting all her anti-Armenian thinking all in an ill attempt to prove me wrong.  Apparently I have become a thorn in her side over the years, but will I really be the one she out smarts?  Will I be the one she proves wrong?  And even so, it still will be great victory on her part that I would be proud to have been part of.

Like I said, hopefully, Ismayilova’s great luck in alluring the passionate attorney in the first place, will also prove lucky when she sees how lucky she really is to have received such honorable representation.











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