Cenk Uygur -A New Stupidity From an Old Moron

Those unfamiliar with Cenk Uygur, would be among those unfamiliar with my blog.

Cenk Uygur, just to recap,  is a Turk, with a show called “Young Turks,” on YouTube.  Although he is no longer young, far from it, in fact, he still parades his show around with that horrid title…

“Genc Turk” ..  (young Turk) says the same thing but is perceived much differently..

Every time I hear it, I automatically think of the pashas who perpetrated and organized the Armenian Genocide.  This I’m sure is so with many others as well.

Uygur’s entire premise is based on the young Turk ideology whether he accepts it or not.

Recent remarks made about the tragedy occurring a few days ago in Istanbul, at Ataturk airport such as the one “Don’t blame all Muslims, Muslims are the victims”  isn’t much different from how the “young Turks” thought in 1912.

So, if you ever hear him say that the name of his show has no link with the ideology of the “young Turks” he, of course, would not be accounting for his own mentality.

And apparently, he is often criticized for using the name and is in constant defense mode because of it.

In the link, I posted above is the entire Uygur article, in it, he insinuates we’re ( Americans) still a nation of Islamic-phobic idiots, who would kick Muslims when they’re down.

“To insult the families of the victims, as they mourn their deaths by saying ‘Muslims did it,’ when they were the victims, is preposterous and ridculous,” Uygur

He sounds no different from any other Islamic extremist, except for one minor flaw, this dude is an atheist, or, so he says.

His remark  -(“If you strike out against Muslims, which ones? The ones who did the bombing or the ones who died in the bombing?”) when reading between the lines, he is saying; “don’t blame the good Muslim, blame the bad Muslim” as if to say,  Americans are continuously blaming the wrong Muslims, the good ones in fact.

Sounds downright mean, right?  If it were true that is.

Let us break down the choices he gives us as to who to strike, either the “ones who did the bombing”? OR.. oh heck lets blame it all on the dead Muslims..!

Are you starting to understand why my calling this guy a moron is very much justified?

Muslim activist, Cenk Uygur right off the bat brings up the possibility of a link between ISIS and the Turkish Government. As I am pretty sure he would protect Turkey at all costs and right to the bitter end,  I am just as sure he is not clever enough to post something with any kind of metaphoric twist especially if it would disgrace his corrupt and criminal homeland.

He instead is an opportunist by emphasizing Muslims being the victims.

He uses the tragedy as a means to defend Islam.

Contrary to what Uygur tries to convey -Americans know the differences between a Muslim and an Islamic extremist.

I think he struggles throughout his article by trying to put his remarks about Muslims in a context that sounds irrelevant.  I, and I’m sure many others are confused as to who exactly was he referring to?  Americans?  Or himself?

Anyhow it really isn’t rocket science, a Muslim is the one who won’t ever feel the need to kill you for not being a Muslim. But then again that isn’t etched in stone either. .

Although, Islamic terrorism has been around for thousands of years – I think Americans were specifically the most untouched by it, until this century.

It was not until after, 9/11 Americans were considered ignorant of the differences between Islamic extremists and  Muslims.  Not only did Muslims especially in the US suffer from hate crimes, false arrests, prejudice, and bashing, but Americans were harshly criticized for their ignorances, and prejudices towards US Muslims, as well as Muslims around the world.

But today, of course, the Islamic extremist is easily identified, and hardly ever mistaken for an average Muslim.  There is a much greater emphasis put upon knowing the difference.   So where is Uygur exactly coming from?   Is his intention to continue to bash Americans for prejudices, and/or ignorances that many no longer have. Or again, is he just a moron?  Or both?

With the Turkish Government comes a lot of reasons they should not be trusted. They cover up the truth and Turks like Uygur will twist and manipulate it for their own personal benefit.  Quite the low down racket.

Perfect example, in the statement above he manipulates the situation by exploiting the victims, pointing them out as Muslims, really Uygur, I thought the victims were human and would have preferred to be called human?  BTW Uygur, it is extremely racist to target people, by religion, race, and or color.

Ironically, that is what Turks like Uygur have been doing for 101 years, claiming to be the victims. either, Turkish victims, Muslim victims, or both.

While infamously  stuck in “denial.”

What a coincidence, Uygur is guilty of both, especially the denial..

Although in Uygur’s case, he stepped further back into the abyss, claiming he doesn’t know enough about the Armenian Genocide, to have an opinion.

Uygur is simply stalling when it comes to acknowledging the Armenian Genocide.

“He is talking a lot on the subject of Armenian Genocide recognition but his words mean absolutely nothing in regards to his own acknowledgement.”

The Armenian Genocide is not only a historical fact, but more and more states also are by law required to put the Armenian Genocide in their high schools and middle school’s curriculum.

What will he tell his children one day when they come home telling him they learned about it school, better yet what will he say when they acknowledge the Armenian Genocide?

All I can say is, how humiliating it will be for him, and how embarrassing for his children.

The role the Turkish Government most likely played in the terrorist attack on Ataturk Airport?

Fact: They simply are not at all trustworthy  Fact: Turkish Government(s) create a terrorist groups and tries to pass them off as a legit organizations, take for instance the “gray wolves” and this is just one among the many vast networks of terrorists the Turks have supported, armed, and defended over the years. Fact: Taking into consideration all the deaths they have been responsible for  – mass murders, massacres, and Genocide. Fact: they use no discretion or have any remorse when they have killed their own and broken down their own country in pursuit of what they want like killing their minorities, such as the Kurdish citizens because of all the fighting, may have exhausted every possible route to reach their independence from Turkey.

According to Uygur’s remarks, Americans in general, l am still capable of hating people based only on their religion and or Islamic beliefs. Not saying this is untrue in some cases, but throwing an entire nation under the bus without regret is pretty nasty on his part.

Marvelous trait, Uygur, especially with the 4th July just around the corner.

Maybe it was “insult the intelligence of Americans day?”  Who knows, one thing is for sure, this guy is only patriotic and loyal to his “Turkey.”

My initial thoughts, when I first heard this,  Uygur  was protecting his government, and they planned this bombing to convince the US they have nothing to do with ISIS – ” hey look we got attacked by ISIS so how can we be connected with them?”  If they can easily sacrifice their own people to save their wretched souls, they are capable of anything.

Turkish governments have killed thousands of Turkish minorities over the years.  Most times they blamed some terrorist groups infiltrating their borders, or some non-Muslim country, of course.

My other thought would be Turkey can no longer afford to give ISIS a home to grow, or access routes in and out of Syria, so now ISIS is taking revenge.

It’s important to note most terrorist groups that the US has had to deal with were/are made up of mostly Sunnis.  Turkey’s population is 99% Sunni. So are the Syrian refugees wanting access to the US?  With that being said, it does not mean Turkey is 99% terrorist or all the refugees are terrorists – It only means when Turkey’s president states, Muslims are incapable of violence, he is a liar.

Americans may be astute on a lot of things, but they are not unfortunately on the various Muslim sects that exist, while some are a little more aggressive in their beliefs,  then some are just much more aggressive period,  and then others are so wonderfully peaceful.

This often explains the occasional naiveness  I find in an American regarding their open arms policies towards the Muslim refugees.  There can be a much higher percentage of Islamic extremists that are Sunni, but that simply is because their beliefs are based on a more aggressive ideology.

Americans especially lately seem to be greatly concerned in how the rest of the world perceives them and perhaps this is due to how harshly they were criticized right after 9/11…

Many democratic US Senators, Representatives, and their following are very much in favor of accepting Syria’s Sunni refugees, and with open arms, I might add, as well. Even the Republicans are not saying no, instead they are opting for a tougher screening process.

But Uygur, being a part of the media, a small, very warped part that is, would have easily gathered how most Americans are a vigil on their stand against prejudice if he cared at all about his integrity.

Wanting to accept the Syrian refugees with open arms is a grand gesture by a large portion of Americans, the Americans IMO that can no longer be classified as an Islamic phobic and a nation no matter how much Uygur tries to exploit, can’t be demonized for such things!

I’m certain, not saying that all Americans are not guilty of prejudices against Muslims or any other religion but their own.  It is just statements like Uygur’s below, or Turkey’s president, Tayyip Erdogan below his that are very similar as well as typical to the remarks made by other Turkish Muslims, or atheist Turks, over the past few days.

IMO he and many other hard-core Muslims are exploiting this horrific tragedy, and last I heard 42 were killed by the bombs of Islamic terrorists.

Exploiting this tragedy to either defend Islam or as proof that not all Muslims are Islamic terrorists is absolutely uncalled for…

“Don’t blame all Muslims, Muslims are the victims” Uygur

“This is not Islamic.” Erdogen

It to me is a way to keep the bashing America for being ignorant alive and well..

Americans are or should be well past the generalizing of Islam, and I think, we pretty much know the difference between a mild Muslim and an Islamic extremist, and/or terrorist in this day and age.

Now, for guys like Uygur who use these tragedies to either accuse Americans of being bigots or just want to get bent out of shape over trying to defend Islam, they need to look in the mirror,  they are the Islamic extremist they so want to be acknowledged.

So, Uygur, you have at it all you want, because the more you exploit the more of an Islamic extremist you become.


2 thoughts on “Cenk Uygur -A New Stupidity From an Old Moron

  1. Hello Epsilon,

    Your friend Cenk he still does not recognize the genocide of 2 million Christians in 1915.. Blah.. When he talks people are disgusted by the fact he is a failed humanity..

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