Cenk Uygur’s Non-Denial of the Armenian Genocide… Hoax or Fact?

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Uygur and Kasparian

As we all struggle to understand what the heck that even means…



Well hello, fellow Warriors!

It has been a while, to say the least.

I guess you can say I have come out of retirement to bring awareness once again to an injustice that we continue to fight finally ends.

Those many articles from years ago on Genocide denier Cenk Uygur, or who was, and his sidekick Ana Gasparian, who supported his denial by defending it, apparently was not the last we would hear about their ignorance on Genocide denial.

I with a great passion brought awareness to Genocide and Holocaust denial, as well as a sense of devotion, to oust out discrimination, and expose their violators.

I felt strongly against those who denied Genocides, in fact, I still do,   Perhaps, it was just such a travesty, I could no longer see the violators go free without any consequence, nor remorse…

Being a grandchild of Genocide survivors, as many knows,, I felt a strong sense of duty,  to assure no one denies the suffering of victims of Genocide or minimizes their pain in any way,

As I continued my studies I also learned of the Holocaust denial, another shameful, criminal act, that not only Armenians have to endure.

What kind of people exactly can denounce, debate, and or even deny such horrific suffering of innocent people?  Especially, when the evidence is irrefutable, overwhelming, and just plain right there under their noses. It is people who can justify the murder of children, that is whom.

As I thought the awareness of Genocide deniers could fix the ills associated with Genocide denial, and Holocaust denial.

Who knows, maybe I could have stopped it, even just a little, but that was only a thought never a reality..

AlanaKalanian warriors were once unstoppable, a bunch of bloggers with warrior mentalities not afraid to bring awareness of Genocide denial, with hopes of making a difference.

AlanaKalanian warriors do not concede, they were just taking a break.

Genocide and Holocaust denial is based on not the lacking of facts, or the evidence to prove it happened, but rather the denial is just a continued way the denialist has found to continue to hurt genocide survivors and their families.

Atrocious as Genocide and Holocaust denial is,  the AlanaKalanian Warriors wrote many articles heavily criticizing the actions of many Genocide deniers strongly stressing it is not an act of freedom of speech, it is the words that cause suffering and pain, and the violator should be made accountable.

Genocide and Holocaust denial is simply, unacceptable.

As long as Genocide acknowledgment is not said by Uygur, nor does Ana the chip away Turk, claims Uygur is now a full-fledged recognizer, they are simply promoting, exploiting, and most of all making a fool out their viewers with a bunch of gibberish, that will undoubtedly gain them more viewers.

Our semi AG denier and his Armenian chip away cohort are in the midst of twisting what they previously claimed and by moving up to semi denial the( fans) may even find some empathy and may even gain some new viewers.

Slippery duo no doubt, deceiving the public every step of the way.


warrior journalists - Copy


Still a denial… Only a slight twist, like a martini, without the olive.

Articles plastered all over the internet that is being posted over Uygur’s “semi denial” of the Armenian Genocide (pathetic) are what I have note neglecting to include some of the indisputable facts – Cenk denied without hesitation the Armenian Genocide ever happen, and his abettors, like Ana, defended his actions through 2012-2016, and maybe right from birth or closely thereafter, who knows, evidence speaks volumes..

Coincidentally,  the ANCA, (Armenian National Committee of America) a powerful American Armenian organization recently spoke out about Uygur’s denial, which alerted thousands, heck even millions of Armenians to this AG denialist, and his Armenian young Turk, – they were now under a microscope.  Worried perhaps, their show would suffer, as upset Armenians would gather and protest their show, claiming his denial was criminal.

So not soon after Cenk and Ana, the infamous denialist along with his chip ahoy supporter starting posting statements and videos all over the internet, claiming Uygur was no longer a non-denier, but also highlighted he did not exactly recognize either.

For those (blogs, news sites, You Tubers etc:) who find to Uygur’s semi retraction worth posting, without the recognition the Armenian Genocide attached, keep in mind while his abettors (a person who encourages or assists someone to do something wrong)  makes it clear in videos they are defending what appears their Armenians.   What happens here, since when has anyone believed chip was in denial.  Only an abettor to one, a semi denialist if you wish, but either way she has not once in any video told viewers Uygur was no longer in denial.

Instead, she opts for a crummy job, with a boss who clearly denies the genocide of her own people,  and swears a lot at people who are not directly in her presence to defend them self.  Yes, sadly, she is paid very well for having no integrity…

As she once without remorse accepted his denial she now with the same lack of remorse she accepts his non-denial, so there is no denying it.

In 2012, I gave her an opportunity to reply to my accusations, unlike she would have done.   I received a reply filled with rants and raves mostly, it is linked here.

Had she not learned decent journalism just from that experience alone?

Please don’t get me wrong, as I respect, and appreciate the facts whenever they surface, no matter how the surface, and give all the right to their right to freedom of speech, but non-denial is not a claim, nor a legit argument, and denial of Genocide, is not freedom of speech, it is just another tactic for Uygur to relieve himself of the negative publicity he receives for being associated with being a Genocide denier.

He still stands as the biggest kind of denial that is on file,  a guy who has been gaining  gets over the fame while denying a genocide, along with his Armenian chipping side kick Ana defending him at every turn,

Even Ana IMO who resorted to making videos pleading, and begging her audience to believe her recognition of the AG, only appeared to be calling out foR for empathy, sympathy, and of course more viewers.

Ana certainly did not have to prove to anyone that she acknowledged the Genocide, that was a no brainer, after all, she claimed her ancestors had escaped the Genocide in 1915.  What she royally fudged up is her claim she took the job from a well-known AG denier, to chip away at his denial.

Ana IMO was hired to shield Uygur from being accused of being an Armenian racist.  I believe she may have known that and took the job anyway..

A guy who denied a major Genocide, who had already had a huge following, was not going anywhere fast.

I spoke first hand to these followers, the facts are these followers were willing to ignore such major flaws as Genocide denial in those they idolize like Uygur, claiming he either did not deny, or he had his reasons.  Scary really, most were against Genocide denial, but they felt their idol, Uygur, was exempt from it.  I would think just the fact he lacks the talent to be effective on his shows would be enough to keep people from watching, but apparently with a “cult-like” following Uygur has he can say just about anything he prefers, and get away with it…,

Actually, most denialists are just heavy-duty Turkish nationalists who indeed know the truth but have some insidious way of justifying.   In this case, this is what I believe about Uygur.

It is worth mentioning that in the past I had an opportunity to find 2 non-nationalistic Turks out of I’d say a rough guess, give or take a 100 nationalist Turks, in so I was able to speak rationally and prove successfully the Armenian genocide was a historical fact without issue, the others mostly became very angry and had no relevant feedback to continue..

Recently,  Cenk made a public statement as did his co-host Ana (video), the “Armenian young Turk” as I always fondly mentioned her in my past articles, as she cleverly is claiming that she no longer supports Uygur’s denial or defends as massacres, and then what followed was a bunch of blah, blah, blah, due to the fact the letter she sent me  she specifically pointed out the exact opposite.

A red flag…

As the statement so in consistent of a controversial talk show host, that as a matter of fact he no longer knows what he believes, but graciously asks that we, the public have patience with him. 

Red flag, red flag, red flag…..

Since when do we allow our friends, family, and worst of all our “YouTube talk show hosts” the opportunity to deny the truth?.

Are Armenians, and non-Armenians, expected to do a lap of victory., for his not totally being in total denial any longer.

Before we dance,  the fact remains he as proved to be a guy who is just appeasing all those around him.

Ana his chimp sidekick, pats him on the back for all he has achieved, except his integrity. Sadly he has no attention of jeopardizing his career, not for the respect of humanity.

Perhaps he will one day prove me wrong, but now, that only seems to be a long shot.

He IMO lacks the backbone to admit the country he was born in committed such heinous crimes against defenseless people.  He, of course, will stand neutral as not to alienate is country.  IMO he will always be a coward, for his denial, and for his pretense now to have to learn more.  How much did he have to learn about the Holocaust to know it happened?

In 1915 over 1.5 million Armenians were brutally murdered by the Turkish government, dubbed the “young Turks”.

No matter how or how many times Anna Gasparian tries to justify the name by claiming “young Turks” has several meanings unlike the “nazis’, even an idiot knows that when he named his show he was a full-fledged Genocide denialist, which can only mean they were obviously his hero’s.  Murderers actually…

Also for the record Ana, Rod Stewart’s song “young Turk” analogy was an epic fail. He wrote that song when not much info was availably denouncing the name,  or about the connection between the young Turks and the Armenians, for him who was not even Turkish and had no ill feelings in his heart for Armenians, nor did the song have nothing to do with Turks., means, there is no connection to his song and TYT using murderers names to title their show..  .

Here Ana claims in a video statement made recently,IMO was a pure act of desperation in defense of her own reputation,.

Did she mean any of it, IMO, not a single word..

Known her just a little too long, remember,

I was the one in 2012, where she defended Uygur’s denial in a reply to me.

In her own words that reply she claimed in her getting the job, that it did not come from a soul-searching urge to get Cenk to recognize or to “chip away” at his denial.  More like,  her success is what we all Armenians should be grateful for.  Complete opposite from what she claims in her recent video on the subject.

A most interesting, recent development, a “Playboy” writer,  Art Tavana,  wrote a defamatory article on chip away Ana that somehow worried the “chipper” so much she created a video in response to his opinions, facts, etc;

Now, faced haunted, even plagued,  with humiliation and lower ratings I assume, her first thought “let me make a video sound hysterical about my recognition for the Armenian Genocide, rant and rave about how just dreadfully awfully the writer is, make plenty of unsupported, baseless accusations, without the writer himself there in the video to a least respond to her rantings.  Listen to the video my fellow warriors, tell me if I am not on the mark on this one.

Perhaps another “all about Ana” video, motivated by her obvious great need for success, and her less need for acquiring it with good journalism tactics.

As this video was no different from those where cuz words come from her mouth like drool from a boxer.

Sadly, no conclusion, a waste of the actual people’s time who actually care deeply about this issue,  for those that don’t, not really, but only care about TYT, this does not exactly make them awful people just what we call Uygur’s die-hard fans, Classifying them into a specific group would be wrong, and next to impossible for they are from all different necks of the woods, some likable and some not, I guess fellow warriors you get my drift.  Most just want to see just a smidgen of hope that he truly is not the dreaded Armenian Genocide denier I and others have claimed he is for years.  Although of course, we can not overlook the hard-core Turkish nationalists, who grunt miserably towards Armenians, and want to believe Armenians are all bad in general, and are quite proud of Uygur’s now “semi” denial,  giving them still a front-row seat.

Image result for hoax No doubt a hoax, IMO for a larger audience, perhaps Armenians themselves, as there are over thousands living in California alone. .

If any truth is to be found here it is the FACT they are taking a very sensitive, historical fact that has brought so much suffering to so many, and exploiting it for what appears, IMO their own best interests…

non-denialdenial (plural non-denial denials)

  1. (idiomatic) A statement that appears to deny that something is true, but which, when examined carefully, can be seen to have used diversionbluster, or ambiguity to avoid making a clear, direct denial.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  The AlanaKalnaian Warriors are grateful for the opportunity to reach out again, promoting awareness, and alerting others to wrongdoings, here and around the world.  While Genocide or Holocaust denial in any form is just beyond wrong, it is criminal, and not ever to be confused with FREEDOM OF SPEECH…  it-is-by-far-better-to-stand-up-against-injustice-when-there-is-more-to-fear-than-remain-seated-when-there-is-more-to-lose.png


AlanaKalanian is purely opinion-based, and anything factual will be labeled as so…









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