Where oh Where has my Courageous Warriors Gone?

Have I been away too long?

I see very few familiar faces here..

As I still have the ideas, stories, and articles left inside me that need to be posted.

I wish my warriors were still here to read them, as I miss their touching, moving, and some very humorous blogs, that are terribly missed!

Those times, back in their day, I guess we could say it was, I was surrounded by a great many wonderfully talented, courageous warriors, who wrote well-written stories worth one’s time to read.  Warriors (a term I fondly refer to as my readers) and for those new on my block I’m glad to meet you.

Fellow warriors, do any still hang in these parts, or have you moved on without me?

Although when I blog here on WP, I note my stats and hits are very high, meaning folks, not my warriors, perhaps not friends, perhaps not believers in “AlanaKalanian”  it is the silent minority as I like to refer to them that are here diligently reading my posts but leave no comment or no like is given, it as if they are invisible, and want to remain that way.

Seriously, being here is no fun without warriors.

I apologize for my long absence, I had many pressing issues these past few years that took precedence over my continuing to update my blog, that I believe many came to love.

With a heavy, broken heart, I still can’t believe I lost one of most beloved Dobermans Sarkis, who we nicknamed fondly ACE.

Truly, one of my most courageous, loyal, and famously lovable warriors, he was my and will always be my beloved ACE, RIP, my angel boy.


He suffered in the last year of his life with a fatal heart disease called DCM, he needs constant care, love, and support.  He was just 6 years old.

The nasty breeder, a total injustice within himself was/is breeding dogs with fatal, genetic diseases, that will kill them far before they should pass away, for mere profit.

In time, as I still suffer his loss tremendously, he was someone I truly loved with all my heart, now left behind my world now has an empty place, one in which breaks my heart.

I will one day blog more about my angel boy, his life, the happiness he brought me each day, and all his adventitious times.

For now, his loss still brings tears to my eyes, and numbness to my fingers.

Also, I had a massive career change, I went from special resources at a Middle school, to special resources in a High School.  Many, many differences, and adjustments I found I had to give my full attention to..  Again, a story for another day.

Todays, the article is for my long-lost warriors where ever you are.

I also am gladly accepting new ones as well.

The qualification you ask?  Easy peasy, just be part of the greater part of humanity, believe in making a difference, not indifference.







Sitting quietly and peacefully mounted securely on one’s trusted horse, or charging right in, and telling it like it is, because it is what it is, no matter how you choose to bring awareness to it.

Things one day always change, maybe not as fast as we like, but through our hearts, we find the passion that makes us strong enough to keep on doing, saying, and writing what it takes to make it right, make the world, even just your corner of it better…

Hoping one day for a humanity that has not failed…

Hoping not to depend on our leaders, and then later bash the hell out of them for not being what they said they would be.  Not ranting about things we can’t change instead we write for our freedom, against injustice, and whatever makes you happy,, things you have the most passion for, because, in the end, it is you who will ask yourself, not me, not anyone else, but you, have I made a difference?

Blogging just may not be a warrior’s for-tay but perhaps protesting peacefully for a good cause, (did that, done that)  it has its good points, I’d say, but not so much when it is raining, or snowing, always less of an impact is made, but for the most part humanity reads your signs, awareness is being made, and after all, all most of us want is to bring awareness to those injustices, no matter how small, nor big to as many as we can, so thorough knowledge there can be change.  Through change there is hope.

“If there is hope there is a tomorrow we can be proud of….”AlanaKalanian

For me “believing in AlanaKalanian”  was always the easy part, as I am the proud, and loving granddaughter of Armenian genocide survivors, who have shared such stories of bravery, strength, and honor, with me.

I have vowed to never forget what they endure so I could be here.  I miss those happy days spent with them, as they are gone now. They enriched me with much more than one can ever imagine. A sense of duty, and the great gift of loyalty to humanity.

As they worked hard all their lives and achieved so much, they never dwelled long on how they suffered, but I knew, I had always seen the sadness in their eyes, the sadness that comes from great loss and suffering.  They were, and still, are such a great inspiration to me,

As also my mom, 80 and still thriving, who fought the system her entire life to make just one difference, make one thing right.

As she may not agree today, she in my eyes made many a difference as her endurance, and insistence to never give up is instilled deep in me and will live on for generations.

She may not have monetary, or anything of material value to leave me when she leaves the earth but she will leave me so much more, such as her strength for one, and her great passion for justice the other.

For as long as I can remember she was always fighting the good fight,  success though never came quite often, but that never deterred her from achieving it.

Today, as she lives quietly and peacefully, but sadly is almost legally blind, she still actively volunteers,  Btw it is the “Humane Society” is where she can be found most days lending a helping hand. She has paid it forward over an over, but also a story for another post.

My point, again blogging, journalism, commentating, just writing to your legislators just may not be your thing, but there is always a thing you can do just as well…..  believe in AlanaKalanian,  you will find your way too…


AlanaKalanian oxo

All illustrations by AlanaKalanian

                                      “You are always with me my angel boy”baby ace.jpg

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