Ana Kasparian, TYT’S AKA the Chipper..

Alanakalanian’s response to TYT’s Ana Kasparian video on Uygur’s Genocide denial.

If this is her idea of fighting back, she was on the wrong side, IMO, obviously not her own…

Just random comments made to Ana’s video directly on her YouTube page where this video resides that I copied and pasted here.  Why (?) comments made by AlanaKalanian somehow disappear swiftly.    Then, of course, the good old “block” comes next…

What is incredulous to me is how I am more a reason to be blocked than the folks running into this country freely in their eyes.  Not that I will comment either way on border security, the wall, or congress shut down, as I am not a USA politic commentator and have no intention of deterring this post from its actual purpose.

Although I am fully aware it is no joke.  Moving on…

Unlike TYT’S,  I do not bash everything and then claim it is freedom for speech…

After listening to Ana, bounce around in this video, from one issue to another, speaking as fast as she could, so hopefully, we would miss some stuff, and be cool with that, I was able to jot down some opinions that I feel have great merit.  Worth the read fellow warriors…
“Rescinding lies is not the acknowledgment of the truth” let’s make that crystal clear, “chipper” ( what I fondly call Ana now learning she is chipping at Cenk’s denial). Ana talks a lot and fast, but mostly about nothing relevant to her association with a Genocide denier.
The Armenian Genocide is a historical fact, and his denial to simply not say he acknowledges is unacceptable.
Believing in Cenk, IMO is saying you believe in a Genocide denier or an avoider to doing so.
She really does take her own foot and stick in her own mouth with no help from others.
Having no remorse, for his denial but instead justify his actions, is how mostly this video and many like them go.
She spent the time here not proving his recognition, asking for sympathy for what she has had to endure for being a supporter of a genocide denier.
Ana’s clip about Cenk’s remarks on “Erdogan” about the ethnic people who were driven out, NOTE: He never mentioned they were Armenian, nor did he mention over 1.5 million were murdered, in yes a GENOCIDE.
Another that is concerning, she is bashing those like this Art Tavana for claiming she sits near a genocide denier, that mush is true, the rest where he had to retract some stuff had nothing to do with that undeniable fact.
If you are sitting near Uygur, let’s be crystal clear, you are not sitting beside a Genocide recognizer.
Ana is not a Genocide denier that is a given, she only works with one,  For me it is quite easy to gather why, cash, and lots of it…
I wish it was possible she had that kind of sincerity it takes to bring awareness to the Armenian Genocide, but obviously, she has not earned it for her time not well spent condemning Uygur’s denial.
While her ratings soar and Uygur’s denial goes unnoticed by all these efforts to prove what a “true” Armenian Ana really is, it may give us all a really good look at who their fans really are.  As I have my battled wits with them in the past, I have learned I won’t go down that path again.  The majority of their fans are so unapproachable when it comes to bringing awareness to the facts of Genocide denial as if they took a survey for fans who could live with it or are deniers themselves.

Of course there was evidence of this directly on the TYT forum, where TYT fans are there waiting to knock your head off if you dear say something against Cenk, but of course it was removed, for reasons I am assuming TYT, was worried folks would think their fans who replied were either morons, zombies, or Turkish nationalists who just hated Armenians..

Really disgusting that grown-ups get to say the F word constantly on their show while bashing someone or something, and there are people who are crazy fan worthy of this…

Actually, another important reference I want to make to one of her comments is, you have to be able to admit the past as a historical fact like the Armenian Genocide before people can move on.  

Ana still talks to talk, my observations over the past 6 years making sense was never one of her strong suits.

Armenians do not work with genocide deniers as Jewish people do not work with Holocaust deniers.

We, Armenians, yes, of course, can work with Turks, as I work with 2, but no one is in some racist denial supported by ultra Turkish BS.  Nor do they just simply deny the Armenian Genocide, they openly recognize it as a matter of fact.

Uygur is part of the denial, as we know he did or have anything to with the actual murders of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915, for one thing, he just isn’t that old.  Is Ana sure though that if he did, how would he stand?

IMO, unfortunately, she has successfully proved to me, she is just a moron and getting paid to be one.

Making millions on hate retort, what a racket.

Armenians all have suffered not just Ana Gasparian, somehow when she tells of her ancestors, it is as if her family was the only one there.

Now, she claims to be a “chipper” at Cenk’s denial and yet he today he is only in “semi-denial” 6 years later.. bravo…

Over 100 years of denial,  she is surely chipping at high-speed.

Again let it be crystal clear Ana sits by a Genocide denier when she sits by Uygur. What is he if he is not a recognizer, certainly not rocket science.

Her words are absolutely irrelevant when trying do defend Uygur’s denial, her personal history doesn’t bring Uygur any closer to the listeners hearing evidence he recognizes…

Anyhow, Uygur himself must claim his own acknowledgment, she just is doing such a horrid job at convincing anyone especially me that he is even a nice guy, never mind not a Genocide denier.

Again, I must continue to reinforce my belief her presence on the show only protects him from being accused of being a racist against the Armenians. “Uh, geez how can I be racist my co-host is Armenian….”

He named the TYT while in denial of the Armenian Genocide, suggesting he idolized Genocide perpetrators.  Enough said, leave Rod Stewart out of this, poor guy, had nothing against Armenians.

Again, Ana, you talk too long and say nothing of any value pertaining to if and when Uygur will publically acknowledge the Armenian Genocide…

Rod Stewart, pff,… Really???

Ana, speaks as if she forgets her reply to me where she poorly tries to justify Uygur’s denial.

Ana has made millions but without having any integrity to show for it, maybe she never had any to begin with who knows.

Maybe the trade-off was worth it for her.

Unfortunately, Armenians have had many similar stories to tell of their ancestors, maybe a video with Uygur, Ana, and some genocide survivors’ families, telling him their suffering, might be a start their chipper. ,

Let’s be crystal clear, Uygur never said he recognized the Armenian Genocide, what he exactly said he said in an alien-like language, that no one could comprehend.

Knowing how much pain calling the group the Young Turks would hurt not just Armenians but the many other innocents slaughtered by the organizers of the Armenian Genocide, which was named the young Turks,  is Ana saying he is callous, inconsiderate, and enjoys hurting others?

Is Ana that insignificant that her co-host can clearly not recognize the Genocide right in her face?

In this video she did a lot of accusing, defending, and bragging, but yet there was no one there to defend or support her accusations.   So not a warrior in my book.

If she were forced to prove her rants perhaps, then she would have had nothing to say. IMO…       Dead air. Job well done

“Also, as an Armenian, I have had some really horrible episodes with Turkish nationalists, as I have tried for many years to establish a friendship, but as soon as they found out I was Armenian they usually wanted to strangle me. Turkish nationalists will always be far worse than Armenians, for they know there was a Genocide but justify the murders of innocent Armenians. Hate, jealousy, or land, are obviously the culprits of their hate. You need to stop condoning Uygur’s Genocide denial. The fact Unger still has not issued a statement he acknowledges the “Armenian Genocide” he does not. Instead, he talks in riddles as we are stupid and will overlook his anxiousness to skip around it. Until then you will always be abettors to a genocide denier. Is that your free speech? Your right to be not censored? Genocide denial is not freedom of speech, not when it causes suffering and tries to minimize the pain of the victims and their families.
When the TYT was founded Uygur was in full denial of Genocide which means the Young Turks IMO suggests he idolized murderers..Where is Uygur, why is he not with you while you share your story… Blah, you chipped at nothing, 7 years ago you did nothing, and today you have done nothing. All you do is talk…
Ana IMO is more an opportunist than an Armenian… Face it…”   AlanaKalanian


In the words of my Great Uncle,  “if you are ashamed of what you say, every day you will be surrounded by chit.

                                      “You are always with me my angel boy”baby ace.jpg

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