I Have been a Victim of the Gag Rule…

Imagine trying to gag “AlanaKalanian”

My back up blog 

I now have a backup blog because my articles in this blog can’t be posted on facebook due to complaints about their content.  As it is quite odd that it would be believed as my articles are not inappropriate, follow all guidelines. and have no reason to be reported unless someone dislikes reading the truth, is the truth now an act of indecency?

Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”
That is what error message displayed when one tries to post one of my article addresses to their facebook page.


I am again a victim of the gag rule

This certainly has not been the first.


I have my suspicions who have reported anything with my link “AlanaKalanian” in it but I find it quite interesting social media would actually follow through without reading the articles first.

As my articles are all somehow wrapped deeply around some injustice, I too have now been a victim of injustice.

As I have said many times freedom of speech is not one right when they are discriminating, undermining people’s suffering, and/or anything else that falls under the headline of criminal, immoral or unjust.

So, folks, that’s when it becomes a privilege, so others are not allowed to hide behind “free speech  to say as they please.  The privilege of free speech is we are protected from everything that is not.

Telling the truth is an obligation, but when you are gaged from doing so, that is when you are disallowed your civil right.

It is easy peasy once you understand the true meaning of “free speech”..

What has been done to my articles is a violation of my rights.

Instead of taking on this foolish little battle I have decided to just seek a much quicker path to bring awareness to those who deserve to know it…

I just changed the site address.   Much less hassle…

Thanks, fellow warriors for being a true warrior!


It is incredulous how most of the media especially social proudly promotes, racism, prejudice, intolerance, indifference, and just pure meanness, and claims it is there right to “freedom of speech” but the truth-tellers are banned, deleted, and tossed in the trash because it is actually what freedom of speech represents, and it is why we have the right,  but those who ban, delete and toss, being in the wrong, proving it without the ability to bring awareness to it is a mighty, hefty feat… AlanaKalanian Warriors

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