ace defense

I lost my greatest love, someone who loved me more than any human could. I may sound like a broken record, but it is true every bit.  Of course, the breeder was therefore under siege, and my AlanaKalanian went into full mode.

As no Alana Kalanian follower will disagree, my magnificent creature, “ACE,” was killed, his killer was whom I believed whole heartily as his breeder. Naturally, my instinct to retrieve justice on his behalf and ever since that has/was my only concern.

me and my boy.png

There is something I wish to share with my fellow warriors…

I had the most surprising turn of events, only 2 days ago, and I wish to share it with my followers, friends, and readers.  I actually spoke with the breeder.  No, not email or text, I actually heard his voice for the first time.

I won’t lie, I did hear remorse, and I was touched to hear how much he also cared about the loss of ACE.  I expected different, perhaps sarcasm, defense, even hardcore denial, but to my dismay, we spoke calmly for at least an hour. For a while, he just listened as I spoke loving about ACE, how wonderful he was, and what great loss he had been to many people.  He quietly listened, and occasionally try to console me. Of course, I was sobbing intensely.

He informed me that my articles and letters have hurt his business greatly, but also other factors were playing a huge part as well in that.  At first, I had not the sympathy I may have had under other circumstances.    I wondered if it was a business involving animals was even something he should be doing.  I was deeply torn regarding that at the beginning of our conversation.

In the background I heard several different kinds of birds chirping, Mr. Lozano told me they were his pets.  PETS! In knowing he even had a pet comforted me.

He indeed appeared to care about animals as I listened to more as he spoke for his love for them.

I also had watched some videos prior to our speaking, they clearly showed he an area big enough to possibly care for the puppies properly, and the room needed for them to play.

As they were playing, I did feel better thinking ACE may have played there as a puppy.  As a tear formed and fell from my eye, I was also very saddened by it too.

Forever loved!

The given here was the breeder did not test ACE’s parents thus ACE got sick and died due to this.  Was the breeder in denial?  No.  He said, “testing was a waste of time due to the factor, they are not accurate and on occasion come back negative for the DCM when in fact it is positive.”

This is not true.  Unacceptable really…  Cop out perhaps? Not sure.  I know he sounded kind but kindness was not enough to save my ACE.

The tests are accurate but in some cases costly. This IMO is the issue and not only for this Doberman breeder all who do not do it.

I assured him that there are tests that are very helpful and not that costly in detecting this horrid disease before it becomes deadly as it did for ACE.

Even using his philosophy it would have been better to have tested the parents and get any kind of result then get none at all.

ACE can’t have died for nothing, as I continue to say it over an over. I just hope the breeder as we spoke heard that loud and clear.

ACE S memory must be connected in some way to help save other puppies from being born with DCM, this is a fact I feel we can not escape.   The breeder, as well as all breeders, must test the parents, as well as the puppy before sold.   Also a fact…

There should be documentation given to the purchaser stating the puppy, as well as the parent, was tested and both tested negative for DCM.

The breeder Robert Lozano has asked me to remove the negative articles and asked me to stop writing letters, that are requesting he does that testing before a breed prone to DCM is sold.

I believe he only sells one breed prone to DCM the Doberman, so it should not be very difficult to test the animals before they are sold.

I have agreed to pull my articles off the internet and stop writing letters to those who can actually enforce he does this testing, as I am not sure he will agree although to what I propose.

I’ve asked him to write a tribute to Ace and emphasize his suffering and most of all alert others to this killing disease

Not difficult really.

He, in turn, must do the testing it will take to ensure the “ACE Defense.”

To assure his buyers their puppy is clean is a great achievement one he can be proud of.

Of course in memory of our beloved ACE…

As I will continue to not only pursue this one breeder carries out the “ACE Defense” but all.

ACE then I believe can rest in peace…

Forever loved!

As for I can just live, again…

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